Madhav Sheth appointed CEO of Realme Europe

27 August 2020
Madhav Sheth will lead the product, marketing, and sales functions in Europe, starts with five key markets.

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iOS Never Again, 28 Aug 2020Exactly, these other guys have zero clue. They just hate C... moreWell thats right.
And whats the fun fact is all brands are china made maybe except Sony.

    CptPower, 28 Aug 2020Realme is great enough. The real you and real me wants th... moreExactly, these other guys have zero clue.
    They just hate Chinese brands.

      Rex Tech, 28 Aug 2020Ah,another Indian spam bot who spams fraud comments bashing... moreMan you are really funny,
      Xiaomi for same price like samsung can make 30 to 50% better specced device where phone like redmi note 8 pro which now can be bought for like 150 in europe 180 euros would cost with samsung logo o it 350 or more.
      Xiaomi quality is equal to samsung hence many people buys it and are very happy.
      Samsung ow end devices are dissaster.
      Mot people want and needs the best phone for best price not everybody have 1200 bucks for a flagshiop to buy every 2 years.

        CptPower, 28 Aug 2020Realme is great enough. The real you and real me wants th... moreAh,another Indian spam bot who spams fraud comments bashing major companies and defending the low budget garbage.You think Xiaomi only gets 25 % ? Xiaomi sells products who cost around 600-800 Euroes in Europe and abuses the whole Continent and nobody does anything about it.Samsung also has 800 and 1000 Euroes products.They offer insane better value regarding anything.From Camera,Built quality and hardware.Can't say much about their batteries though.
        How is Xiaomi earning 25% when it's same or more priced than Samsung,LG and Sony ?
        Same goes for Huawei too. Huawei phones are 1000-1400 Euroes and they offer no Google Support. Xiaomi only gives fair prices for their mid range devices but they are only 30-40 Euroes cheaper than Samsung.
        Sony makes amazing products but lately in Europe that they don't sell well. IN Japan they priced less than Xiaomi.Same as Xiaomi being priced for cheaper in China and India.
        Get your facts right instead of spamming 10000 fraud comments.
        Realme is sold for around 150-200 Euroes.Something you can purchase Sony Xperia XZ3 or LG G7. You get a 400 or 600 series snapdragon,glasstic back,super cheap reflecting fake yu gi oh card back,poor screen which after 4 months of usage shows the glue and inside that looks like one of those 40$ phones from Alibaba.
        Realme offers minimalistic overpriced value in Europe and only focuses on selling cheap products in China and India and should stay there.By far one of the worst out there.Chipset only phones are not Real phones.

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          • sq2013
          • 7P3
          • 28 Aug 2020

          why is this considered news? Why would we care who the ceo of any mobile phone manufacturer is?Great for him i am sure and best of luck to him but how is it in any way relevant to the average mobile phone user?

            sanshiro, 27 Aug 2020I don't mind the products being chinese. I mind the na... moreRealme is great enough.
            The real you and real me wants the best phone for best price and this brand reflect to it like xiaomi or meizu.
            Compared to Samsung Apple Sony or LG whichonly milks money from you.
            Thus the apple logo looks like worm bitten.
            Sony reflects So No.
            LG like Love Gold (But customers pay real gold for false one)
            And Samsung which is exceptional brand which makes devices 3-5 times costilier for customers than the manufacturing costs.
            Xiami or Realme earns like 25% on each device sold where Samsung gets 300-500% on each device sold same for others brand i told about above.

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              • Maan
              • MnY
              • 28 Aug 2020

              yo Madboy where is my Realme Mediatek 1000+ Midrange Phone in Europe?

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                • mrquicksilver
                • Rxt
                • 28 Aug 2020

                Realme is simply a wannabe identical copy of xiaomi. And they suck at doing even that.

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                  • Zayan
                  • gMC
                  • 28 Aug 2020

                  Why does the phone of realme so hung please replace

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                    • Anonymous
                    • na1
                    • 28 Aug 2020

                    This guy's got talent.

                    Not one cover photo of this guy looks like it's not destined for cringetopia greatness. It's a gift.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • p}2
                      • 28 Aug 2020

                      uk7866, 28 Aug 2020This guy's a right douchebag..We also don't want you to show us his car.

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                        • Dave
                        • p}2
                        • 28 Aug 2020

                        Here is. Showing his car more than the Realme phone. Showing off his belongings like that means he won't care much about the buyers and yes money.Take care to show us the X3 PRO, and use less "Dare to Leap" letters in the back of phones, which we don't want to show publicity on our phones.

                          Innovation is never something I associate with a product designed in China. Considering they usually Buy, Copy or Steal IP to build up the brands of these "Private" companies.

                            This guy's a right douchebag..

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                              • Anonymous
                              • S9j
                              • 27 Aug 2020

                              Europe is interested in Smartphones, not CEOs !

                                ItsNick, 27 Aug 2020CEO of "Indian Startup" going places.. yay.. lol.. Yeah it's still 100% chinese brand, all these chinese companies always have some "racial diverse" CEO/CPO that they can show off to media (except for e.g. Nokia where they plant some Finnish guys as CEO/CPO to make people think Nokia are still Finnish phones)... It's all masquerade, don't get fooled by the people they throw in front of media.

                                  " Realme is aiming to introduce “cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and superior servicing” "

                                  Well that would be something new, considering all they've accomplished so far in Europe were overpriced phones with garbage cameras and virtually zero customer support... I mean they're still trying to sell the X50 Pro for over 700€, what a gyp... Redmi Note 8 Pro with same main camera sensor as Realme X50 Pro costs 185€... Personally I've never seen anyone with Realme phone yet here in Czechia...

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                                    • Pal9
                                    • fCP
                                    • 27 Aug 2020

                                    Anshul, 27 Aug 2020Just a bunch of self praising corporate guys with motive of... moreAlthough they are CEO of Chinese company but they personally preferred iPhone for security purpose, wow....

                                      CEO of "Indian Startup" going places.. yay.. lol..

                                        Anonymous, 27 Aug 2020theyre the same as any other chinese brand to me. their pho... moreWell Sansung and Apple are allso made in china so they are chinese and they are same by your logic.
                                        To be honest realme and xiaomi are far better than other two named chinese made phones because of much better price and specs compared to apple and samsung competition.
                                        Not everything which shimmering is a real gold.