Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet review

20 September 2020
Lenovo's new 2 in 1 is a versatile package at a great price, but good luck finding one.

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  • Thura

Rob, 03 Oct 2020Is it possible to connect the usb c to a display or tv (hdmi)?? Yes it works!

  • Anonymous

Rob, 03 Oct 2020Is it possible to connect the usb c to a display or tv (hdmi)?? Yes you can

  • Rob

Is it possible to connect the usb c to a display or tv (hdmi)??

  • bpbatch

James B, 23 Sep 2020as a owner of this device i would say you get what you pay ... moreYou do indeed get what you pay for--a nice, solid device that is fast enough as long as you do not think you are getting a little xBox or a Mac tower. Duh. I love this little computer/tablet and have found very few Android apps that I cannot load on this vs. a Galaxy Tab (Zoom, for one). The keyboard has a decent amount of travel and the screen is hella good. Charges quickly with a better charger box/cable. I would completely recommend the 128GB version if you can get it.

  • James B

as a owner of this device i would say you get what you pay for
you definatley need a usbc to hdmi / usb adapter for output
preformance is useable and so is the sceeen
keyboard sucks
display is kinda avrage and video quality playback struggles for anything over 1080p
its good for a "surface pro" on a budget for when you travel and need a pc like experiance
would i buy again? yes if their was another heavy discount
connected to a external usb mouse and keyboard it preforms well

  • chrism

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020It's available I was able to order one via Best Buy's website on Saturday (the $299 version)

  • chrism

sctajc, 21 Sep 2020It's Chinese. Who would want it now. I do want a good ... morePlease let us all know when you find that non-Chinese tablet.

  • Anonymous

Rogy, 21 Sep 2020No word about linux on this tabletIt's available

It's Chinese. Who would want it now. I do want a good quality Chrome OS tablet but none are yet on the market. Looking at the new chips and the rumours there could be a few good ones to choose from in a few months.

  • Rogy

No word about linux on this tablet

xgudwilx, 21 Sep 2020At 250 you're just mad you paid more for something less.Buddy I'm not the one buying low end chromebooks. I have a laptop that won't lag in basic web browsing.

  • Anonymous

As the article suggests, a very timely device from Lenovo. I managed to snag one before the school year for my primary school-aged son. It's great for his smallish fingers and he's been able to play every game from the Play Store with no issues. I bought a stylus and we're able to use it with popular drawing/colouring apps on the Duet.

Video playback is not a problem and picture quality is great. It's no gaming laptop, but that's not what this device is for.

  • Anonymous

KLM, 21 Sep 2020Thanks for the detailed review but what's the use? The... moreGo to Lenovo India website

  • Oflife

Why can't they make a PERFORMANCE machine in this form factor? I have a 2020 iPad Pro 11 with a SNUGG keyboard, both are superb and the speed of the iPad is outstanding, but the total price is beyond your typical Chromebook buyer. A Chromebook about 4 times as fast as this Lenovo in the same form factor with a stylus would be ideal for creative professionals and business people wanting to do presentations.

  • KLM

Thanks for the detailed review but what's the use? The device is not available anywhere. It would be great if you could help me with a link from where I can procure in India!

  • Anonymous

Hardware Hypervisor, 20 Sep 2020iPad 8 looks reasonable but Apple priced their products 25-... moreI was using a 7th Gen iPad before the Duet. iPads are powerful but they perform poorly in web browsing as tabs would reload and certain websites won't open at all. iPads are fine only if your work involves iPadOS apps. Duet is suitable for those who work on web apps and or directly on websites like blogging and stuff.

Hulivilipoika, 20 Sep 2020Bluetooth headsets are cheap nowadays. I bought mine Bt 5.0... moreThis good enough is getting on my nerves ... It can't compare to a decent wired headset.
My Sennheiser BTCN 4.50 sound insanely better on wires. It's Night&Day

  • Anonymous

Will this support Stylus?

Someday, The Powerful ARM Tablet Chromebook Will released. This is beginning.

  • atumiwa

wow looks fascinating