Coolpad introduces ultra-affordable Cool 12A smartphone

06 October 2020
The device costs less than $90, comes with a quad-core CPU and a big battery.

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Excellent device and specs for its oprice i have to say.
Pretty impressive onkly thing i worry is the quality.
Many of my customers went back with complains about this brand.

  • opaw

nice but no to giant phone . poket size pls

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

joe nodden, 06 Oct 2020That's not how cores work. If it was we'd be call... moreIt would make its performance on par with a 5-core of A53/A55 because A70 series of cores are much better in terms of performance, its still a quad-core true but a quad with only A50 cores is severly outmatched by this one. c:

  • Anonymous

Headphone jack in a 90 dollar phone.

No headphone jack in a 1400 phone.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 06 Oct 2020I would consider it about to be a 5-core when you think abo... moreThat's not how cores work. If it was we'd be calling the 865+ a 12 core lmao. Some of the cores being slow doesn't make the faster cores more than 1.

I'm calling it now, the bezels in those renders are a lie.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

expwez, 06 Oct 2020quadcore processor is sad thingI would consider it about to be a 5-core when you think about it the A75 ones are much bigger and faster than A55 so a guesstimate would be five A55 = One A75 + three A55...

  • Brane

I had coolpad cool s1, that was good phone with extra bad software and support. This model will finish same.

  • Essen

This is actually not bad at all. Way better than the micro-USB laden utter garbage Xiaomi has put out called the Poco C3.

It probably won't crush PUBG Mobile, but I suspect this SoC will be decent enough in day to day tasks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020A75 core in a new € 75 device, amazingCool pad. More like hot garbage. Cheap ass phone. Never again

Good Job getting rid of mini USB

MagicMonkeyBoy, 06 Oct 2020Okay... This has grabbed my attention... This could really ... moreI agree with you. A75 cores at this price is a steal. However, the company Unisoc is somehow eerie (lack of better term). Going in their website, it has security-related issues (their website has certificate problems, ironic for a chipset company). But yes, if ever this will be available in my country, I'll gladly have one.

  • Anonymous

A75 core in a new € 75 device, amazing

  • Anonymous

is unisoc. a good soc???

it has "USB C",,,cool.

did they just recolored galaxy note10 wallpaper and use it for this phone lmao

i thought they were bankrupted or something
anyway welcome back coolpad

  • expwez

quadcore processor is sad thing

  • just maybe

square island and stove style cameras now a trend ?