Huawei Freebuds Pro earphones review

27 September 2020
The true wireless earphones to have for the audio experience.

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  • Shalender
  • Dk4
  • 27 Sep 2020

Huawei master to copy from Samsung and Apple but they invovate and have R & D.

    I have used Huawei Freebuds 2 and 3 the previous 2 generations before this one and I can say one thing: they suck. I have to activate the noise cancelation every time I connect the buds. The app is terrible and useless. Huawei simply is the worst copycat in the world and they stole design from Apple. My advise to all people, don't buy this garbage. I have used Apple earbuds and they are amazing. I really respect Apple in perfecting things and making things that ACTUALLY work.

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      • Anonymous
      • pBI
      • 27 Sep 2020

      A review about design only...How about sound and confort ?

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        • XiJinpingisPooh
        • KgW
        • 27 Sep 2020

        Phney, 27 Sep 2020These look horrible. What a waste of money to buy. They cop... moreExactly. As much as we hate apple for the expensive stuff they make, they design and engineer everything, comfort, convenience, wearability, durability, etc. These cheap asz lazy companies just copy that design, get free design/engineering and marketing too.

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          • Fayth
          • tEZ
          • 27 Sep 2020

          make the charging case in green,
          and you get Kerokerokeroppi

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            • ucy
            • 27 Sep 2020

            Phney, 27 Sep 2020These look horrible. What a waste of money to buy. They cop... moreSo you wear wireless buds for the looks?

            Honestly, I think nobody really bothers if it looks weird. Tell them these guys are reviewed to be at least as good as Airpods and actually are much cheaper and last longer.

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              • Apple
              • nHB
              • 27 Sep 2020

              Phney, 27 Sep 2020These look horrible. What a waste of money to buy. They cop... moreAre u blind ? no way near the iPods have a look again , they are way advance than apple check you tube with call quality and anc and sound quality , that’s why they are trying to distroy it . Check all the technology even Samsung no where near it.

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                • Phney
                • pVR
                • 27 Sep 2020

                These look horrible. What a waste of money to buy. They copied airpods pro so Huawei saved a lot of money in R&D. Huawei should‘ve designed it better. No matter how good it sounds, wearing these will invoke a lot of laughs.

                  XiJinPingisPooh, 27 Sep 2020Oh god! Another apple product clone? After homepod, another... moreIts so sad and they are always copying

                    What kind of a review is this? Nothing about sound quality, supported codec, connectivity, comfort, ANC experience etc
                    If you review something review it properly and I have seen this with some other reviews too they feel rushed or half baked

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                      • XiJinPingisPooh
                      • KgW
                      • 27 Sep 2020

                      Oh god! Another apple product clone? After homepod, another one? Can't these guys design their own? Are they so cheap like that? Smaller companies like Sabbat can design their iwn product, so why can't these sorry aszez hire desingers and engineers?

                        If these buds are truly free then why are they selling it?🤓

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                          • Romulo Horta
                          • Lp0
                          • 27 Sep 2020

                          I'm exciting to get one Freebuds Pro! I already have a Freebuds 3, and I'm very satisfied with it, but this review makes me wish the pro version! Thanks for your deep analysis!

                            The whole purpose most people want one set of earbuds over the other is sound quality - especially on ANC earphones, where the ANC can have a dramatic effect on sound quality when enabled.

                            The rest is just gravy and 'nice to have' features.

                            What BT CODEC's do they support?

                            I would also like to see a set that - when paired with an app - would allow the user to give themselves a rudimentary hearing test and then these earbuds could optimise their sound and their ambient sound settings to actually replace hearing aids that cost a huge amount of money, as well as optimising sound for music listening (boosting frequencies that the hearing-challenged users ears struggle with). That would allow hard of hearing people to use them while appearing just like everyone else who uses them only for music, thus sparing much shaming.

                            Same hardware more or less, just some new software making the world a better place for people with hearing problems.

                            Build it.

                              They look like fake airpods

                                Review without mentioning sound quality.

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                                  • Mmmmm
                                  • rKy
                                  • 27 Sep 2020

                                  It's not look like apple earpod pro

                                    What kind of review is this? Nothing about sound quality? LMAO

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Fht
                                      • 27 Sep 2020

                                      Nick Tagataka, 27 Sep 2020Yeah I get it, the noise cancelling is one of the best out ... moreSo true

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                                        • .alpha
                                        • q2$
                                        • 27 Sep 2020

                                        One of the best sound in TWH and the best in its price range: