Nokia 2.4 and 3.4 debut as Nokia 8.3 5G goes global

22 September 2020
The 2.4 and 3.4 are bringing more processing power than their predecessors keeping the budget small. The 8.3 was announced in March.

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700 dollars for LCD 60hz and SD765 / 128GB ?

I'm a Nokia fanboy but what the hell

And of course 9.3 is nowhere to be seen

Just low end smartphones and a mid-ranger that's already one year old

Nokia as we know it is long gone

  • Anonymous

Battery thing is too bad .... doesn't stay up fr even half day
Nd the charging port gives a lot of trouble ....dono ABT this new model ...but the old nokia 6.1 .7.1etc r the worst phones

GeeSquer4U, 23 Sep 2020Even if Huawei produces 💩 you will praise. What do you expe... moreKirin 990 5G chipsets, amazing technology in Leica optics ... and all this despite of American Ban.

GeeSquer4U, 23 Sep 2020Even if Huawei produces 💩 you will praise. What do you expe... moreHuawei has not produced 💩 for a long time ...

  • M3S4

James, 23 Sep 2020Is HMD really such a bad manufactury ? The people behind, a... moreHmd is designer, marketing, pick software and hardware then formulate the price. Nokia is doing review and approval. Foxconn manufactured them.

This time hmd make wrong move.

  • M3S4

Too much marketing. Nokia should have just released the phone like other. This make me not appetit with Nokia

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Yeah. Basic storage option will be cost at least 800. I meant news on unveiling

  • pkakki

Even if the Nokia 8.3 price drops to 400 in the next months, debuting it at €579,- here in holland will drive many customers away.

  • wongwatt

Makes the badly specified Pixel 5 look like good value - stupid.

MATE 30 PRO, 23 Sep 2020HMD continues to "kill" 🔫 🔫 🔪🔪 the Nokia brand na... moreEven if Huawei produces 💩 you will praise. What do you expect in low end devices. 3.4 looks premium and perfect for day to day usage. Nokia 2.4 also is viable product at that price range. Nokia 8.3 5G claims top quality 5G comparing to other 5G phones available now.

Don't just see spec sheet. Realtime usage and spec sheet are different. Chinese phones are given at low cost with higher spec sheet and low quality mostly. It is not the same in Nokia Samsung or Apple etc.

  • Anonymous

Hmd needs to introduce 90FPS phones ASAP but flagship 9.3 in the pipeline guessing would be 60FPS, so they can't.

  • Vikash kushwaha

Nokia 5.1 plus mobile phone is not available

HMD continues to "kill" 🔫 🔫 🔪🔪 the Nokia brand name with expensive and outdated items that bring absolutely nothing to the Android market.

  • .alpha

$700 for SD765 and I don't even know who they are targeting 2.4 and 3.4 with 2 and 3GB RAM

I notice the same pattern for these greedy companies: they all charge 700€ for LCD display 👉🏻🍎

  • Anna

Whenever some article about Nokia/HMD appears on GSMArena, everybody comes to post comments like Overpriced and about it's poor specifications. How many of these users had actually used Android smartphones launched by Nokia in last 3-4 years? If they are happy with their Samsung and Chinese brands, why they come here to waste their time in posting such negative comments?
For last 3 years, I am using Nokia 3 (2017) and I am very much happy with it. It was released with Android 7 and later got OS updates of 8, 8.1 and 9. Unfortunately, it will not get Android 10 and now in it's third year it is getting only quarterly security updates.Other brands hardly provides 2 OS updates to their low end and mid-range phones. Nokia 3.4 looks promising and I will definately replace my aging Nokia 3 with 3.4 later this year.

  • Speedy

Alle off you comlaining abaut this Nokia 8.3. Did you hold the phone in hout hand and test it, i think nobody yet, i Will buy one no matter what people say. And in december there Will be Nokia 9.3 alsof a phone i Will buy

  • Opaw

No to phablets, be like pixel 4a, 5.8 incher

  • Anonymous

Nokia has to reduce prices if they want to be in competition..their current phones are overpriced

8.3 should be priced less than 400$