Sony Xperia 5 II specs leak alongside more renders

27 August 2020
The phone is expected to get official on September 17.

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Lucas N82, 30 Aug 2020I have compared 1 II with P30, noise the same on mail camer... moreYeah that someone need to spend €1000 to test the capabilities.

Funny how this is a post about the upcoming Xperia 5 II and people just keep fighting about the Xperia 1 II and Sony in the comment section lmao

  • Arte8800

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020I used xz1 compact , the camera was horrible , selfie cam... moredumbo there's 512gb memory card you can use. So what about 32gb storage.
I have the XZ1C, in black, pink blue, loved it so much because its so compact and rectangular sharp edge boxy N10, N20 design. Know Sony makes ugly POS Apple lookalike curved phones.

  • Arte8800

GSMbaka, 30 Aug 20201. Can u not read the Carl Zeiss on the back? 2. The last... moreit is possible with looseless zoom when zooming in it retains original. Yes it will have 3 times more hump, I don't mind that. Makes a day night difference when having Xneon flash.
Sony believes in sharp edges, look at all the Samsung Note series N10, N20, sharp edges, looks super sexy stylish contemporary monolithic edgetoedge flat design.

VectorR, 30 Aug 2020I held Xperia 1 II in my hand, tested it and compared with ... moreYou call me delusional yet you seem to have a bias opinion on the Xperia 1ii. You are lying if you say the speakers are better than Sony's. They might be louder, but Sony is going for clarity and balance, so that is personal preference. I understand that you are genetically challenged, but learn to get your facts right

GSMbaka, 30 Aug 2020If you think that the pixel 4xl is better than the xperia 1... moreI held Xperia 1 II in my hand, tested it and compared with my Pixel 4 XL. Pixels speakers, haptic engine, screen brightness are better indeed. Also despite having last year chipset, Pixels 4 XL feels faster and smoother than Xperia (possibly due to 90Hz refresh rate and Google's magic touch). I trust myself, mate. But you are seems just hopeless, blind Sony adorer, nothing more.

GSMbaka, 30 Aug 2020Both pixels are a disappointment doesn't matter what y... moreIt doesn't matter what you think but I'd choose the Pixel, Samsung or Huawei rather than Sony at any time. Just because they are the best in business but Sony always was and sure is a sore looser here. Sony makes their own screens and camera sensors (which Sony fanboys like you consider superior to anyone) and using cheaper, inferior sensors from Samsung in their $1200 smartphone at the same time! You are delusional and just trying to justify your favorite brand regardless what they've done. There's nothing to discuss with you anymore, sorry. You're just a blind fanboy.

  • Anonymous

Essen, 28 Aug 2020At 68mm, sure it's compact. But at this height, this i... moreI used xz1 compact ,
the camera was horrible , selfie camera is even more
i don't use camera that much and never selfies
I knew about the poor camera before purchasing it but didn't care , it was a good phone otherwise , and that 65 mm thing you said is so true ; it's so perfect for my palm. they literally messed it by giving only 32 gb storage. and now i can never find another phone with that compactness and comes with good battery , stereo front speakers , and a headphone jack, and water proof body .
i still hate sony for that only 32 gb storage option.

  • sani1486

Driftit, 28 Aug 2020Looks like my 4 year old XZ1 that has never had ANY issues ... moreI can feel you , I had the compact version of yours , it was so goood , only it had 32 GB space which is not gonna do in 2020.

iOS Never Again, 29 Aug 2020Every thread you are repeating same talking points and maki... moreAnd yet you're implying a statement that Sony should revoke their signature 4K display that has been staying far longer than HRR (though I support both features) and become mainstream like others did.

Dude, you seem never seen Sony fanboys so angry and upset back in 2018 with Sony and the severe haters like you that oppressed Sony just to make bezel-less device that was on rage back then or other trending features that aren't inline of Sony philosophy and that's due to the time when they created the "most generic" Xperia ever existed with their XZ2/XZ3 phones... It was only when Xperia 1 released, acted as Sony biggest redemption to their fans. Like you never want to understand the niche market Sony aiming for since 2019...

VectorR, 30 Aug 2020I heard how Xperia 1 II sounds compared to my Pixel 4 XL. T... moreIf you think that the pixel 4xl is better than the xperia 1ii then you are so delusional that all hope is lost for you

VectorR, 30 Aug 2020I don't give a f**k what Google thinks and does. I do ... moreBoth pixels are a disappointment doesn't matter what you think. Also its not a shame to use other companies technology in your products. Samsung and Sony share sensors, Samsung also provides displays to Sony. You're just used to being lied to by your partner and everyone else, so when you saw honesty for the first time, it shook you to the core. Its a shame that you think that using other sensors for a front facing camera is a failure

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020Stereo speakers on your Pixel are EQed for voice while X1II... moreI heard how Xperia 1 II sounds compared to my Pixel 4 XL. To be honest, I think even my older phone - small, dinky Pixel 3 - sounds better than Sony. Regarding screen quality and more importantly - daylight brightness and usability - Pixel 4 XL is better than Xperia 1 II for sure.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 30 Aug 2020The best multimedia phone for me is the one I'm using ... moreStereo speakers on your Pixel are EQed for voice while X1II is EQed for a balanced range because of Reality 360 audio. The display is a no contest, Pixel is on Samsung level with better color reproduction but the quality is nowhere near Oppo, Apple or Sony.

  • Anonymous

Arte8800, 30 Aug 2020no CarlZeiss optics No Xneon flash No Exmor sensors No 1... moreYou forgot the pricing of $399 for all of that.

GSMbaka, 30 Aug 2020You do realize that the pixel 4 and 4XL were the biggest di... moreI don't give a f**k what Google thinks and does. I do realize that Pixel 4 might disappoint with the battery life, no more than that. Pixel 4 XL which I have is a completely different phone. It's nearly two days phone for me easily. Also I have 128 GB version and I can't fill up 40 - 45GB for years. So I do not need any SD cards or 3.5mm audio jack (I dropped the wires 2 years ago and will never go back to them). Pixel 4 XL has beautiful, bright 3k 90Hz screen by the way which I consider much better option than 4k 60Hz. Finally, it's not a shame for other smartphone makers to use Sony camera sensors BUT it is a shame, stupidity or admitting failure for Sony to use someone else sensors in they top priced flagship device!

  • ZaHa

If they only use the 765g, which will lower the price tag by 20% and they have a winner and huge seller.
The 68mm width is so rare this days in the high and mid range phones, which is a shame.

I miss the Samsung S2 form factor (mainly the width), it was perfect in my palm.
And no, apple is not an option for me.

  • DOC

nice ,is very good if the price is also friendly

  • Lucas N82

XRT10, 30 Aug 2020I'm always surprised to see , in the industry where mo... moreI have compared 1 II with P30, noise the same on mail camera, color reproduction better on 1 II.
1 II have trully amazing camera and only someone who have knowledge and test it knows that.

I'm always surprised to see , in the industry where mostly all the players uses Sony camera sensors in their smartphones, Sony actually is unable to deliver an all round performing camera onto their devices.