Apple iPhone 12 prices to start from $649, four models incoming

02 October 2020
The most expensive phone will be 512 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max which will cost $1,399.

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6ix, 03 Oct 2020Lmao, performance disappointment, there’s no chip in a mobi... moreSO your poor shaming people here??? Calling android users broke? A13 chip? The snapdragon 865 is on par with the A13 what are you talking about? And I know your not talking about affording a Iphone when you have a iphone 7 right? Yeah specs don't matter sometimes but there's a reason why mid range phones exist right? Nord, 4a, Etc. So please don't call people broke when you don't know how much money they have. Android basher.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-947580, 09 Oct 2020Well I think the list you mentioned there is not true and a... moreMultiple studies have proved that apps crash more often on iOS than Android.
Android despite being fragmented is more stable.
The most apps which crash are the most used ones, social media app, etc.

  • AnonD-947580

Q, 09 Oct 2020No charging brick out-of-the-box = better 5w 'lightni... moreWell I think the list you mentioned there is not true and also such an "error" list would be at least 10 times longer on Android devices anyway.

I think the new 12 Pro Max will be the best phone in the universe when it releases and I'm not only talking about our universe but also for all other beings out there in the multiverse.

  • Q

AnonD-947580, 02 Oct 2020It's the true and correct answer.No charging brick out-of-the-box = better
5w 'lightning' (LOL) port = better
NO 3.5mm jack = better
Handicapped bluetooth = better
No expandable slot = better
64GB base storage for 700$ = better (I only consider regular 12 as the base)
iOS releases full of fatal bugs (battery, restart, etc) = better

Now I now why Apple could sell millions of iphones: there are MILLIONS of sheep with loose screws worship them. No wonder they could easily said "the best in universe" LOL

Lower models with plastic backs and no expandabkle memory no charging blockinside and no airpods included i am afraid this is the last year for apple before their customers will hammer last nail into the coffin.
And i am not complaining becaiuse for a 200 to 400 bucks to make a device a 649 up to 1399 bucks sounds pretty silly from apple. But wish them good luck on fooling the customers like always

Well at least hope they did not forget o improve battery switch in settings to preserve batteries even more.

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iphone 11 pro max is way better

Amd, 07 Oct 2020Nope amd and samsung are gonna make apu soon. Qualcomm won&... moreit's a win for us consumers. if samsung and amd can match/exceed qualcomm.
i also hope mediatek do well in 2021.

  • Amd

AnnoyYou, 06 Oct 2020Qualcomm ain't gonna lower their price they have monop... moreNope amd and samsung are gonna make apu soon. Qualcomm won't be the only one for long

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AnonD-947580, 02 Oct 2020Why? All the phones you mention are much worse. Iphone is 1... moreIt depends what you look for in a smartphone. iPhone is pretty well rounded device but it doesn't really have anything to make it stand out other than maybe iOS and face id. If your not stuck into iOS the S20 Fe is a bargain. It looks like it'll be cheaper than the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 but has the 3x telephoto, larger main camera sensor, 120hz screen, hole punch display instead of apples massive notch, under display fingerprint reader, fast charger in the box, faster wireless charging, etc. Only downside to Fe is the larger bezels and plastic back but most people who spend that much on a phone use a case so the plastic back shouldn't matter. Which phone you prefer is personal preference but saying that the iPhone is 10x better than the competition is pretty much just delusional. I'm not an android fanboy before anyone says it and I'm gonna be choosing between iPhone 12 and S20 Fe because I do enjoy iPhones and they do everything they do really well, just missing a few things at that price like high refresh rate

These 5G iPhones are so cheap, how come?

Hello, 02 Oct 2020There will be no charging brick in the box, only the cable.... moreNowdays usually a fast-charger in the box. Your previous ones are probably not. So if you want to use a faster one you need to buy it extra. Which is usually not very cheap.

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020Too bad all your attempts of showing Android to be inferior... moreQualcomm ain't gonna lower their price they have monopoly in android world. lmao "Mycredibility/predictions" !? heheh, aren't you already paying premium for mid range phones with 5G!? YES or NO (leave out the gimmicky innovation R&D cost)
eg-Motorola Razr 5G with midrange chipset and 5g more expensive than an iphone.
many official sources also states sd/android phones are only going to get pricier.
NOTE: Apple made no such claims.
Truth hurts. i know exactly how you feel. xD

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Mine will be the pro max

  • Arnav B

Although the most expensive ones have a price point of almost 1400$ I think it will be provided with better options like a bigger space option as well as a better RAM.

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Anonymous, 05 Oct 2020"No one wants to be trapped in the tyrannical prison s... moreoh please. The old excuse... apple perfected it or waited for it work.
No apple just trickles things down out of control. You mean to tell me widgets and app drawers were not fully optimized yet? Get real.

  • Navi

Hi guys, I have one small doubt in iphone indian pricing. In past we import iphones from other countries but now they manufacturing iphones from India but still now why they not reduced pricings. Apple price + 20% import fee + 18% GST. Could you please answer me any one.

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Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020 The 5 year update system of iOS is a giant scam. You get ... more"No one wants to be trapped in the tyrannical prison system of iOS." Apparently you are very wrong just on this point. Take a look around you and most of the people are carrying an iPhone which runs on iOS. Yes, Android seems like it is much "advanced". So advanced that it started supporting dual screen supports, which is totally half baked. Not that Apple does not want to release similar functionalities like Android, but Apple want to make sure that features which are released to the public are totally in good shapes, not half-baked ones like on Android. On the other hand, how long did it takes for Pixel to have native screen recording support until the latest Android 11 for Pixels? Even Google is taking long time to implement stuffs which already existed long time on other OEM. Stability dude. Apple does not like to rush things out like the reckless Samsung and other OEMs.

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Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020Same software supports? iPhone supports for 5 years plus, p... more
The 5 year update system of iOS is a giant scam. You get latest features 5 years late on an average. Android is light years ahead of iOS in terms of functionality, customizability, security and ease of use. Android from 5 years back can do things current iPhone can't.

iOS 14 finally got an app drawer and fully functional widgets, Lol these are things that existed on Android a decade back.

Plus with every subsequent update, your battery and cpu are deliberately slowed down by Apple (Yes, they are paying fines for this malpractice) whereby one is forced to upgrade after a few years.

What good is that kinda software support? No one wants to be trapped in the tyrannical prison system of iOS.

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AnnoyYou, 03 Oct 2020android will always follow apple's trends. by next yea... moreToo bad all your attempts of showing Android to be inferior are stuck in the future with no credibility to your predictions coming true.

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ellestrangathings, 04 Oct 2020hoping too get my hands on it soon, $649 is an okey price a... more“$649 is an okey price”
Exept taxes. Here in Europe it will cost around 700 eur~$750. Yum!