Google drops Daydream VR support with Android 11

03 October 2020
A year after the company discontinued the Daydream View headset.

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  • droogle
  • Su8
  • 04 Oct 2020

The only thing they do is wet peoples appetite and then suddenly drop it all. Idiots!

When will GSMArena also take call-recording in consideration? If you keep silent about features that once were standard and that have been dropped silently than things will never change. They will introduce this and that silently (mostly things that benefit them AKA spyware/fluff) and remove stuff that benefits us (e.g. call-recording, audio-jacks etc...).

Things are going worse with each new generation of smartphone. I don't care for 5, 6 or 60 camera's. Give me one (1) good camera (with OIS) and I'm happy. Give me a gold-plated high-quality audio-jack, give me all the wireless transceiving options available (including IR-blaster, Wifi 6E...). But don't lets us choose between a good screen or an audio-jack! Give us both! Don;t let us choose between a large battery or an IR-blaster. Make that goddamn POS 1mm thicker and you can give us both!

I'll stop rambling now :-)

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    • Flash
    • xJa
    • 03 Oct 2020

    That is Google for ya, Stadia's turn's coming.

      AR ¿ 😏

      My one year old device still doesn't support ARCore

        • a
        • amy
        • pvZ
        • 03 Oct 2020

        honestly it was kinda dumb from the start. 3DOF VR is kinda dumb other for I guess watching movies? plus they only had one pointer

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          • Anonymous
          • fIP
          • 03 Oct 2020

          Typical google, do something then drop it halfway

            Izzie, 03 Oct 2020Google doing what Google does best.By starting what they can’t finish 🤦

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              • Izzie
              • nx0
              • 03 Oct 2020

              Google doing what Google does best.

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                • Anonymous
                • vry
                • 03 Oct 2020

                Will it be replaced by Chat Application No. 743754377462364347743753483?