OnePlus, Oppo, Huawei, Samsung and Sony phones all win EISA 2020-2021 awards

17 August 2020
Huawei also won the Best Smartwatch category.

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  • Rider Rajesh

Sony mobile phone i love you

Love the Community, 17 Aug 2020Best Advanced Smartphone award is Oppo Find X2 Pro for Vega... moreMaybe because that new tech with putting 2x2 chip on lens is actually from Sony and Oppo was just the first smartphone to iplement it, but they are not the first and only one using Sony new 2x2 chip. There are plenty of web cams with same tech also using Omni Direction Auto Focus.

Yee, 17 Aug 2020Which award did Huawei won, was that for best spying smartp... moreThats belongs to mr. Trump and apple.
Huawei wasnt been confirmed ever and no evidence of that apart from words of an old guy with lack of grey brain cells exist.

SamsungRules, 17 Aug 2020Where is iPhone, iphone is good at videos! I think this is biasedMan crappy brands deserve to loose as always.
User non friendly OS with phones without 5G support with lack of disk space and no sd card support and no jack what did you think???

Denis Thomas, 18 Aug 2020And here comes another kid fanboy to be toxic. If you don&#... moreYou watch 4k on mobile?
LOL I feel bad that you cannot afford a 4k TV.
Even though my phone is 3k, I prefer watching high resolution content on my big screen TV Over tiny smartphone display.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020Agree, but still think Sony Xperia 1 II is a better smartph... moreFor you. Another one maybe is after a bezeless display with curved corners.
I believe that MK2 is a top picker atm, but I believe the same thing for the other flagships. No need to fight with each other

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Huawei makes the best phones. :3

  • Anonymous

Denis Thomas, 18 Aug 2020Nice work to everyone! Technology is evolving. Seeing Sony ... moreAgree, but still think Sony Xperia 1 II is a better smartphone than OnePlus 8 Pro 😏

iOS Succckkks, 18 Aug 2020Thanks for the trophy pal. Don't forget to send my wi... moreThere is no prize money for winning a one-sided argument unfortunately. Please refer to the EULA that you have agreed to for more information.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020Not the a01 but it's the a11No, the A01.
There's nothing suggesting the A11 is an ODM device.

P-CHM, 18 Aug 2020Lol. I'm typing this on a Note10+. But sure, you know ... moreThanks for the trophy pal.
Don't forget to send my win money paycheck.

  • RandomUser

FullmetalJun, 18 Aug 2020Huawei's watch isn't even a smartwatch. It's... moreClearly you haven't tried or even touched the Watch GT2... google and youtube is easy... search before you blab pointless things just because you are Huawei hater!

Huawei's watch isn't even a smartwatch. It's more like a smart tracker watch. Shows how ridiculous & pointless these awards are.

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 18 Aug 2020 moreNot the a01 but it's the a11

  • EMN

piku, 18 Aug 2020Europe is china's number one trading partner no wonder... moresamsung is from south korea, son
Sony is from Japan

  • piku

Europe is china's number one trading partner no wonder all most all phones are Chinese here

Shanti Dope, 18 Aug 2020I do really believe it's already time for manufacturer... moreHmm, I do wonder about this. Is it really as noticeable as you say it is? To me, it's clear the tech is available and doable, so that's not the root cause of their unavailability on the market. Could it be that the improvements from UHD panels are much harder to notice? We're talking about 800ppi panels, where even on PenTile 500ppi panels it's difficult to distinguish individual pixels unless by looking at it from a 2cm distance.

I never used an UHD phone, it's true, the highest I've used (and still use) is QHD. But seeing how Sony fared with their UHD offering, I doubt this is the killer app some claim it is. You could start by saying the Z5P was handicapped by the Snapdragon 810. And you'd be absolutely right. But the subsequent efforts like the XZP and XZ2P didn't do much better. I simply think that even marketing can't find a way to make people want 4K on a phone (and VR bombed, predictaby). And I frankly don't see why anyone would. But do tell, what makes you want a 4K display? What makes it a whole different story? It's not sarcasm, I just wish to understand.

I do really believe it's already time for manufacturers to set 4K as the golden standard for future high-end flagships with large displays.

I mean, come on! We've been using 2K since like what? 2014?
6 years have passed already and yet we haven't even made any significant progress right there?
Even budget phones can already record videos in 4K, so whar good is a 4K footage if you cannot see it in its full resolution with a corresponding display resolution?
Technology has already progressed enough that it wouldn't be a bottleneck anymore.

And yes, there IS an improvement in quality going from 2K to 4K.
Perhaps you should actually try to use one first before speaking out definitely.

Anonymous, 18 Aug more

I think you're referring to ODM devices, which are such a small subset they shouldn't count. Unless you tell me the A01 is the most sold midrange phone by Samsung...

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 18 Aug 2020No. Samsung closed their last Chinese factory months ago, a...

Part of the phones are still in China.