Google Play music is shutting down in December, will be replaced by YouTube Music

05 August 2020
Subscribers can begin migrating their Music and playlists to YouTube Music now.

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And how does this affect Google Drive as that's included in Google Play subscripition - having trouble finding out - anyone know please?

  • GPM vet

FreezeGame, 05 Aug 2020YouTube Music does everything that Google Play Music does a... moreHave you actually tried curating a playlist in YTM? It's great that they expanded it to 5000 songs, but you can only add one song at a time unless you are adding everything from a list. CTRL and Shift functions are non-existent. Very basic functionality is missing. As a paying customer, this is extremely disheartening. Nobody should be saying, "It's got everything GPM has and more!", because that's flat-out false.

  • Goob

YouTube music is terrible, I will be switching

  • Alez

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Google please shutdown DUO app.No, please don't mention it. I'm using it.

Punisher, 06 Aug 2020Let's hope they add support for Google Home speaker fa... moreEnjoy YouTube Music free on Google Home speakers

Listening to music on your Google Home speaker right out-of-the-box seems too good to be true, right? It’s not! Starting today, YouTube Music is offering a free experience with ads on Google Home speakers (or other Google Assistant-powered speakers).

Need a groove to get you ready for a night out? Say, “Hey Google, play Latin vibes.” Looking to kick off a dinner party or pick a power playlist for your home workout? We’ve got you covered. With YouTube Music and Google Home, you can ask Google Home to play the right music for any moment or mood, and YouTube Music will play the perfect station, customized to your tastes based upon your request.

Music fans can now listen to free, ad-supported YouTube Music on smart speakers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, and Austria. It’ll be available in more countries soon.


  • Punisher

Let's hope they add support for Google Home speaker faster. Because now Youtube Music is not supported in all countries.

  • Anonymous

Imagine paying for an mp3/flac player.

  • Anonymous

Google please shutdown DUO app.

  • Anonymous

Those who don't know about newpipe will be angry for sure about wasting time with Youtube Music.

Just downloaded YouTube music. It's not good. The layout is just not for me... I'ma go to Amazon music...

  • Anonymous

When are Google and Apple going to learn that we refuse to be charged to play OUR OWN PURCHASED MUSIC!!!
I am NOT going to SUBSCRIBE to play music that I have purchased and paid for already.

YouTube Music does everything that Google Play Music does and more. It is superior in every way. YouTube is the largest media streaming service on the planet. Whenever anyone looks for a particular video or audio source, YouTube is the go to spot. Nine times out of ten, someone has uploaded it.

Not only does YouTube Music offer tens of millions of songs within its music catalog to allow users to find whatever content they are searching for, it also embodies everything YouTube has to offer. This means that ANY media on YouTube can be played on YouTube Music as it handles multiple formats with ease. Playing a song that has a music video as well? Use the toggle switch at the top to seamlessly change between video/audio on the fly. Disabling video playback altogether so all media plays as audio is an option conveniently located in the app's settings.

If you have been using Google Play Music with a premium subscription, you will not miss anything by switching to YouTube Music. The user experience is definitely enhanced. If you do not have a premium subscription, YouTube Music offers the exact same functionality that you have grown accustomed to using on Google Play Music...just better.

YouTube Music allows me to listen to songs I purchased through Google Play Music, as well as thousands of songs I ripped/uploaded to the service from my personal CD collection many many years ago. Moreover, all of my podcasts, subscriptions, and liked content are all organized and ready to go.

When I don't want to stream, I have certain music I keep on my phone's internal/external storage that YouTube Music can also play by navigating to Library and choosing Playlists, Albums, Songs, or Artists. A Device Files tab will be present. I can also download any media and play it directly from the device as much as I want without streaming as well.

Personally, I have not used Google Play Music for several years now. From time to time, I install the app again just to see if it has been updated with any new features, and it feels so outdated compared to YouTube Music.

Everyone has their own preference, but speaking from daily experience with YouTube Music, it is a great media player. This switch is a very welcomed decision by Google.

  • MidsOverHighs

Love the Community, 05 Aug 2020Then what music player am I going to use? Google Play Music... moreIt totally depends on what kind of player you want to use.

Poweramp is good enough for most people.
Musicolet is a great FOSS alternative.
Hiby Music is fabulous with her audiophile centric features and MSEB equalizer.
And you also have the oldschool audiophile Neutron music player lovers.
Oh and don't forget the VLC everywhere gang.

I've generally preferred JetAudio or PlayerPro over Poweramp for all the features they offer and am forced to use Pi Music Player as it is one of the few 'simple' players that have folder mode and work with my smartphone's right audio chipset.

We android users have tonnes of choices. :D

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 05 Aug 2020Then what music player am I going to use? Google Play Music... morePulsar (by Rhythm Software). Its free and its amazing. No ads, no BS. Theres also a paid version but the free version is already fantastic.

  • Aniket

Please shut down Google Play movies too and replace it with YouTube movies.

Also, please shutdown all communication apps like duo, hangouts, Google chat, Google meet and create only one solid app for all communication needs (chat, voice call, video call and group voice and video calls)

Dear Google, my above suggestions will definitely streamline your product portfolio.

Is YouTube music going to be available in all countries when that happens

Love the Community, 05 Aug 2020Then what music player am I going to use? Google Play Music... morePoweramp definitely

  • Anonymous

Yet another tombstone in the graveyard of failed Google products/services.

  • Anonymous

bjorg18, 05 Aug 2020Google Play Music shutting down is a good thing for me as I... moreWhy don't you try Poweramp. They said it's the best music app ever.

  • Sayan

Love the Community, 05 Aug 2020Then what music player am I going to use? Google Play Music... moreyes Poweramp is the best music player..