Apple iPhone 12 prices to start from $649, four models incoming

02 October 2020
The most expensive phone will be 512 GB iPhone 12 Pro Max which will cost $1,399.

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  • necropedo

I fear the mini will have terrible SoT.

  • Real.Talk

Kajzi, 04 Oct 2020Point taken. :D 😊

  • Real.Talk

L.O.R.D, 04 Oct 2020Agree, they're far from it right now, and once you... moreExactly, a good display is a gem and it's good that you choose to wait a bit as you will have more options to choose from and with that, prices will naturally fall too.

Plus, the iPhone 12 is supposedly finally bringing a noticeable camera improvement with a new 64mp sensor so that's quite a big upgrade vs the LG G8's numerous / unnecessary recycled 16's and 12's.

  • ellestrangathings

hoping too get my hands on it soon, $649 is an okey price and gotta take into account $599 for ps5 my wishlist

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020Add the charger and it is still cheaper than your Sony phone.only non-pro versions are lower cost than sony 5II, but with lesser photo capabilities. the pro versions, that are at the similar level of significant equipment are more expensive, though seemingly faster soc for those who are interested in this aspect. if you looking deeper, as in 3.5mm plug or not, unobstructed screen or not, pixel density, etc is a matter of preference.

Wily2020, 02 Oct 2020All new iPhones have same chip, so performance wise they al... moreyes, iphones have more powerful soc's, the problem is: there is not much a 14 can do better than a 865 in normal conditions / use but they cost more. i have no use for a 400hp motor in a car i can drive at 130km/h with a motor of only 150hp, and pay for it 100k instead of 30k. i prefer to pay what i consider justifiable for what i need. if you like better an iphone, that is your option and i have nothing to complain or against it, it is you choice and preference.

Real.Talk, 04 Oct 2020That's exactly what they're telling you, hence th... morePoint taken. :D

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 02 Oct 2020Are phone memory capacity still a concern for people in the... moreYou think when people buy a new phone they delete their old data? And in the world of 4k, 128 is the MINIMUM for a phone this expensive. Even some sub $150 phones have 128 GB of internal memory

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2020You are right sir. I never expected even Samsung to follow ... moreThat's right. Sony was the last to make truly compact and powerful phones, although their availability was quite limited for their last remaining devices, to only certain regions, and they've quit the market here as well because Samsung, Apple and OnePlus have better brand value in the premium segment and the rest is taken over by Chinese companies. The M1 Core is small but too underpowered, Samsung should make another with better features, but I don't think they will, for too little demand

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2020I suppose you need the charger, because Apple is not going ... moreAdd the charger and it is still cheaper than your Sony phone.

$699 is not too bad. However, I still don't agree on the lack of wall charger in the package.

  • Anonymous

L.O.R.D, 03 Oct 2020Same, never had an iPhone, been always a droid user, but la... moreYou are right sir. I never expected even Samsung to follow the Chinese brands. Only Sony had compact sizes which was really good. But Sony phones are not there in UAE. Samsung recently brought two phones ie A1 core and M1 core with 5.3 inches screen, which was a good move, with lowest configuration. I think Samsung should bring some more phones with 5 to 5.5 inches phones with decent configuration.

  • md ripon babu

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2020Me toovery nice

  • B4rTeEzZy

L.O.R.D, 03 Oct 2020Same, never had an iPhone, been always a droid user, but la... moreYep. I wonder when will such midrange to premium phones go to screen size 6'' diagonal?

  • Mayeen Yusuf

L.O.R.D, 03 Oct 2020Same, never had an iPhone, been always a droid user, but la... moreLol so true..

Rareart1, 03 Oct 2020I'm in the states... i am braver than you though. My c... moreThis comment. Haha

"Braver than you"

Real.Talk, 04 Oct 2020I like my phone big and a 7" would be my max really bu... moreAgree, they're far from it right now, and once you've made a switch to that resolution, it's hard to go back. I've used multiple phones with QuadHD AMOLED screen, my current phone has it as well, and then looking at the Full HD LCD of my secondary phone, the difference is really really noticeable. So I'll be looking for at least an LED display in the future when I upgrade. Currently looking towards an LG G8 with the Dual Screen case, maybe I'll get that instead and wait for next year's iPhone 13 till then

  • Real.Talk

mesand, 03 Oct 2020After quite some years with Android I mainly agree with you... moreiPhone's have weaker signal reception and emit much more SAR radiation than a typical Android device

After testing a few devices on a spoofed mobile cell network tower, A Samsung phone indicated a switch ( transition ) occurred while the iPhone didn't even flinch and was hypnotized throughout........

Oh and that ugly notch, weak speakers, weak front / rear glass and more...

Just my 2 cents

  • Real.Talk

Kajzi, 03 Oct 2020Now wait a minute. Are you telling me that they sold me an ... moreThat's exactly what they're telling you, hence the " SE ", now do you see, er, SE?

Big 🧠 understands code names and model numbers from miles away...:D

  • Real.Talk

Kingslayer, 03 Oct 2020Interested in the iPhone 12 mini but only if Trump can send... moreSo...which one is it gonna be because you seem to be ready for that check but then you're saying to wait till black Friday and then finally you say to wait 15 months more so what's your final choice?