Asus Zenfone 7 Pro has the second best selfie shooter according to DxOMark

13 October 2020
Only the Huawei P40 Pro ranks higher for selfies.

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  • Trainspotter

Woah easy DxOMark ! You are making it too obvious that you have been sold to..

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020Chinese marketers and Chinese phone fanboys.... Don't ... moreI guess even they don't trust because the moment someone pays more, Dx0mark would eventually find a new winner. Among all the fanboys, chinese fanboys are the most comedic.

How can a phone get different scores while using the same camera? DXO wants us to believe P40 Pro selfie cam is better than Zenfone Main? Maybe what DXO wants in selfie is smooth beautified artifical looking selfies

Svalden, 14 Oct 2020Dxomark is always lies, i have huawei p40 pro, and selfie c... moreAgreed, every selfie camera sucks in low light video.

  • Carol

I can't believe we are in 2020 and people still talk about selfie...

  • Anonymous

Are you guys still believing DXOmark. Please grow up Guys. Dxomark is a lie

  • Boggy-Stefy

Insta girls approve this post.

Who does really care about DxOMark?

Hahaha , sadly they couldn't even beat a selfie cam with their main ... Guess last years Zenfone was good for kicking Huawei in the butt to make a better selfie cam :D

PS: Think i can count on both hands the amount of times i used my selfie cam in the last 10 years :D

kanaaka, 14 Oct 2020so.... the p40 pro front camera is better than zenfone 7 pr... moreprobably, then also, the new zenfone is the worst rear camera from high end phones of 2020 since it can't beat the no. 1 selfie camera.

  • thejamesarnold

So it means the selfie camera of the Mate 40 is better than the main camera of Asus? lol

kanaaka, 14 Oct 2020so.... the p40 pro front camera is better than zenfone 7 pr... moreThey use different criteria for rear and front camera test scores.

  • Tchtech

👑Huawei P40 pro the camera king of smartphones 👑

so.... the p40 pro front camera is better than zenfone 7 pro rear camera..

I saw the samples and I must say, I was left disappointed.
The problem is that ASUS' software processing is still too "dumb". Oversharpening is making people's faces look uglier than they really are, the noise is obvious in many well lit scenes, and there was also one case where the person's face looks unnaturally hazy whereas S20 Ultra and P40 Pro look much clearer. It's a great selfie camera overall, but the reason why it managed to score so high was purely because they used a large sensor.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 14 Oct 2020who trusts dxomark? Chinese marketers and Chinese phone fanboys.... Don't make me stating the obvious

who trusts dxomark?

  • Anonymous

Why the scores of the selfie and main camera are different when it's the same camera???

  • Buaha

Huawei P40 Pro - single front camera: 32 MP, f/2.2, 26mm (wide), 1/2.8", 0.8µm, AF

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro - triple rotating cameras:
64 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/1.72", 0.8µm, PDAF, OIS
8 MP, f/2.4, 80mm (telephoto), PDAF, OIS, 3x optical zoom
12 MP, f/2.2, 113˚, 17mm (ultrawide), 1/2.55", 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF

It's clear as night & day Asus and their rotating 3 on demand cameras are the WINNERS here...

  • Svalden

Dxomark is always lies, i have huawei p40 pro, and selfie camera is not that good. Especially front videos is very poor and lack in detail if you shoot on medium lowlight. And asus zenfone 7 using main camera and still behind huawei p40 pro? Absolutely not