LG Wing goes official with swiveling design, Snapdragon 765G

14 September 2020
Are you bored with the glass slab in your pocket, well LG has something fresh and exciting for you.

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"The company felt that the current candybar smartphone design has been stagnant and could use a refresh with a swivel."
"LG’s Explorer Project an initiative that aims to breathe new life in smartphone design. It’s about taking risks and bringing practical innovations to customers and the Wing is just the beginning."

This is exactly why I love LG. They don't follow the latest trend but instead concentrating on their own original idea or design. I do feel quite bummed with the lack of IP68 rating and 3.5mm audio jack but for once, just like the ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro, that didn't really matter. That refreshing swivel design alone already wins my heart. As for the SD 765G chipset, that is definitely more than good enough for me. If I want SD 865, I'd go for the V60 ThinQ 5G with the DualScreen case.

  • GrahamD

No 3.5mm jack = no sale. Also for me it's a quite good idea but the concept just doesn't seem right.

This one isn't for me but it's refreshing to see the return of phones that aren't a boring featureless slab of iPhone envy.

  • pan

ethereal, 15 Sep 2020Practical &: useful design. I might consider upgrading ... morelg has stirred a lot of interests from me, still having an lg g4, i thought their next phones were just okay for me, yet underrated... until v50 came with that dual screen... then improved on v50s/g8x... nice to see v60 and velvet still have such "accessory"... but then this swivel desigh came... wow, i watched it last night and was really hyped... this is really something worthy of being talked about in the midst of regular slabs and the popular folds... i never thought of use cases presented last night...
though it will work as a regular phone unswivelled, i wonder if they can also do a version where the front phone has all the internals and that the secondary display (the smaller one) can just be attached and removed... at least they can make it as a "powerful" regular phone for "regular" people and give options to people who wants this kind of innovation... let us see how chinese brands see this... though up to now, attachable second screen is still unique to lg despite of how it is easier to replicate than the folds and flips...

  • Diyamond

A good phone to play the DS/3DS emulators 😁

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020impractical and useless design We have choices. Unlike some A company. Same brick phone every year, same with all the iWatch.

When Homer Simpson designs a phone...
Seriously. How did this get past the first page at their brainstorming sessions?

it remind me of Tony Stark phone from 1st movie :3

almost everybody: why you make something like this?
LG: because we can

  • Mr Green

Wow amazing lg fan here

  • Fernando

How many apps can you use on this 1 and half screen phone? Does any1 knows?

Practical &: useful design. I might consider upgrading from my G8x if the gen 2 comes with flagship SOC & 3.5mm with quad dac. Great job LG!

XORROR, 14 Sep 2020An interesting presentation, a great concept, but why was i... moreSame thoughts here. Lets wait for the gen 2.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]im with you bruh


since im a big fan of smartphones. I think this is good and i mean it is on a new level

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2020impractical and useless design But it's just like a normal phone if you don't swivel. If you do, you get an extra half-screen. What's wrong with that?

Refreshing to see a unique take on the need for more screen real estate. The mechnical part is probably the weakest link but definitely have to applaud LG for experimenting.

  • Anonymous

impractical and useless design

Kind of like Flex Mode on Samsung foldables

  • Anonymous

Main purpose of this phone is multitasking.
Using split screen is annoying and not all apps accept to slip screen.
Depends on what phone you have, apps will be too small when 2 are using screen same time.

This on for example can have full screen like youtube ,map, shopping app etc ... while the smaller screen you can use to chat for example.