OnePlus Nord receives an update improving the macro camera

25 August 2020
Selfie camera low-light performance has also been boosted.

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  • Naveen

Update camera quality. Overy heating charging time

  • Dineshnaidusays

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2020Everything is good now no issues Fine

[deleted post]Do you even realize you are a toxic person that latest action perform NOTHING but negativity ?
If this is your reaction for being proven wrong, sorry but YOU are the one having a problem, I explained, with exemples and facts, and you only go on with personal attack and mean comments, do you realize you are LITERALLY the perfect exemple of the toxicity found on internet ?
What the point of being such a poor, disrespectful individual with no respect for other ?
Your life is so bad that you need that to feel better or you are just deeply narcissistic ?

I just literally explained how and why, and you react so bad, seriously, rethink who your are, because with such attitude, no one around you will ever be happy.

  • Arun

My nord is totally worth it it's to gud but battery drains fastly nd u gives the next os update pls chnged that dialer,contact,message stock android apps to OnePlus OS apps I don't like that dis 2 issues only dis 3 apps is only shit in dis nord phone performance is gud it's mid range killer ❤️

  • Anonymous

Everything is good now no issues

  • sathik

Please remove notify to other person , While using call recording option.

  • Azar

For me also everything is going good..I'm satisfied with this OnePlus Nord ♥️

  • Anonymous

Dave, 25 Aug 2020I hear about this issue before the update. I haven´t this p... moreNo issues I'm using it

Arkiki Langstang, 25 Aug 2020Breaking news: Oneplus release a new software updates for N... moreDon't make them feel bad

Should have waited for the 4a.

  • Dave

Ratul M, 25 Aug 2020There has been a serious issue of a faster battery drain af... moreI hear about this issue before the update. I haven´t this phone but i read about their issues. Maybe it´s not the update. Battery drain, y read. Search in google "battery drain" and read first one, oneplus forum. Have several issues this phone, tint screen, too. :(

alchemist83, 25 Aug 2020Hahaha this guy! Dude sort it out. Why would anyone serious... moreYou clearly don't know what you talk about, I am not exposing my knowledge otherwise I would make way longer comments, and I don't need approval of my knowledge by peoples like you anyway, knowledge is easy to acquire, there is nothing to show off about.

"Software" in case of smartphone photography actually mostly consist of artificial intelligence that use dedicated AI hardware and the software of the AI itself.
Artificial intelligence, providing enough computing power, can do amazingly powerful image and even video rendering, here is a big exemple of that :

Literally with few percents informations available, an AI can, in real time, reconstruct the image to an impressive high level.
So clearly, the sensor, while important, but even with poor quality, can be upscaled to extreme level of quality, well beyond what the hardware permit, BUT that require computing power, which in case of smartphone photography mean lag to take the picture (the time between your button press and the image captured is already long, but between button press and image processed and the camera app ready to take another pic, it is even longer), increased battery consumption and dependence on RAW computing hardware power.
This is exactly why sensors such as Macro should be not less than 12Mp which is the accepted minimum standard in photography.

I am not fighting for photography for THIS phone, I am defending sensors such as Macro, Portrait or ToF which are often deemed "useless" by peoples who don't know what they actually are there for, regardless of the phone, this is because of peoples like that, that things used and liked by many tend to disappear, because the angry minority is really loud, which influence the market.
Macro and ToF in particular, but Portrait too should have a long ago reached 12Mp, but since (a noisy minority of) peoples are angry about their only existence, without even being able to ever argument as to why, simply because they read someone else wrote that and do the same, the industry hardly would want to risk investing the really cheap additional cost to put a 12Mp sensor.

If tomorrow a phone with a 12Mp macro and 3D ToF is announced, without knowing ANYTHING about it, nor the price, nor the additional cost, nor the quality, added benefits or anything else, those haters will again be at it and complain about those sensors, again, without a SINGLE argument EVER as to why it isn't a good thing.
Many peoples doesn't even understand how a ToF work, they think that because typical INDUSTRIAL and MAPPING, BEAM PATTERN (structured light) BASED LiDAR aren't 12Mp and work well at what they do, that it also apply to 3D ToF flash LiDAR used on smartphones for photography purpose while it actually is totally and absolutely different, it would be like comparing Formula 1 and Tractor Pulling engines.

If they complained about macro camera on THIS PARTICULAR phone, yes, I wouldn't have answered anything, but they are clearly referring to the sensor's lenses configuration in general (here, Macro configuration), which is damaging for the whole industry, who is already full enough of stupid decision, like punch holes, notches, removal of face biometric, removal of jack port, curved display, underdisplay camera, ridiculously too thin phones, stupid low resolution sensors, and more.

Demongornot, 25 Aug 2020Typical comment of someone who doesn't know anything a... moreHahaha this guy! Dude sort it out. Why would anyone serious about photography fight so hard for this phone? It's clearly not a serious contender camera wise. Yer software updates are important and can bring improvements. But they can only extend so far until the Camera Hardware becomes the limiting factor. This was the point the other person was making to you. Software updates can only do so much. Chill and maybe go comment on a phone with a Top end camera AND software if what you so obviously care and so badly need to show everyone how clever and extensive your comaera knowledge is LOL. It's totally out of place here and not needed. We don't care. This phone is shockingly overpriced for the weak hardware specs it presents and NO update ever will change those hardware specs. Deal with that fact.

  • slrparser

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2020In terms of display? Well on paper the 7T has a better disp... moreNot just display, how is the iphone xr as a complete package? Is it advisable to buy it in 2020?

  • Yourdad

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2020Chill my guy... it's just a phone. It's most peoples 1 month salary. So you chill

Ratul M, 25 Aug 2020There has been a serious issue of a faster battery drain af... moreLooks like Oneplus downgrade your battery by that software update OTA into 3000mah. Oneplus cheat you.😂

  • Ratul M

There has been a serious issue of a faster battery drain after the 10.5.5 update. I don't even get a proper 6 hr on screen time even after not playing any games, nor using 90hz. Oneplus needs to solve this with an upcoming update in the nord otherwise it's quite saddening to see a 4k+ mah battery behaving like a 3k mah one

  • Anonymous

., 25 Aug 2020Not funnyChill my guy... it's just a phone.

Arkiki Langstang, 25 Aug 2020Breaking news: Oneplus release a new software updates for N... moreActually, on smartphones, the camera sensor is only half of where the quality come from, the software is as important, if not more important, meaning that a software update to improve picture quality is totally legit and a common practice.

Helloworld, 25 Aug 2020Such a pointless camera. I'd rather two really good ca... moreActually it is useless because it is low resolution, not because the macro itself is useless, it can do things that the main camera is totally incapable of doing.
The ideal smartphone setup would have something like :
*A main as an IMX689 like or any 12Mp or more sensor.
*A ~19Mp ultrawide.
*A ~16Mp periscope telephoto (x5 or more optical zoom).
*A 12Mp portrait with 2x or 3x zoom capabilities.
*A 12Mp macro with 2x or 3x zoom capabilities.
*A 12Mp 3D ToF sensor Flash LiDAR type or Flash LiDAR and structured light combo.

Anything under those resolution for those camera type is useless, a, phone with such setup would be amazing, but since peoples are bitching about camera that are useful, just because they don't understand them, actually because of their bitching, the industry isn't pushing for more resolution, which is exactly why those sensors are useless.

So congratulation, you are participating at preventing improvement.