Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini are official with OLED displays, 5G

13 October 2020
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are here - A14 Bionic, OLED screens, 5G and better cameras.

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DrakeX, 13 Oct 202012 Mini is interesting in many ways. It's SMOL or supe... moreI had the galaxy alpha , loved that little phone!!

  • Anonymous

Smaller phone looks cute but with same internals how will the battery cope...
Also once past the cute factor, people will wish the screen was a tad bigger

Mini is the best! Great size for the people who doesn't want modern tablets we all call smartphones these days in their hands. But that notch... Basicly, it is a 5 inch smartphone. I would like Apple to make some sort of a premium midranger with Mini's body and previus generation of bionic chip with lower price, let's call it iPhone SE 2021...

So really, THE ONLY reason you want vanilla 12 is that it has a larger screen, that's it. Everything else is exactly the same.

I am a total sucker for small-sized smartphones, so the 12 mini is definitely my choice between the two.

  • Anonymous

XRT10, 14 Oct 2020Worth getting it at 70K , are you serious bro..Actually the 128gb version costs 75k. In the price range samsung has Note 20 and S20 series, all with 4g. IPhone 12 has a better camera with nice aperture, better lens and a ultra wide camera. I always wanted a compact phone meant to be used just as phone. Little tweaking here and there and it should improve battery little bit.

  • MYO

How about refresh rate?

PaintNinja, 14 Oct 2020Your first point suggests that Samsung Exynos' quality... moreI don't think there are any quality control issues.
The phone is older. We dont know what software version other guys are on.
For example, My note 9 was running even faster than before after one ui 2.5 update.

Besides, certain slow downs can be fixed by a simple restart of the phone if it had above 300-400hrs of uptime.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020Well the iPhone 12 mini is a super star indeed. India pric... moreWorth getting it at 70K , are you serious bro..

  • Arbiter

Apple Talks about by removing charger , they save million tonnes of CO2 etc etc. But think this. Generally apple users use low power chargers which , although charge slowly, save the battery from degradation over time , like in a period of 3-4 yrs of usage. But now people have to buy new chargers. They definitely will buy high power quick chargers. And that habit of putting phone on charge overnight. SO these will definitely degrade the battery , more than the old slow charger. That'll lead to more battery replacements or even phone replacement , quicker and sooner than before. Now Apple should be asked about the carbon footprint.

With no more small flagships left, the iPhone 12 mini has a sweet-spot to fill. A brilliant move from Apple. Kudos.

  • yz

avwvwvwvwv, 14 Oct 2020Same here in South Asia. People want their newer phone ... moreNah, I'm from South East Asia too, but buying a smaller phone doesn't mean I'm downgrading and having a big phone is not my ideal choice because it is so heavy. I bought big phones because I have no other choice in the market. Provided that now Apple and Samsung comes out with their small phone solution, I'm actually going to go for it. I buy a phone for myself, not for others to see. They can judge but I'm still gonna buy a small phone.

No Charger in box! Repeat Iphone 4S design again! Haha. How long apple will live without Steve Jobs.

  • ILoveEeEe

It would be sad if the phone don't cover mnwave signal 📶 in the region

avwvwvwvwv, 14 Oct 2020Same here in South Asia. People want their newer phone ... more> Small phones are considered cheap and outdated.

Never. When you become conscious of life, it's the other way around.

  • Sam

I jst lov it

PaintNinja, 14 Oct 2020S10 owner here. When the battery's very low or when th... moreStuttering when the phone is warm means that the phone is thermal-throttling and it's mainly based on the temps produced by the phone during high workload or from heat from external sources like direct sunlight or you live in a place with already high ambient temp or the combination of the three.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020Never going to happen. 1) except Samsung, LG and Motoro... moreSame here in South Asia.

People want their newer phone to be bigger than their last phone. Small phones are considered cheap and outdated. If someone finds out that you have a small phone they will ask you why you made such a weird decision and then tell you that you should’ve gone for a bigger phone anyway.

  • dsf

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020If the mini were 300, I'd get onetheir margin would only be like 30% then haha.. joking but its true their margins are huuge

PaintNinja, 14 Oct 2020Your first point suggests that Samsung Exynos' quality... moreDownclocking is normal on low battery state. If they don't do such measure, the alternative is an abrupt and sudden shutdown when the SoC tries to get full power while the battery is low, voltage will drop and the BMS will just cut-off power independently. I'm sure there are warnings for you to charge the phone when the battery is low way before the phone goes into auto downclocking state.

Davy Jones, 14 Oct 2020USB 2.0 in 2020 seriously apple😲That's one way they keep the cost low and profit even higher given iPhone's pricepoints were already on the expensive side. Plus Apple wants their users to engage with their paid cloud services as much as possible so having USB 2.0 is "justified" given Apple's business tactic but not necessarily a "pro-consumer" move for the side of whomever buys one.