UK accuses Huawei of collusion with the Chinese government

08 October 2020
The company says the report “lacks credibility and is built on opinion rather than fact.”

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someone123, 12 Oct 2020They probably mean network equipment such as cell towers. I... moreTo SOMEONE123:

Thanks for your feedback. I would say your comment is spot on. We all learn from each other.


This is rich coming from the UK government (one of the "5 eyes" of worldwide totalitarian like surveillance over it's cititezens).

Yea sure, China does spy over it's cititezens, but they know it, they dont care. Now Huwei collecting data from their user's phones is nothing new ?? every phone does that.

Take US and their big government data overeach (project PRISM ? snowden leaks ?hello ? ) and authorities working HAND IN HAND with the major tech companies and giving them all their user's private data.

Give me a break, UK is even harder than US in some respectives over their overreach !

Original-Jamaican, 10 Oct 2020"Huawei has been financed by the Chinese government, a... moreThey probably mean network equipment such as cell towers. I don't think the phones are subsidized, at least the flagships.
Huawei has all but replaced all the old Nokia / Alcatel / Siemens equipment since 3G, even more after the 4G push.

  • .alpha

When a reports/news use "Chinese Communist Party" multiple times that's not related to political news you know what it is about. It is the right driving up fear to get votes

  • CCE

All EU Countries will replace Huawei instruments by Nokia within 2021 due to political pressure or otherwise no F35's

  • Anonymous

mixedfish, 10 Oct 2020You must drink the koolaid propaganda from where ever you&#... morethis, that is no joke, every 5 years china is a better place to live. Does the 20% of the wealth off population really enjoy making the a decent portion of the 80% less well off? i guess so.

Imagine india but with majority of the slums gone...isnt that good?

Lancewood, 10 Oct 2020UK does not have the balls to remove those equipment immedi... moreLol. To replace what is already built requires extensive funding and planning it takes years to do such a complicated thing as Networks re-construction lf major equipment. It would be stone age if you shut it off immediately, that would be not brave, that would be idiotic

People should stop using Huawei products imidiately, it is obvious China Trojan horse in infiltration of info. China is number one threat of a national security for most of the countries as way have clearly comunicstic approach to rule the world as its fits for them. Most dangerous country right now

"Huawei has been financed by the Chinese government, allowing the company to sell its products at a “ridiculously low price point.”"

Can somebody explain what cheap price point they are talking about?

The P40 Pro+ was over US$1,300 at launch and still over US$1,300. Even the S20 Ultra, which was at in the same price bracket at launch, is now at US$900...even if it was released a month before the P40 Pro+. Huawei flagships haven't been cheap in many years and the funny thing is that without Google Services you would have expected the entire Huawei line to be considerably cheaper.

Just look at the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, a recently released smartphone with an unbelievably sub US$1,000 price tag and it offers more than the Huawei and Samsung flagships with their 120 theme across the main areas....120W charging, 120 refresh rate and 120x Zoom. If anything the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra should cost more than the other two. I still love Huawei flagships though as they are born fast, stay fast...unlike a certain Korean brand who I use to admire so much until they ripped me off.

  • Lancewood

UK does not have the balls to remove those equipment immediately because they know they'll be going back to the stone ages if they do that.

  • mixedfish

LOLO, 10 Oct 2020If Huawei is so great how come they aren't bringing pe... moreYou must drink the koolaid propaganda from where ever you're from. China in the last 10 years reduced the number of people in absolute poverty terms by 90%. With a 2025 goal of further reducing that population to less than 1%.

China has serious problems but at least stick to your facts when you critique something.

  • LOLO

If Huawei is so great how come they aren't bringing people out of poverty in the very nation were founded in, hm?

Anyone ever thought of that?

Same goes for every single company out there all over the globe...

  • LOLO

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 09 Oct 2020Govt oversight is good, just look at what happens when ther... moreYour very own mother will take much better care of you than any other government EVER will........

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2020Communism is utopian (implying it's impossible due to ... moreObey! or get run over! haha Sounds like a movie quote

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2020of course China helps Huawei. to think, USA also helps Appl... moreYou think without the ban, Apple user would buy HW?

Note7 owner, 09 Oct 2020Even a 3rd grader knows huawei is controlled by the Chinese... moreThat good education!

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Imperator Neubaticus, 09 Oct 2020Blind Huawei fanatics will defend this arrogant company to ... moreCan you please just name one proof.
Not the allegations, give us proof and it will close the issue. Allegations are very easy to come up, in fact, if someone wants, they can make any allegation against you but will that mean we should believe them even if they don't bring a proof?

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The Guesser Leakster, 09 Oct 2020Say that ti Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram and many oth... moreThis is exactly what the US wants to happen. Remove the competition. Especially one that is more technological advanced than any company that the US have in terms of 5g.

Blind Huawei fanatics will defend this arrogant company to the end, even when every relevant country presents more and more evidence to prove its ulterior motives.

  • Anonymous

So what? Can it be said that the US is indirectly supporting the Chinese Communist Party because of the existing trade relations? Since the crusades ended, there has been no more ideological wars. Ideological differences do exist, but ideological wars just bullshit. It's all about money. And unfortunately, both China and the US are invasive countries that are wiping out many other countries. Like a pleco fish.
In my opinion that statement is too hasty for the UK, they should wait for the results of the US presidential election. Because if the elected president has a different political direction who is ready to normalize economic relations with China, then in the future Britain will be alone in facing China. Being a politician should not be naive, must be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of making statements.