Sony WH-1000XM4 launched with improved active noise cancelation

06 August 2020
Also includes improved microphone, wear detection, and multi-device pairing.

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  • Hamburger

YoshiAkash, 09 Aug 2020But who wants a bulky earphone.The many others who don't want airpod pro. The many others who wants better ANC and better overall sound balance. The many others who want max compatibility with the other devices including apple's. The many others who want their earbuds to stay in their ears much more securely and not dropping off after 20mins of use. Do a search on the last point.

Kriegsherr, 09 Aug 2020Depends on how you judge it. size is the best but i persona... moreWhy I said gold standard is that it does everything well even though not the best. As I said, size, sound, mic, latency, ANC, transparency mode and everything you can think of is available. So it is the perfect one to compare as they don't have gimmicky features that won't work.

Hamburger, 09 Aug 2020IMO the Sony WF 1000xm3 is better than Airpod pro. The ANC... moreBut who wants a bulky earphone.

YoshiAkash, 09 Aug 2020Because airpods pro even thought they are not the best in p... moreDepends on how you judge it. size is the best but i personally dont find it comfortable to wear for long time. sound quality is pretty average. the only thing I would say best is the call quality. they are pretty great but telling them gold standard is exaggeration.

  • Hamburger

YoshiAkash, 09 Aug 2020Because airpods pro even thought they are not the best in p... moreIMO the Sony WF 1000xm3 is better than Airpod pro. The ANC is better and better overall sound balance. Sony headphone app allows you to tweak EQ as well.

But both are equally crap in sound quality, for that I much preferred the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus. It supports AptX audio and I can clearly hear the difference switching between AAC and AptX bluetooth codec.

Heck! Even the cheapo Creative Outlier Air sounds better than Airpod Pro and WF1000xm3 with AptX codec enabled!

YoshiAkash, 09 Aug 2020Because airpods pro even thought they are not the best in p... moreAnd most importantly latency.

Kriegsherr, 08 Aug 2020its not always niggling about apple. airpods are the most s... moreBecause airpods pro even thought they are not the best in particular department, they are there best overall. They balanced out size, ANC, sound quality, microphone quality. They are the gold standard for sure. Can you suggest me another earphone to compare!?
If apple realises a new headphone, it will become the new gold standard. Why? Because they have proved it with other products.
Thanks example of smart watch. Apple watch is by far the best in overall feature.

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020see belowits not always niggling about apple. airpods are the most sold true wireless earphones so when a new headphone or earphone come to the market eventually it would be compared to that. for noise cancellation its often compared to Bose QC. for sound quality its to Sennheiser.

dont be salty. I have several apple devices, a macbook pro, an ipad, an iphone but I as an honest person criticize them when they charge exorbitant price. As apple devices are widely considered as premium product, comparison would eventually be brought upon.

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looks like the improved noise cancelling has nothing to do with new hardware so it can probably be ported over to the xm3

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Kriegsherr, 07 Aug 2020any day any time better than what apple offers. see below

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020Better and cheaper than what Apple plans to offer. A post about Sony bluetooth headphones, yet you still turn it into an Apple comment. You should seek professional help. Either a psychologist to help you work through your Apple lustful self-loathing obsession, or a psychiatrist for a pharmaceutical solution to rebalance your brain chemistry.

  • jezrite

Like I've said recently in other posts, this is a Downgrade! The bandied about "upgrades" are gimmicky at best! Even the XM3s had aptX support and Sony cheaped out on the chip with Mediatek, as against Qualcomm in the previous iteration. A flagship pair of wireless headphones oughtta have a wide selection of codecs. Aptx HD may not be to everyone's liking, but I'd certainly care for Aptx Adaptive - probably the best Bluetooth codec released till date. Everything from the noise canceling chip to the design is the same, along with same battery life, although d Mediatek chip supposedly has a quarter the power draw of the last one. This is essentially the 2019 model of the 1000XM series, which Sony finally launched after endlessly withholding the release, so as to squeeze every last ounce of profit from the XM3s. Real cheap on Sony's part! About $ 250 - $ 260 would be the right price for these, not the $ 350 they're asking!

Akira Kurou, 07 Aug 2020Dang! I just bought the WH-1000XM3 a few months ago. I shou... moreOh that could be a new product line you can create: Noise cancelling of kids. THAT would sell like hotcakes. *LOL*

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020BeatsBeats was a gimmick and still is .

  • tomo100brt

ypcx, 07 Aug 2020I'm gonna leave this here: moreI'm gonna leave this here:

  • tomo100brt

ypcx, 07 Aug 2020I'm gonna leave this here: moreOld video. They need to update this video. Because now things are better, not perfect but better.

Hamburger, 07 Aug 2020It's a pity. Many devices don't support LDAC, ha... moreaptx hd and ldac are largely niche formats, not even sony's 2020 TV supports ldac which is non excuseable, however, 2020 models of high end digital audio players astell and kern are now supporting ldac as they previously only supported aptx hd

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imparanoic, 07 Aug 2020aptx hd is still decent, i just noted (read about a minute ... moreIt's a pity. Many devices don't support LDAC, having AptX HD is actually very useful.

If the XM4 has AptX HD, I would buy it in a heartbeat to replace my XM2. Looks like XM3 is the one to get now. I'll wait for clearance stock promo.

xm3 are pretty old but still at the top compared to competition. xm4 just adds smart features, better earpads, better ANC of voices,...
DSEE Extreme is no gimmick, the same as denoising in photos, it does not add more detail, but removes ugly to hear artifacts and make it sound less digital / more analog.
High frequencies are also supposed to be better suppressed but I'm yet to see if its true...
LDAC is the best wireless lossy alternative to jack, but I know only about sony offering that codec and a jack too. They truly care to give a choice and improve listening even when using lossy wireless. gj

I'm gonna leave this here: