Realme X7 and Realme X7 Pro are official, Realme V3 tags along

01 September 2020
All three phones come with 5G capabilities.

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chavv, 01 Sep 2020what is Full HD+ ?! What is that? Is it 1080 or 720?!HD is 720p, FullHD is 1080p with 16:9 ratio , FullHD+ is 1080p with 18:9 ratio ...
Lower resolution displays require less power, so they last long... Higher Res phones eat battery faster and also eat processing power of CPU and GPU a lot more when compared to Low Res Display Phones.

Hope this helps.

  • omereazam

Full HD+ is 1080p, HD+ is 720p. That simple, no complicated understanding as i see some are confused here.

chavv, 01 Sep 2020what is Full HD+ ?! What is that? Is it 1080 or 720?!FHD+ is 1080 i think and just hd is 720

So, "Dare to leap" text is only on the rainbow model, but the blue and white one don't have it. If priced around 500€, this is actually a really nice phone.

  • chavv

what is Full HD+ ?! What is that? Is it 1080 or 720?!

"and the ultra-affordable Realme V3"

I don't know, 205 usd doesn't sounds "ultra-affordable" to me... Anyway X7 Pro with 120Hz display and Dimensity 1000 for 320 usd is pretty interesting, so it's obvious it won't make global market - we're just going to get some leftover garbage with overclocked old 12nm G90, good enough for us non-chinese peasants I guess.

Question is will the x70 pro be launched in Europe

So the rumour of SD 860 was just a rumour

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Realme and Xiaomi must release Dimensity Powered smartphones in others major markets also like India, Europe, etc Otherwise will treat them just like they are treating the customers in these countries with difference.

People will shift back to Samsung and their M series midrangers