US Customs and Border Protection defends its seizure of OnePlus Buds

15 September 2020
What was thought to be a silly mistake might cause more tension between the US and China.

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The Airpods look like regular earphones with their cable cut. How could you stop importing products which follow the same principle?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020Are you saying that Chinese companies don't copy and s... moreBluetooth headphones and earbuds been around long before Apple, What Apple did was to copy others, making them popular since once Apple does it... The trendies starts to say its cool! Before that BT headphones were for lame nerds ONLY! Now its for everyone thanks to Apple but they copied others so the argument is still mute.

Ok, then Apple needs to pay big time stilling xerox software for the first iPhone and stilling design prototype from Sony for the first iPhone!
Do you remember the scandal between Samsung and Apple? When Apple was forced by court to write on every publicity spot they had at that time informing people the software and design are from other companies!!

  • Anonymous

USA being a typical karen here

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 15 Sep 2020While OnePlus Buds were clearly designed around Apple'... moreWait that's illegal!
You can't apply logic when they are trying to hide their mistakes

Nick Tagataka, 15 Sep 2020While OnePlus Buds were clearly designed around Apple'... moreYou are perfectly right. Nicely said
Not gonna end good for americs is my guess

  • Abba dabba

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020Why does US even have elections? Jsut make he present Apple... moreYou mean the same way how Pony Ma (Tencent) & Huawei CEO control Ch!na ?!

They're not even perfectly look alikes

  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 15 Sep 2020Once again US shows their ugly foolish face. And just arou... moreAre you saying that Chinese companies don't copy and steal technology?

Maybe if you spent millions on developing a product, only to have the market flooded with cheap lookalikes six months after you went to market, you'd have a different opinion.

Let's wait and see how this develops.

  • Anonymous

Why does US even have elections? Jsut make he present Apple CEO president and Amazon CEO VP. They run the country anyway.

Like how tf you get customs to enforce copyright infringement on IP of another entire company?

right always, 15 Sep 2020American Tech copied by some Chinese Co...! nothing New hereNoting new, another chinese company down the radar

While OnePlus Buds were clearly designed around Apple's AirPods, the confiscation was still completely unjustifiable.

1. The term "Counterfeit" is used for products that was made in exact imitation of others with clear intention to trick people into thinking that they are the original. This one literally said "OnePlus Buds" on the box with a red scheme and the company's logo printed on it, and even had an image of the actual earphones that clearly shows that this is not AirPods.

2. This product has been sold in the US market for quite a while now. What's the point for the Border Protection of doing this crap now?

3. Apple never, even once, sued OnePlus for releasing and selling this product worldwide, and they could've done it if there was need of it. Why? Because there's no IP infringement involved whatsoever. "A earphone with a white tube sticking out of the main body" is way too generic to register trademarks on.

So in the end, it feels like CBP is simply doubling down on their ignorance. What's even worse is that instead of apologising for their mistake, they are now trying to persuade people (including millions of tech enthusiasts who probably know those two brands and understand the situation better than whoever the person post the initial tweet) that what they did was valid. Ha, pathetic.

  • Anonymous

They also seize replacement batteries for Apple products, especially when they have an Apple logo, but nowadays even without a logo. Apple is fighting right to repair, as well as competition..

redmi5a, 15 Sep 2020So, according to them, there should be only one company/man... moreYeah Motorola is the only one who can make phones. Intel is the only CPU firm.

America is trying really hard to make enemies all over the world.
They need to chill.
The world doesnt spin around America.

So, according to them, there should be only one company/manufacturer who makes a device of a particular type i.e. if Toshiba makes the first device that looks like a laptop, no other company is allowed to make laptops. If Motorola makes the first phone, no other company is allowed to make phones.

This is dumb.

  • Anonymous

There are kind of people who think TWS earphone means AirPods. When I showed my oppo o-free to one of my friends, he said "that's an AirPods". Oppo o-free doesn't even look similar in any way. I can't believe that those people exist in US customs.

Once again US shows their ugly foolish face.
And just around the corner Huawei starts up their new OS release.
If this continues, all Chinese mobile brand will stick to this I guess 👍🏻

Seems like Trump playing more cheap games against as he knows his last days are nearing!!

  • Anonymous

Thank you, CBP, for another reason the world can laugh at America.