One UI 3.0 beta for Galaxy S20 series now available in Germany

14 October 2020
The beta was previously exclusive to South Korea and the US.

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  • 20 Oct 2020

MrDang, 14 Oct 2020Hope Samsung gives a patch to the S20 FE. Mine has touchscr... moreAgree, NO ONE should be buying this phone and spending their hard earned cash until Samsung addresses the pervasively defective screens.

Youtube video demonstrating the issue:

The reddit and samsung user forums are on fire about this issue. Shame on Samsung for cutting corners on such an important part of the device and for lousy Quality Control for what is a 700 dollar product.

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    • 14 Oct 2020

    Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020What about UAE?Well, wait for it, or, what is special about UAE? Does Samsung sell most of its devices there? Or what?

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      • MrDang
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      • 14 Oct 2020

      Hope Samsung gives a patch to the S20 FE. Mine has touchscreen issues (a bug also mentioned in Android Authority). This happens when typing with the keyboard and playing games, irrespective which refresh rate the phone is set (I mostly use 60Hz)

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        • 14 Oct 2020

        What about UAE?