Weekly poll: Did Microsoft get the Surface Duo right?

16 August 2020
The Galaxy Z Fold2 got an even split, but that's actually very good for a foldable phone.

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  • The Truth

I pre ordered the surface duo from att. I had tons of problems. I contacted microsoft multiple times, They lied and said there were no known problems with the phone.

I returned it. It's still a beta brick

For a all in one type mobile device most of the issues brought up are either non-issues or minor but not deal breaking. What I am suprised at and would be a deal breaker from a business productivity point of view is lack of NFC ( no direct share, no wireless payments etc. ) and lack of wireless charging.

It has bezels because it's not actually a phone. It's a tablet that folds in half. You'd hold tablets and phones differently.

I think it should best be compared to the Apple iPad Mini 5th gen with 4G:
* Unfolded, they have about as much screen area but the iPad has MORE bezels.
* The CPUs are about on par on single-core perf. with the Duo leading in multi-core perf.
* The Duo has twice as much RAM (6GB vs 3GB but Android needs more)
* The iPad has more battery (5124 mAh vs 3577 mAh) but is thicker and does not fold.
* The Duo has a sharper camera (11 MP vs 8 MP). Tablet cameras tend to be mediocre anyway.
* The iPad has a headphone jack!
* iPad Mini 4G 256GB: $680 on Apple.com, less than half of a Duo's price.

But you can make calls on the Surface Duo, which you can't on the iPad. (a long overdue feature on a tablet with mobile telephony IMHO).
I'd say that the Surface Duo form-factor is for someone who'd use a wireless headset and smartwatch for calls and notifications, with the tablet in a back-pack until the need for a larger screen.

  • Phil

Bezels, price, processor. Get over it. Bezels, how many times have you accidentally touched screen, since the bezel is too slim? Don't lie. You can't grip the edges of your phone if no bezel. Price. Don't even try ignoring the prices of unattainable Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, fold devices. They are even MORE expensive then 1399 and they too weak to collaborate with Google on software specified for 2 screens. Those MORE expensive devices did ZERO with their software, yet, they are still charging you MORE for zero software effort. Processor, again, last year those fold devices same prices with older processor. Processor is probably easiest to upgrade. This duo device isn't about processor, it's a device designed specifically for 2 screens usability. Not just an afterthought wow factor/broken crease screen/un-tested, like those from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola. Oh wait, what processor is in the Razor. That's what I thought. 5g. microwaves into your brain, when everyone is staying home, use your home wifi.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 18 Aug 2020interesting device however the design looks very old fashio... moreIf you are really into multitasking, and you need it badly, you are going to care about bezels? Don't be shallow please.

  • Sam

interesting device however the design looks very old fashioned. Those large bezels don’t cut it

  • Anonymous

Poll options are so skewed to produce specific results. Who cares about 5G; where's the simple 'too expensive for what it offers' choice?

  • Anonymous

TParker97, 17 Aug 2020They are so far off here why would you release a product th... moreGet it, it's not a phone, look at the bezels of the brand new tab S7+, no punch holes that I can see.

Too late to launch this device.

  • Anonymous

GenXr-ITSupport, 17 Aug 2020I'm not sure what they're thinking, giving the Su... moreDo you think android would even exist if full blown windows 10 could run in a smartphone??

We will proably get to mars first.

I have been really looking forward to this device, I love the idea and it looks a great combination device.

Currently have a galaxy note 10+ 5g.

I don't mind the CPU or RAM on the surface duo, I don't even mind the idea of the camera (as long as in real life it takes ok pictures). Assuming they are all capable.

However, the lack of NFC is a killer, everything is paid for by NFC now, travel, coffee, general shopping, tickets. Basically a phone with NFC takes me back 5 years.

Worried about the battery too, but until a test comes out who knows, it could be fine.

The dealbreaker for me is the lack of a microSD slot. I don't need 5G or NFC (I especially don't WANT NFC), but being stuck at 128 or 256 when my current phone goes up to 2TB is crazy on a $1400 to $1500 device.

My current phone isn't even that fancy and it does it.

  • Gadget user

2 screens lovely ,single cam nah, bezels nah , price nah nah
Will love to try it when it’s at a very reasonable price

  • Idunno

GenXr-ITSupport, 17 Aug 2020I'm not sure what they're thinking, giving the Su... moreWindows edition comes next year.

  • Idunno

Honestly, this would be forgivable, and pretty cool, as a reboot for WinMo. I'll wait for the windows edition.

I'm not sure what they're thinking, giving the Surface Duo Android instead of Win10. It needs to be a Windows device to be fully compatible with all the apps I run on a daily basis. The poll choices for this article were so narrow that my opinions could never be expressed accurately.

What I've been waiting for ever since the Palm Pilot came out is a phablet that clicks into a dock to become a fully-functional PC with sufficient graphics and processing power and that can work with multiple monitors/keyboard/mouse—everything in ONE DEVICE.

My current Surface Go replaces my PC/laptop/iPad kindajustkiddingyeahbutmeh; the foldable screen on the Surface Duo is cool, but...Android? Ooof. No 5G? Double oof. $$$$? Nah, bro. See ya.

They are so far off here why would you release a product that looks and will feel so far out of date. They should have gone back to the drawing board refind it, updated it and released it with current specifications to command the price they are asking for.

  • Muhamashi

I would have liked to see a more custom silicon, and 5 years of software support instead of three, especially considering the price. Other than that, I wish them all the best and hope that the software experience is good.

  • Anonymous

At the end of the day, I still believe in this product. I like that Microsoft is creating technology that is mainly for productivity. Just like I said before comparing Surface and iPad. iPad is for entertainment, while Surface is for productivity. Now we can see Surface competing well with iPad and the design is also being copied. The design of this Duo is so sexy...maybe the price and specs are disappointing, but people spent on iPhone that did not have much improvement in their device. At the end of the day, people who want to be different from the rest will be willing to burn their money for this.

  • Geo

Its not worth for the price... The device have the limitations. Only point is highlighted is multi tasking ability... But i don't think its worth for 1400- 1500 dollor. If the same is coming with ear buds and pen, then its justifying the price. Also in this period everybody gets lots of notifications. Each time you have open it to see the notification is not a good idea. Expecialy when u r travelling