Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini are official with OLED displays, 5G

13 October 2020
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are here - A14 Bionic, OLED screens, 5G and better cameras.

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  • Maryann rose

I just want to say I went through Apple now for over 10 years when the very first come out I have been true to the Apple phone I don’t like any other phone that an Apple phone I just feel like Apple and boosted me wrong this time Apple told me loose can order my phone and it would be unlocked so did the soooo when I got a food boost it was locked in the booze they told me how to use Boost mobile for a year Apple once I got my phone I told Apple what they did I told both what they weren’t supposed to do neither one of them will fix my problem they just kept saying it was apples for boost kept saying Curity year and they will unlock it I didn’t want to go to boost it don’t work for the boost Apple kept saying will unlock it boost kept saying that unlock it neither one of them has fix the problem I just feel like both of themHas done me wrong I still have the phone it don’t even work boots don’t even have five gig to make it work it’s just a pretty little ornament because it’s junk I can’t even use the phone I’ve got Apple I called Boost been on the phone with him for hours in either one will fix my problem which I don’t think is right at all

FU apple with your bullshits, no cbarger no heaphones you got to be kidding right? How even anyone can consider this garbage as a phone???

  • p360

Finally the right design for iPhone. I have been using SE (1st version) for 4 years... Job well done. This was my dream of the SE (2nd gen) not this junk iPhone 8 with new internals ...

  • Rammer

Pines95, 14 Oct 2020Apple is disappointing. Thats not a good business stratergy... moreActually, it’s a brilliant business strategy. They save cost on the charger and headphones and can reduce the price point of the device and make more profits on each sale. They packaging costs will go down as well. They will also resuce an insane amount of waste, which a lot of people care about. Very, very few people don’t actually own a USB charger brick now a day and they are pushing customers towards wireless headphones, which is better for their business. So from a business point of view Apple remains one of the best run and most profitable companies of all time.

  • Phoneguy

Wait till next year to see all the other manufacturers follow suit with Apple and stop packing the chargers in their phones too.

  • Mozay

They removed headphone jacks to sell AirPods...
They removed charger bricks to sell MagSafe chargers...
They give you a usb-c to lighting cable, when all previous chargers where usb-a to lighting.
Apple always short changing customers and all the apple fan boys & fan girls foolishly justify these absurd moves because Apple Almighty is the best thing ever.
They all about profits and selling new products increasing the "apple eco-system" thus profits.

  • Stinger27

Truly sad to see Apple getting away with this con. EU should put a stop to this. They can reduce packaging without removing items. Also people will then have to buy the chargers and earbuds at extra cost and extra packaging. So no wall charger, no earbuds but price is still the same. Seems the environment is helping Apple fill up their pockets even more...

  • Pines95

Belly, 14 Oct 2020I can't believe we have to buy the charger and the ear... moreApple is disappointing. Thats not a good business stratergy. Charger and earpods should come with a phone

  • Belly

Larry k , 14 Oct 2020How can I pre order and been delivered to me here in China ?I can't believe we have to buy the charger and the earphones😭😭😭So sad

MrDang, 14 Oct 2020Don't listen to this guy. I had a S10 Exynos before S2... moreU guys have to stop the estimate , iPhone 12 line is the beast

Shiny Dave, 14 Oct 2020Also British (Wales) and feel like this convinced me that i... moreSome people claim that they have zero issues with them but also refuse to believe that there may be inconsistency or quality control problems.

Don't believe only one person's experience with exynos imo, some people are fine with it, other people like me have a terrible experience with it. I guess it's luck of the draw? Who knows... All I know is that I've consistently had a better experience with Snapdragon chips, except the infamous SD808 and 810 of course.

  • Shiny Dave

PaintNinja, 14 Oct 2020I live in England, the phone is always kept away from direc... moreAlso British (Wales) and feel like this convinced me that if I'm upgrading from my A70 and its SD675 any time soon, the only Samsung option from recent years is the S20 FE 5G (or the A90 5G I guess, that was almost the one I got to start with but the A70 had a Black Friday sale on). I knew Exynos chips were bad lately, didn't know they were THAT bad.

  • Larry k

How can I pre order and been delivered to me here in China ?

  • apple android fan

If you are going to upgrade from something like iphone 7 then this iphone 12 sounds great. Other than that i don't think its worth upgrading knowing that the only added advantage is minor improvements in camera department and some improvement in processing power and new features like 5g and lidar sensor. However if you wait till next year then you will be able to upgrade to a more complete package possibly including 120hz display and probable under display face id and most importantly usb c as they are axing chargers in the box due to environmental concerns.
When compared to android world there are very cost effective alternatives for what apple has to offer.

DroidBoye, 14 Oct 2020Stuttering when the phone is warm means that the phone is t... moreI live in England, the phone is always kept away from direct sunlight and I even go as far as to put an amd stock cooler (with thermal paste wiped off and fan disconnected, obviously) on top of the phone whenever it's charging. I even make sure it's not in any case or anything like that which could trap heat.

This phone can get really damn hot when charging and running and warm just under light loads like opening a few apps. Just typing this now my hands are getting a bit sweaty because my phone is so warm - my hands/fingers are usually abnormally cold compared to the rest of my body and never sweat outside of using my phone.

If it is thermal throttling so often, the chip is being clocked far too high for its manufacturing process which wouldn't surprise me based on the chip specs. Jailbreaking to attempt to fix the phone is an unreasonable ask.

Regarding battery, it's in good condition and I rarely ever charge my phone overnight - instead vouching for keeping the phone roughly around half charge throughout the day or at the very least not above 80% or below 20%.

I'm not the problem, the phone is. No other phone has been like this and I've owned a lot of phones over the years.

iOS Never Again, 14 Oct 2020I don't think there are any quality control issues. T... moreIf Exynos really was as great as Snapdragon at the same price, do you really think so many people would be complaining about it? Of course not, it's not entirely a hate train, there's lots of people who are genuinely disappointed by it and rightfully so - you're often charged more for what is branded as the same phone however you get worse battery life, worse performance, more severe thermal throttling and bad usability bugs like I described compared to the Snapdragon model.

Software updates help, sure, however you can't simultaneously overcome the performance, battery and thermal limitations of a physically less dense Samsung "8nm" process. If you could, Intel would be releasing similar magical firmware updates to their desktop chips to stay ahead of AMD, which obviously doesn't happen.

MrDang, 14 Oct 2020Don't listen to this guy. I had a S10 Exynos before S2... moreMoving from a Nokia 8.1 to an S10 w/ Exynos I can confirm a similar experience, wish I never got this phone. :(

SD710 performing similarly or better than the Exynos S10 in certain scenarios despite the big price differences is just embarrassing. Not talking about benchmarks here, just real world usage and my experience with both phones. Only things I like about my s10 are the oled screen and speakers, the rest feels like a step back compared to the Nokia. :/

  • Anonymous

I hope the mini sells well and android phone makers follow suit. I'd be really down for a flagship killer of that size from lesser known android brands.

  • Anonymous

I want the 12 mini

  • MrDang

PaintNinja, 14 Oct 2020Your first point suggests that Samsung Exynos' quality... moreDon't listen to this guy. I had a S10 Exynos before S20 FE 5G and I can tell you that there are several bottlenecks with opening apps. Battery life is also over the top. A software fix improves but it's just handicapped by the chipset. App loading times are a bit longer than either my iPhone or current Samsung.