OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei officially announces he is leaving the company

17 October 2020
In his farewell post, Pei says he hopes to be able to catch up with family and friends with his time off.

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J. , 17 Oct 2020Narzo and IQOO are not sub brandsiQoo already a sub brand in India and Narzo soon to be...

  • Kuba

Just dont buy Chinese phones, period. I live in China myself ( i'm from Europe ) and using Samsung only. No spying software and made in South Korea. I would never never buy any sh*tty brand like oppo. after one yer you will never gat any update from cheap chinese manufacturers because they release hundreds of models each year.

  • gorpalm

kupfernigk, 17 Oct 2020What is the "CCP"? For some reason right wing Am... moreActually, CCP is much more commonly known moniker than CPC in the western world. The former is used almost exclusively in English language publications of all political and economic persuasions. Effectively they're interchangeable terms throughout all common polite and knowledgeable sources. Bit like "Republican" and "GOP", or "ISIS" and "ISIL".

Oh, and most English language publications controlled by the CCP, refer to it as "Beijing" anyway (using the Chinese capital city's name as representative of China's government), not the "CPC" - Are they ignorant too and to be ignored lol? You need to be careful what you say, your argument could be viewed as encouraging disunity.

Must say, people who desperately write diversionary comments to try to distract from the facts ultimately betray their own fear and insecurity to the world. But there's no need to be. Just understand that the CCP is on an evolutionary track - It's not made of stone, but flesh and blood. It's not the same CCP that mis-stepped with the Great Leap Forward, or the Cultural Revolution. It's even moved beyond the CCP that plugged China into the world trade system in the 80s. We can all see how much the CCP has developed China economically and celebrate With it. At some stage the missteps that still happen now will also disappear, with time, because history is dynamic and human progress is only possible with altruism outweighing selfishness, and we Have to believe we will continue to progress.

  • Anonymous

Good riddance, he's the typical corporate scumbag with zero moral and dignity. Won't forget the 3.5mm jack poll where 70% of their user base wanted it, then they deleted the poll and removed the jack anyway. Disgusting. And people who buy from companies like this have zero self-respect.

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020OnePlus will end up selling phones high prices, no one will... moreAnd people could afford iPhone while they can't afford OnePlus.

Oneplus positioning is shifted with Oppo recently, tbh. in 2020 I rather get an Oppo than an Oneplus. colorOS is getting cleaner and OxygenOS become too customized.

  • Anonymous

Bodygard, 17 Oct 2020This guy was the real spirit in Oneplus, he embodied the ne... morei think he started to want to resign from the company ever since the logo rebranding and oneplus 8 and 8 pro and onwards. the phones feel like a rebranded oppo phone of you do research, the oppo reno x2 pro even has the same screen as the oneplus 8 pro the rest being different. the 8t even has the same 65 watt charging, i mean all the charging technology oneplus has ever released is from oppo. carl pei probably think that this wasn't the best of the brand as he dreamt of, oneplus appealed to the enthuthiast and built a community just to become like the other smartphone brands in the end. i almost think it is just for the hype and a redo of the other brands, oneplus is the more refined as compared to other bbk brands like oppo realme vivo. they are slowly becoming like a samsung brand and i dont think its a bad direction cuz now they have a brand identity. they transitioned from 7 to 7t to now 8 with a whole logo redesign.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020Hardly surprised... The way OnePlus is going, it hard to be... moreyeah i have been looking into the recent changes in the oneplus brand for a long time. quite frankly this is proof that enthusiast brand lose their way surely. Technoaltar has a video about this topic with the likes of oneplus. Oneplus is now slowly building brand recognition and brand identity. before oneplus kept changing their design philosophy each generation from op1 series to op7 series. When i saw the redesign of the brand logo i knew from that point on oneplus is moving forward, slowly becoming like samsung. When i saw the new phones now they had a new identity. i am not gonna lie they are slowly becoming like the other bbk brands like oppo vivo and realme. the only difference being that oneplus is the more refined brand, oneplus even gets good software support about 3 years, they dont sell phones at crazy mass volume like the other bbk brands with the likes of their super cheap phones.

  • JustJulian

kupfernigk, 17 Oct 2020What is the "CCP"? For some reason right wing Am... moreThere's nothing wrong in calling them the Chinese communist party (hence CCP). I feel no obligation to call them by their officially translated English name. Also, many people probably associate CCP with the Cyrillic initials of the Soviet Union, CCCP, a former communist entity just as evil.

  • Bulbul

Now its time to end oneplus brand bcz present time Their most of the phone are copy oppo and realme they have no innovation like 7pro

  • Mas

I bought 3t, 5t, 6 and 6t and today oneplus 8 I am a worried that Is this phone will be supported any longer? Sorry to see you go,........

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020everyone likes them green ones (money) . don't act lik... moreExactly.
Btw people always finds someone to worship.

  • MrDeng

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020OnePlus will end up selling phones high prices, no one will... moreOnly in India where OP is cheap.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus will end up selling phones high prices, no one will be able to afford during the pandemic when people are losing their jobs, they care about the company more than people livelihoods. It's a disaster waiting to happen when, they will lose profits, the end of OnePlus is just the beginning.

gorpalm, 17 Oct 2020I wonder if it's tied into any stock transfer to the C... moreWhat is the "CCP"?
For some reason right wing Americans always get the title wrong - it's the CPC, Communist Party of China. I find it easiest simply to discount and disbelieve any post anywhere that makes this basic mistake, because it shows the author hasn't a clue.

  • Anonymous

Hardly surprised... The way OnePlus is going, it hard to believe it the same vision the founder has over the company.

  • Anonymous

everyone likes them green ones (money) . don't act like Carl pei is any different, people acting like Carl is kinda hero who thinks for the customer before his profit, lol
he didn't leave his company because the company is pricing phones so high, they were always planning to reach the top to compete with the big dogs, carl included.

  • gorpalm

I wonder if it's tied into any stock transfer to the CCP? It seems a thing to happen in China - Billionaires suddenly "resign" to "get back to their roots" or whatever, and the govt (or members of within) is simultaneously "gifted" with a significant stake in the firm.

  • Dometalican

So I heard HTC might need help... lol

This guy was the real spirit in Oneplus, he embodied the never settle slogan and built the company. Pete Lau is just a puppet for OPPO and BBK Electronics. Carl Pei probably noticed Oneplus is going in the wrong direction with the OP5/T update fiasco, the surge in prices trying to compete with Apple and Samsung head to head and wants to distantiate himself. HE does right. Good luck Carl.