Realme announces Narzo 20A, Narzo 20, Narzo 20 Pro

21 September 2020
The phones debut in India, hopefully other markets will follow suit.

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  • Anonymous

If realme narzo 10 is realme 6i in global market. Is realme 20=Realme 7?

Impressive pocket-friendly handset from Indian user's perspective.

  • Pankaj Seth

realme price high and giving us only HD+ resolution display, xiaomi, redmi, poco are much better than realme. realme India was foolish us.

A 6000mAh battery, a fast working processor along with 4GB RAM, the phone has all the best features you find in a budget smartphone.

Wow... Insane prices... Damn... The premium budget phones have pretty good specs even for gaming. I have been looking closely at premium budget devices to see what sort of gaming tech they have. Because I hope those who want to pay less. Get a decent phone for gaming. Well. I have to be honest. The pro is certainly along the gaming path. And at a steal. Complete steal. Really glad that these phones exist.

  • RamanD

I love the Mediatek Helio G95 and the fast charging support in the Pro version at such a low cost. Realme has kept the prices really down.

  • Techy1249

I wonder who buys LCD screen phones in 2020?

  • Anonymous

65W charging at this price point is insane.
Apple: i will behave like i didn't see that.

I will wait for the Narzo 20 Pro Max Ferrari Edition.

Looka like they launch phones every day.

The choice of MediaTek gaming processors are good additions. The features and the specifications of the phones are pretty good for budget or mid range segment gaming smartphones.

  • Hwjw

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020Phone designs are becoming so boring and samey nowAgreed, yet when companies like lg and sony try different things, they get absolutely destroyed online by people who own 100usd xiami phones and think this is peak

Realme has spamming smartphone now since the surge of the C series and they're raising the prices now to the level of Oppo, now that it has come to this, their products are not that interesting anymore

Wann, 21 Sep 2020Disgusting front camera positionWhich One? Notch or Punch-hole? it seems both for you. maybe mechanical or motorized pop-up, but? we have better, like Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2.

  • Anonymous

Phone designs are becoming so boring and samey now

+8mp+2mp+2mp is getting lame. Should at least enable IR on b&w camera and use big sensor for super low light. But its all about super cheap performance, surely there was no word on way better post processing. Or was?

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020"the largest battery in the Narzo history" Tha... moreI thought I was the only one that saw the shiii. 🤣😅🤣

  • Rick Ross

REALME NARZO Series was launched with Only One Objective. Confuse, Manupulate & Loot The Consumer. Just Compare the Realme Series Phones with Narzo Series and You will realize they Selling UnderPowered Realme Series Phone Labeled as Narzo Series but with Same Price Tag. IF YOU BUY NARZO SERIES PHONE, YOU ARE A FOOL.

AnonD-923722, 21 Sep 2020Very impressive phones rather than the rubbish X50 Pro 5G. ... moreIf they can offer 500$ phone while ch have the same quality, then why not?

  • Kang parkir

Looks so boring, Realme never exhausted releasing new phone with boring design