Infinix Zero 8 announced with 90Hz display, Helio G90T chipset

27 August 2020
It's the flagship offering in the maker's lineup.

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  • sastra
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  • 21 Apr 2023

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2020True, G70/80/85 don't support UFS (G90/90T, P90 and al... morewhats?? sd 665 not support ufs??
look the phone xiaomi mi a3 ??.
whats wrong

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    • alviesy jakarta
    • thv
    • 14 Mar 2021

    been using this phone for a week, ev'thing fastly smooth except the battery, 4 hours weaker than hot 7 pro, but the charging amazingly furious 😁

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      • Bilal Hussain Shaikh
      • Y}$
      • 15 Feb 2021

      Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Can any one tell me that infinix zero 8i has UFS storage or... moreIt's UFS Storage

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        • XW5
        • 27 Nov 2020

        Can any one tell me that infinix zero 8i has UFS storage or EMMC?

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          • AnonD-804996
          • puk
          • 16 Oct 2020

          That's a rather unique camera array shape. Also being centered means phone won't wobble on one side as crazy on the desk which is nice.

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            • Pavankumar
            • D0b
            • 21 Sep 2020

            Super phone

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              • Anonymous
              • 7kk
              • 31 Aug 2020

              The Helio G90T is the best mid-range gaming chipset in the market and that is going to be a huge advantage for the Zero 8

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                • RamanD
                • utA
                • 31 Aug 2020

                The specs of the smartphone are amazing and with Mediatek Helio G90T, it looks great for gaming. Waiting for its India launch.

                  Mediatek Helio G90T chipset along with 90Hz display are impressive features to a phone in this price range. This will be a good option for all the gamers out there.

                    Anonymous, 28 Aug 2020FacebookThanks for the info.

                    But my comment was a general pointer- that a chinese phone can easily give cheap performance, but with it, comes a whole lot of bloatware, even on a ROM/firmware level, that results in slowing down, unnecessary data uploading to Chinese servers, privacy issues, etc.
                    So, while purchasing a Chinese phone, focus should be preinstalled apps and firmware.
                    Won't get this phone anyways.

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                      • Dk3
                      • 30 Aug 2020

                      Xmen, 30 Aug 2020What is ufsUniversal Flash Storage

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                        • Dk3
                        • 30 Aug 2020

                        UsmanHSh, 29 Aug 2020I'm talking about Zero 8, no where it is mentioned whe... moreI'm pretty sure Zero 8 would have UFS 2.1 ROM & LPDDR4X RAM, since last year's Zero 6 had it too.
                        & soon there'll be reviews all over, where we would have better insight.
                        I saw a video on YT, showing that it charges from 0 to 64% in just 30 mins. That's awesome for the price!
                        & ya the white diamond colour is the best choice, since it doesn't attract fingerprints as it has matte finish unlike the black & green one.

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                          • Shehbaz saab
                          • rKh
                          • 30 Aug 2020

                          Outstanding look

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                            • Xmen
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                            • 30 Aug 2020

                            Anonymous, 29 Aug 2020True, G70/80/85 don't support UFS (G90/90T, P90 and al... moreWhat is ufs

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                              • Jurpudan Danjuma
                              • r3a
                              • 30 Aug 2020

                              So good

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                                • XRT10
                                • Dki
                                • 30 Aug 2020

                                Everyday I see a new Chinese brand debuts and emerges as a potential brand in the market and starts flooding the world market with their devices.
                       can we get rid of them??

                                  Cyberchum, 29 Aug 2020Ultrawide cams on most phones at this price take pretty bad... moreSurely depends on if you don't mind ordering from china. Devices, I did even mention, are at the same or below that price.

                                    vrvly, 28 Aug 2020If you cannot take macro/super-wide/tele shot, you can just... moreUltrawide cams on most phones at this price take pretty bad photos. There are many phones with macro cams that take worse macro pictures that phones without a dedicated macro lens. Few, if any at all, phones at this price has "tele" cams.

                                    So what's your point again? Quad cam in this price range is mainly numbers for marketing!

                                      Anonymous, 28 Aug 2020in your dreams🤣🤣In your nightmares you'd still not have a clue.

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                                        • pd5
                                        • 29 Aug 2020

                                        KS, 28 Aug 2020Which brand is giving UFS 2.1 with Helio G70,80-85? It... moreTrue, G70/80/85 don't support UFS (G90/90T, P90 and all Dimensity do)...

                                        That's a technical choice...
                                        G70/80/85 are Snapdragon 665's competitors.
                                        Most of the devices with Snapdragon 665 don't use UFS too...
                                        Mediatek decides to put more modern CPU cores (A75/A55 instead of rebranded A73/A53) and remove UFS support...The move fit with market