Apple has sold more than 500 million iPads

15 September 2020
The number applies for all models ever launched, combined.

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A7sii, 16 Sep 2020Hahahahaha No....No and NoFirst 2 are actually quite true
You could check the market share statistics

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Your dad iPad bent because he sit on it three times, you ha... moreI've accidentally sat on my previous iPhone 11 pro Max several times.
I've accidentally sat on my laptops several times.
They never bent or broke.
Me and my family simply not interested in buying cheap quality products.

  • cyber

im waiting for Trump edition ipad with autograph on the back

  • iPad mini FTW

I love the mini line. The iPad mini 5 has been clutch for me and it's definitely my favorite Apple device they have ever made. As far as phones go, I'm not a fan. I like iOS as a secondary option in my workflow. I prefer Android OS (specifically stock) as my daily driver. I currently use a Pixel 3. My work phone is an iPhone XR and it drives me up the wall.

  • Vision

A7sii, 16 Sep 2020Hahahahaha No....No and NoBetter than android

  • Anonymous

A7sii, 16 Sep 2020Hahahahaha No....No and NoYes, yes and yes, Others are collecting leftovers.

  • Anonymous

I'm not surprised by this number.

1. The iPad is a very successful product line that started 10 years ago, it wasn't the first tablet on the market by far, but had a huge impact and defined the market.
2. They can't be upgraded, so just like phones you use it until it's dead, slow, incompatible - you're forced to replace it eventually.
3. iPads are the type of devices that are hard/impossible to repair - you typically get a replacement instead of holding on to your device (a replacement counts as a second/new device, so numbers go up).

I'm not trashing Apple in any way, this marketing disease that aims to throw huge numbers around is slightly misleading, even though the iPad is a huge success.

  • A7sii

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Apple owns smartwatch market, tablet market and phone marke... moreHahahahaha No....No and No

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Need suggestions for ipad 8th gen. i am student and my budg... moreFor multimedia you better stay away from that 4x3 non laminated display.
32gb? Hell no.
Better save some more money and buy the ipad air 3 or ipad pro 10.5 if IOS is a must.

  • Anonymous

YoshiAkash, 16 Sep 2020Go get a life.he's the same insecure android troll who is in every Apple article trolling, just report him.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Every thin product bends, just deal with. Let's see how that surface Duo bends :)

[deleted post]Go get a life.

  • Anonymous

During 10 years of iPad history I've bought 3 models. I don't like iOS, but iPad is the only Apple device worth buying - great spec and price.

  • Anonymous

Apple owns smartwatch market, tablet market and phone market and still android fanboys thinks it's about marketing and brainwashing people :) Sure nothing to do with great products year over year with best ecosystem in the market.

  • Anonymous

iOS Never Again, 16 Sep 2020I ditched the iOS ecosystem permanently after my father... moreYour dad iPad bent because he sit on it three times, you have told it already, stop leaving details out if your dad don't know how to handle expensive stuff.

  • Anonymous

Need suggestions for ipad 8th gen. i am student and my budget is 350$. Is it worth to buy? I need tab for education and otts. Is 32 gb sufficient for that? iPad supportS hd or fhd from Netflix and amazon?

MrMing, 16 Sep 2020Bend? Lol nice joke. Almost all Android tablets (aside f... moreSame here with iPad air 2

  • MrMing

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Same. Their phones are okay. Their computers I'm not... moreExcept for the iPhone SE 2, any iPhone before Xr/Xs, cheapo iPod Touch, and old Macbook Air 13/12 inch, their entire lineup is great.

  • MrMing

[deleted post]Bendable iPad tablet can be easily mitigated by a $10-$20 protective case. A user with enough caution will very likely not break the iPad.

You cannot resolve errors found in a $200 realme or Redmi. A careful user may end up breaking the phone without user error. Just take a look at screen burn-in (despite LCD screen), touch delay/freeze issues, etc. This is why $100-$200 Androids have been nicked "lottery phones" here. A average user won't know if the product received is defective or not.

I prefer to use a $400 iPad despite being bendable. I don't use lottery products. They're e-waste and bad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020Only Apple product I like.Same. Their phones are okay. Their computers I'm not a fan of. Their tablets are amazing.