LG Wing with rotating dual screens stars in leaked video

25 August 2020
It is going to be LG's newest take on the dual screen thing.

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Demongornot, 26 Aug 2020innovation[ in-uh-vey-shuhn ] noun 1: something new or di... moreThe only thing one could argue is a "innovation" here is the fact that it rotates, and even that's a stretch. It may as well be a flip phone, it's the same concept just done a little differently.

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A7sii, 26 Aug 2020The only thing Samsung invented is overheating phones, with... moreAnd you have invented nothing.

Now this is interesting. Let's see how well the software goes with this.

pan, 26 Aug 2020that is why i am impressed at how brave lg and sony are whe... moreExactly !
That's like when we talk about smartphones without front camera, peoples assume we mean every smartphones should have none, like, can you just leave us alone all of us who don't have any use for front camera and don't care about selfies or video call.
But no, they are forced to talk about selfies and video call as it if was an universal thing everyone is forced to use...

We should have more diversity and peoples should leave alone rare features that peoples want, that's why I am only fighting invasive features, like punch hole which you can't just have its cons ignored and that overwhelm the market.
Same for the iPhone's notch, who is actually useful, though it have incorrectly been implemented, it should have been implemented with no access to the display on the side for any apps and the status icons should have been on two lines, that way it would have effectively been a bezel incorporating the statut bar (moving it out of the rest of the display), making extremely efficient use of the space, but the way it have been introduced really do "dent on the display" effect, which, considering the taller display over the iPhone 8 and the statut bar moved out of it, it clearly wasn't the intention, but only a side effect of trying to make it look like a sort of fulldisplay.
But Android copied the shape and totally ditch the function (maximum sensor density and minimum display impact), which on a phone that rely on the space at this spot for displaying notification AND statut icons, is totally stupid, which caused the urge to shrunk it, until it became a hole that doesn't have any other use than the camera, which is really ironic as the notch purpose was to put as many sensors as possible in the first place, probably to compete with the Galaxy S8 and S9 and their face biometric.

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Demongornot, 26 Aug 2020innovation[ in-uh-vey-shuhn ] noun 1: something new or di... morethat is why i am impressed at how brave lg and sony are when it comes to innovation... some of their innovations managed to influence other makers... while some are still exclusive to them... though there are other brands out there also having innovations...
people should buy what they appreciate and just move on...
i have been experiencing 4k display of z5 premium... years passed and there came 4k hdr ips, 4k hdr oled, 4k hdr oled 1B colors... and people still screams "gimmick"... youtubers included, opinions towards what is common for the sake of views...

Crackling Doom, 26 Aug 2020I hardly consider a rotating screen to be an "innovati... moreinnovation[ in-uh-vey-shuhn ]
1: something new or different introduced:
2: the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods.

Literally, creating something IS innovation, the issue is that LITERALLY the smartphone market is motionless, once a thing have been created, either everyone or no one use it, and that's it, all smartphones are basically the same with really limited variations, for anyone who want something different/specific, there is no option.
So who are you to judge what many could find useful and like ?
ANY innovation that can bring diversity is welcome, that's because of peoples like you that peoples like me, who want "special" features can't have them, because you are participating to giving of the impression that innovation itself isn't a welcomed thing.

Wow. This is kinda intruiging.

Although, I don't see any advantage to this design compared to LG's current dual screen setup.

Like, you're only using half of the extra screen real-estate.

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SpiritWolf, 26 Aug 2020I am pretty sure that IP rating is Sony thing. Started with... moreThe only thing Samsung invented is overheating phones, with exynos processors that have bixby buttons and stupid heart rate monitors..the things you listed all are by Sony!

