Weekly poll: Did Microsoft get the Surface Duo right?

16 August 2020
The Galaxy Z Fold2 got an even split, but that's actually very good for a foldable phone.

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For it to be worth the price, it would need at least bendable screen and quad cameras. At least for me.

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    • 16 Aug 2020

    I can't vote. The poll thinks I'm using a vpn but I'm not.

      JDK, 16 Aug 2020In my opinion, microsoft has the right idea on their hands,... moreCompletely agreed with this.Great concept,but underpowered and tiny battery. I wonder how long it will last with heavy usage,it will probably require a charge half way through the day if used as a productivity machine.

        The "it doesn't appeal to me" poll option is missing.

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          • 16 Aug 2020

          In my opinion, microsoft has the right idea on their hands, but they need to fix some spec issues:

          1. They should have use the snapdragon 865+. This is aimed to be a productivity powerhouse, so why did they use last year's chipset? Microsoft should have finalized software last year and worked on hardware this year, that way they can keep up with the latest specs.
          2. A much better battery is needed. Seriously, an 8.1 inch display on a 3577 MaH battery? It needs a minimum 5000-6000 MaH battery to make it last at least a day.

            Love the concept, but it's not really enough to replace existing habits and devices. You'd still want to carry something with a decent camera, for example. Even for the enterprise user, would they really see it as a replacement, or just another device to carry? Hopefully there's enough buzz to warrant a 2nd iteration, or to inspire other manufacturers. I'm not really sold on the foldable screens, or at least not until they can fold more cleanly. So maybe the dual screen option has more legs to it, at this point.

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              • 16 Aug 2020

              Interesting device and good that Microsoft is coming into the Smartphone market again. However lack of headphone jack, IP68, dual sim card slots and additional sd-card slot and fm-radio render the device uninteresting in terms of buying.
              Nice would be a magnetic transparent silicon keyboard to put on one of the screens or a gamepad to have some kind of mini notebook... In the end the LG V50 is the more convincing dual screen phone if someone is interested in this direction...

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                • 16 Aug 2020

                Its' the most versatile and multitasking device I have ever seen. Only wished they added a stylus for the phone instead of just adding surface pen support. If they did, I think it will surely make people reconsider in wheither to choose this or stick to the Note lineup.

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                  • 16 Aug 2020

                  There also should be an option saying "it's not a device I need". I'd vote for that.

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                    • 16 Aug 2020

                    but not yet

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                      • 16 Aug 2020


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                        • 16 Aug 2020