Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup now receiving One UI 2.5

03 September 2020
It is almost 1 GB in size.

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  • Ejaz

10/8/2020 No update on S10+ unlocked US SM-975U1

  • ski

i recieve the one ui 2.5 yesterday

  • ski

update 9/20

Still no 2.5 on my s10 5g telstra :(

  • Ski

Still no update for my s10 5g nor september security patch

Just got it on my S10

  • Anonymous

Dude, 03 Sep 2020w t f note 10 plus must have received 2.5 first.I have S10 plus.I have received September security path without UI 2.5.Is it right?😐😐😐

  • Ski

sept 7 and still no update on my s10 5G sm-g977b

  • Anonymous

So you Are saying the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is not getting the ONEUI 2.5 update?

  • Anonymous

Is galaxy A30s gonna be updatedtoo?

No os updates can save Exynos garbage 😂😂

  • Glady

Is this update coming for m30s

  • Anonymous

Will the one ui 2.5 update come for galaxy tab s6, as it is a premium flagship tablet.

  • Anonymous

is this update going to come for a71

Tim, 03 Sep 2020Why will not S10 Lite get itBecause it is not flagship


Ski, 03 Sep 2020Yay for my s10 5gWow.ilove my galaxy samsung S10?

  • haematocrit

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Does it bring Android 10 native gestures with third party apps?Yes, that's one of the most exciting features for those that uses 3rd party launchers!

  • Ski

Yay for my s10 5g

  • Ski

yes im ready for my s10 5g

  • Anonymous

Does it bring Android 10 native gestures with third party apps?

  • Mc

Samsung galaxy note 9