Google Pixel 5 in for review

12 October 2020
It's the most premium Pixel phone this year though it's not a flagship.

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  • 14 Oct 2020

Kwran, 13 Oct 2020Grab a pixel 4 (xl) I need active edge!!!Active Edge is the worst. Only ever used it accidentally so I turned it off.

    I am so tempted to get either this (or the 4a5G just for the headphone jack) but in my country they're never available.

    So I may just get a 4xl for a very decent deal (well under $500 USD) although I'd miss the fingerprint scanner, and I've been longing for a metal pixel for so long.

    If any 4xl user is reading this, let me know whether or not I should .

      GaryUK, 13 Oct 2020Show me some examples, like I’ve said I’ve looked extensive... moreYoutube -> Juan Bagnell -> enjoy.
      If you want an example of game or DeX usage ... simply think, I won't bother myself with thinking for you.

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        • 13 Oct 2020

        Tyrant finder, 13 Oct 2020Don't buy Google phones , every security update is not... moreUmmm Pixel phones don't have any ads lol you're either mistaken or making this up completely

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          • 13 Oct 2020

          Don't buy Google phones , every security update is nothing more than a way of forcing more and more adverts down your throat , they're lying cheating tyrants , trash ...I bought a device , pay for the data , pay for the broad band , not so Google can force adverts upon me .. utter disgrace

            The price increase might be due to the screen. They used flexible amoled to get that "chin-less" look.
            I don't really care about 5G and 90hz. If I'd be able to get it, I'd turn them off.
            Just wish they kept the headphone jack. Rumored XL version had it. Maybe they'll release it later.

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              • 13 Oct 2020

              GaryUK, 13 Oct 2020Show me some examples, like I’ve said I’ve looked extensive... moreI don't exactly have proof and I can only speak from personal experience. I have always bought phones with flagship processor and have always found the experience smooth. But I recently used my friend's phone. It was a new Moto Edge phone with Snapdragon 765G. I only used it for like 10 minutes, and I was already finding some lags and freezes. All I did was take pictures and scrolled through the gallery app. I must say, it was worrying. I don't know if it's the software's fault, and the Pixel 5 might be perfectly fine with no lags and freezes, but again, the experience did not inspire confidence.

                Will we finally see a Pixel with 100 hour battery rating ? Should do with the specs of the 5.

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                  • 13 Oct 2020

                  Fearghast, 13 Oct 2020That's just dumb. There is clearly a difference in po... moreShow me some examples, like I’ve said I’ve looked extensively and seen NO EVIDENCE, then people like you just say it’s dumb. You’re the reason we still pay through the nose for chipsets that aren’t even needed!

                  Again, show me the PROOF where this chipset makes a difference in a app against the flagship one

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                    • 13 Oct 2020

                    E.B.O, 13 Oct 2020Up to a few weeks back I would understand but how is it tha... moreThe Samsung has plastic build (against aluminium for the Pixel 5), doesn’t have wirlesss charging, has Gorilla Glass 3(!) against Gorilla Glass 6 on the Pixel 5, is Android 10 vs Android 11

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                      • 13 Oct 2020

                      Will google pixel 4a 5G or pixel 5a 5G are coming? Or else can anyone will be coming, please confirm. I'm eagerly waiting for the 5G variant

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                        • 13 Oct 2020

                        I ordered the Pixel 5. The camera, the non glass finish, the weight and the size are the reason I ordered it. I'm not a gamer so the processor is not a problem for me.

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                          • 13 Oct 2020

                          Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020my guess is that this is actually Google's attempt to ... moreUp to a few weeks back I would understand but how is it that Samsung is able to keep a flagship processor and more premium specs for the same price on the Galaxy FE. I love the Pixel line and was looking forward to the 5, even willing to look past some of the shortcomings but it really felt like an insult that Samsung would give me more money to trade my Pixel 3XL than Google would.

                          No matter how much I love the Pixel line it's hard to justify it when there's another phone at the same price with much better specs.

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                            • 13 Oct 2020

                            Rawrrr, 13 Oct 2020I'm still using the Pixel 2XL. Getting the Pixel 5 wou... moreGrab a pixel 4 (xl) I need active edge!!!

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                              • 13 Oct 2020

                              Swordman, 13 Oct 2020Why did they remove the telephoto, instead of keeping it al... moremy guess is that this is actually Google's attempt to keep the price at $699. The Snapdragon 865 is expensive because of Qualcomm's separate 5G module, so they went with the 765G and its integrated 5G (lest they end up with a huge price increase like the Xperia 5 II). Flagships all have ultrawide lenses now so Google replaced the telephoto lens with one and thought a digital tele zoom would be a good enough replacement.
                              Google's also probably unsatisfied with their sales numbers and instead of branching out and actually marketing the phones in new places figured they'd instead go for higher profit per phone.

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                                • 13 Oct 2020

                                I'm still using the Pixel 2XL. Getting the Pixel 5 would be an upgrade for me in every aspect, except I'll be losing active edge which is so useful to me. I don't do much on the phone except call, text, media consumption and games that don't use much resources. Not sure if I want to upgrade yet. However, I would prefer a more powerful processor to "future proof" the device, hardware wise. But Google does such a damn good job with their software that it doesn't require state of the art hardware. Hard to decide lol

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                                  • 13 Oct 2020

                                  The 765 mid-range processer for 7oo.oo bucks + tax, what, huh? Too much, should be 550.00 max? The real deal is the 4a at 349.00, no-brainer at that price. Besides what the heck is re-cycled aluminum? Plus I hear the stereo speakers with the one in display doesn't sound as good as the 4a or 4a 5g, what's that all about?

                                    Why did they remove the telephoto, instead of keeping it alongside the ultrawide, and why are they still sticking to the 18w charging from 2 years ago? And most importantly, why tf is Google selling Pixel 5, a midrange phone for $699, the same price as S20 FE and iPhone 11/12, and higher than the Mi 10T Pro. They all have high end chipsets (Exynos 990, SD865, Apple A13/14) at the same or lower price than Pixel 5 which has a SD765G, that is slower than the 2018 Snapdragon 845. The pricing is a mistake and it shld have been $500.

                                      GaryUK, 13 Oct 2020What do you actually need the processing power for? I have ... moreThat's just dumb.
                                      There is clearly a difference in power - there are a lot of apps and games that can use said power.
                                      I don't use them and I do not care all that much - I ordered Pixel, and I am making SOC downgrade, BUT there are a lot of users that, for some reason, use smartphone for a lot more than we do - they "game", they edit video, they can draw, they use DeX etc.

                                      For me, the possibility of having to use a limited, small, clunky device for work and games is acceptable on iOS or even Android - it's just not there yet (for me) and I have no reason not to buy PC, laptop, tablet and a smartphone, so I do not have to be bothered with a compromise.

                                      Just do not act like midrange SOC is good enough for people that do more than just web browsing, calling, texting, music streaming and Candy Crush.

                                        Battery life, battery life, battery life where for art though battery life?