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LG Superfan, 26 Aug 2020Glass back, IP rating, stereo speaker, DRAM camera, 960fps,... morenice... see how "samsung" and "apple" get the recognition they dont deserve... the L series of LG of yesteryears brought a lot of interesting features... sony also contributed much not only on hardware but software wise...
so far, dual screen of LG is the innovation that cant be seen on other manufacturers...
xperia still has something others dont have even after 960fps trickle to other brands... but, usually what most doesnt like - i cant say if they really dont like it or because it hasnt reached their favorite brands yet...
like 4k display, eye autofocus, h.s. for game mode, 21:9 (others are just too shy to reach it so they settle to 20:9, 19:9 yet people complain about 21:9 as if its too far from most aspect ratio)
sure, sams, apples, and chinese brand bring their own features on the table... but claiming that one is the pioneer when the truth is not is bs... also discrediting a feature of other brands because the favorite brand doesnt have it is also bs...
like my first comment on this thread, lets wait for different use cases of this rotating second screen... because up to now, i am still amaze at how lg dual screen is a simple idea yet it is useful in different ways...

Square screen looks kinda boring these days, rounded corners are nicer.

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No need of a 2nd screen without a software redesign unlike Scarface duo

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Crackling Doom, 26 Aug 2020I hardly consider a rotating screen to be an "innovati... moreNah. Just admit features not "invented" by Apple and Samsung are just gimmicks and be done with it.

You just refuse to recognize stuff made by other companies trying to break away, even just a bit, from all the boring tocuhslabs critics of the general public.

Demongornot, 26 Aug 2020I wish peoples would stop complaining about any innovation ... moreI hardly consider a rotating screen to be an "innovation". Useless gimmicks is why LG's mobile phone division is constantly bleeding money.

Anonymous Smart, 26 Aug 2020Laser Autofocus Flex LED Screen First to breakout fro... moreNone of those are considered gimmicks though.

ok cool but that call UI tho. Just make it take up the whole square screen with big buttons for answer and decline.

LG Superfan, 26 Aug 2020A slightly thicker body will allow room for many improvemen... moreTrue, people don't realize what they are using/doing.
Wireless charging shine with car's phone holder though.

Demongornot, 26 Aug 2020Exactly ! Thanks you for writing "thick within limit&... moreA slightly thicker body will allow room for many improvements in the structure and functioning but No people want razor thin, thinner than paper phones and when checking thickness most don't even look at the camera bump which usually adds 2mm to thickness bring it to 9-10mm and than slap a case on it which thickens the rest of the body to camera bump level so people are kind of used to 10mm thick phone but don't know about it, a slightly thicker phone with aluminum back will making handling a breeze, no slippery phone, no readjusting grips, less accidental drops it is all for the better
Oh wait it will remove wireless charging which is more like pad charging abd is worse than wired charging in terms of speed and usability since you can't even lift your phone to check the notifications

LG Superfan, 26 Aug 2020Yeah I agree this obsession of thin phone is jusy cr*p 10mm... moreExactly !
Thanks you for writing "thick within limit".
When talking about thicker phones, peoples always assume we meant 42^100 Gigaparsec thick, like the Energizer brick, while a range between 10 and 15mm would actually be quite nice, plus, side fingerprint scanner would get a huge boost in security as they would have more surface covered, and with a thicker phone, the body will be stronger, making it tougher to bend.

Demongornot, 26 Aug 2020Wrong, not only design isn't a concern in MANY cases w... moreYeah I agree this obsession of thin phone is jusy cr*p 10mm even 15mm thick phone is usable and comfortable to hold and its not like it won't fit in you pocket and with thicker phones you can also add larger batteries, 3.5mm jack, advanced cooling, bigger and better speakers and even some extras like popup shoulder buttons and even if it's large a thicker phone will allow comfortable and secure grip so you can reach the other end of the screen more easily IMO a 6.7 inch phone with 19.5:9 and 10mm thickness is easily operatable even with one hand and will be pocketable to with no camera bump and bigger even 7000mah battery maybe and it will easily last 2 days of heavy usage
Yes I agree a thick within limit phone is much better than a slim phone

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2020First QHD screen was from Vivo phone. No it was LG G3 though OPPO announced it first with Find 7 but G3 made it to the market before Find 7 (or was it the other way around?)