Flashback: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact was the first to rebel against the phablet craze

20 September 2020
Or at least the first phone not to lose its flagship status by going small - unlike the Galaxy S4 mini, HTC One mini and countless others.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020This phone has a plastic back, not glass. Only the big Z1 h... moreyes but at least it wasn't as shit as the new note 20.

  • Simon

The Z3 was amongst the best Android phones in history. My girlfriend had one, and it was just incredible at the time in all regards. I wish we got more of that Sony again.

simple mind, 20 Sep 2020The sony z1 compact was an awesome phone. The size was perf... moreAgree. I wish they'd offer compact like these before. Now are too big and a strain on hands.

  • Zombor

Had this phone and still miss it ,had a very good camera storage was good I use to plug it with my TV it was cool very fast phone great wish Sony bring back this flagship !

  • Ash

Writing this on my Xperia Z3 Compact)) OMG

  • dukduki92

I had this phone and it was a wonderful phone. I was able to achieve (with a custom rom) 8-10+ hours SOT, something I can't reach with a new Mi 9T, no matter ROM, with 4000 mAh battery. It was super smooth, great camera, but mine was having WiFi issues, , the screen was ungluing and there were problems with Bluetooth if I can remember correctly. The phone had great dev support, there were custom roms which basically just ported all the good stuff from Z3c and Z5 which was amazing. Sadly, WiFi issues made me never buy Sony again. Glad to see they are coming back, I would love to have one again.

  • Honda

Again please, I beg of you.

Had the Sony Z3 compact. Hands down the best phone I ever had. Striking performance,compactness,wildly good battery life,sound,water resistance.

  • Anonymous

This phone has a plastic back, not glass. Only the big Z1 had plastic. The Z3 Compact had a glass back but a plastic frame.

  • IDV

My first android phone was Z1 compact and it was marvelous, like really.. Water/dust proofing, easy to handle one handed, very nice picture quality (blacks, and Sony adds always just hint of sharpness on their screens), so it was so nice to look at and use.
I immediately came Sony fan because phone was just so must ahead of competition, at least in my view and sony's music player app was and still is unbelievably good, best I have to say and I considered myself to be hifi/sound quality conscious, so that's why. Also simple, nice and elegant design on that menus.

Anyway, I'm still on that same road, having had many Sony Xperia phones and always liked them much (maybe not so much xz3) so happy user and not considering changing brand, (now having Xperia 1) because you know.. Elegant design, stock android with just slightest touch, best music player (really, like really really) superb screen: 4k and those colours and Sony's signature sharpness, but not one bit exaggerated, and these days very nice cameras snapping good pics.
Thanks Sony and keep up the good work as always!

  • simple mind

The sony z1 compact was an awesome phone. The size was perfect and it did not compromise on specs. The fact that apple sells so many "compact" iphones should clue android manufacturers that there is a sizable segment of the population not interested in carrying 7" tablets arounds everywhere.

I really like people asking for the best characteristics of Xperia 1II, best Quad Bayer camera, 400hz of HRR, 7000mah battery, 300w fast charging, 100w wireless charging, metal frame with cristal on both sides (Victus of course), SD865, 5year software support, etc for 400€

pan, 20 Sep 2020i must say... do not expect... its already difficult to cra... moreAgree, and I really want that XZ2C, but it wasn't officially launched here, importing it isn't really a good idea because of different network bands and compatibility issues, plus high import duties. Congratulations on your purchase though

Indeed when Sony launched the compact series, lots of people did overwhelmed but bloody hell, spec wise there’s a bit hold back.

My kinda spec;

5-5.5” full screen
Metal chassis
High end processor
8-12gb ram
64/128 storage with sd support
12-48mp cams x 3
sapphire camera lens
Side finger sensors
Face recognition
Type c

Possible vanilla os.😬

  • pt020

Just having a beer, 20 Sep 2020Sony z1c was really great size. I have been using it for 2 ... moreThe Z3C was better in everything than the Z1C, had them both, the Z3C I used 3 years

  • A

This little phone, and then the Z3 compact that followed it, were probably my favourite phones I ever owned. Z3 was quite prone to overheating and its screen has failed 3 times, but the picture quality was beyond amazing for the time.

  • Vik

Before the z1 the zl was the compact form factor , it was launched along the original z and it had one of the best screen to body ratio and the rubber like grippy back was an added bonus but it lost waterproofing compared to the z. Sadly it always lived in the shadows of the z and sony never brought a second gen zl.

  • pt020

Still have it and the Z3 compact too, great phones and still working and look as new.

Really though, I owned a Galaxy Note 3 and my friend/roommate owned a Z2. Triluminous was just a bunch of hooplah about nothing. My note 3 had better sunlight legibility, better contrast, superior viewing experience, and was overall a better display. I would say that the whites were a little better on the Triluminous LCD, but that's about it when it comes to rral-world usage.

Sony z1c was really great size. I have been using it for 2 years, but as there were no real improvemwnts foe z3c, I have decided for honor 8. After almost 2years of use, I have swapped over xz2c. Lovely device too, but will try pixel 4a now. Well, once it is delivered..

Overall, I really liked all 3 recent phones, but there is no way to get bigger device than pixel. I hope it will last few years to come.