Realme 7 and 7 Pro announced: improved cameras and bigger, faster charging batteries

03 September 2020
The 7 Pro is powered by Snapdragon 720G SoC, but the vanilla 7 is the first smartphone to come with the Helio G95 chipset.

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  • Bryan

Trace element, 03 Sep 2020Xiaomi's guys are in absolute laugh nowYeah

  • Anonymous

The parts of this phones should be released immediately into the local market.
Imagine my 6 pro had screen problem, do you expect me to go ahead and buy a new phone?

Not worth to upgrade from 6 version's, cause it's actually downgrade. Everyone who buy this was cause of 90hz screen. Now they remove it from 7 pro and they remove telephoto camera. Also vanilla 7 is the same phone like 6, with the same soc but with different name.

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Wow this is so stupid. 7 has a better processor than 7 Pro.... moreSd 720g is better than 730g and g90t/g95.

  • Anonymous

2+2 Macro and depth sensor must be banned

Xiaomi's guys are in absolute laugh now

  • Anonymous

salarx, 03 Sep 2020So they traded telephoto for something useless... Nice. I an so pissed of by this decision, why in the world use a friking macro dumb lens instead of telephoto, i was afraid that they will do it, and indeed thet did, dissapointed, why all chinese manufacturers do this? Mia1 had a telephoto, mia2 got a 20mp sensor instead of that, my question is why?

Anonymous, 03 Sep 20206.4" is too small nowadays. Nord is even bigger than t... more6.4" too small? Tell me, how much have your palms grown in the last 5 years? The likes of you are why OEMs keep going bigger and bigger. Go get a tablet if that's what you want.

Moff Gideon, 03 Sep 20207pro seems to be a solid phone and a worthy upgrade but th... morethats correct g95 is same as g90t

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Why some people will spend their money on a gimmicky AMOLED... moreLol, gimmicky? Still stuck on garbage LCD panel?

  • Anonymous

Hmm looks good. Great that 3.5 mm jack is still present.
Looks good among the ultra overpriced scenario these days

  • Anonymous

Sorry to sound like a broken record - why can't Realme (and other manufacturers) include a magnetometer in mid range phones?
I use Google Maps often and find it very useful.
Realme 7 PRO costs Rs 20,000+. Surely a magnetometer could have been included.

  • Anonymous

The upgrades from 6 Pro to 7 Pro are well exaggerated, now let me tell the downgrades:-
• Plastic back instead of glass
• 2MP monochrome (useless) lens instead of 12MP Telephoto
• 6.4" display with big bezels (much less screen-to-body ratio) instead of 6.6"
• 60HZ refresh rate instead of 90Hz
• Removed 8MP ultrawide lens from selfie
• Last but not least, the base variant is priced at 20k, while for 6 Pro it is 18k.

So definitely 6 Pro is better value for money.

P.S. I'm not a 6 Pro user.

So they traded telephoto for something useless... Nice.

I can't stop salivating at both of them! They're just brilliant! You get an amoled (not as good as samsung's most probably, because samsung puts flagship amoled on it's midrangers) almost the same as samsung cpu performance (a tad better at this price), it seems no nfc, and that's where the bad stuff ends. Stereo, 65w charging, camera. What more could you want for 230 euro??? Please tell me they will be selling it in romania
And to the guy who told me about all those xiaomi great amoled phones, I'm sorry but those are 250 euro+, and most of them aren't officialy avalabile here.
But as I most probably buy a new phone next year, I'll have to see what xiaomi offers and also the realme 8

  • Anonymous

shappy, 03 Sep 2020Where's Dimensity 1000+ ?? 😰Use your head m8. Even the Redmi 10X 5G which use the Dimensity 820 already cost $300 or so for the 6/128 variant and you expect this one to use a Dimensity 1000+ for that price?

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 03 Sep 2020Me I'd just buy both of them, if it weren't for t... moreThat went from 0 to 100 way too quick

Me I'd just buy both of them, if it weren't for the fear of them blowing up

WOW THE 7 PRO IS THE BEST DEAL!!! That's 230 bucks for the best deal ever. Seriously now

  • Anonymous

Totally disappointed with secondary cameras