Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ retail box surfaces, case renders too

17 October 2020
At least two new Mate phones are expected on October 22, and we still know surprisingly little.

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Fryhead93, 19 Oct 2020Not a clue what you're talking about, I've got al... moreThere's always gonna be issues, not to mention bank apps for example are not available in huawei app store etc and some don't pass safety net etc There are always problems, bugs maybe not for you but for general users who don't know how to sideload apps this is a no go. They'll just buy an official supported Android brand like Samsung, Oneplus, Sony, Pixel, LG, Nokia etc

  • gogu

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 19 Oct 2020It worked 99,99% on my P40 Lite, how ever like we all know ... moreafter installing google services it works exactly as my old samsung, including banking apps, notifications etc and only took me 15-20 mins, time well spent for a phone (p40 pro) clearly superior to any samsung i had

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Bodygard, 19 Oct 2020No google services and apps, fail. Only good for use in Chi... moreIt worked 99,99% on my P40 Lite, how ever like we all know Google Pay does not work which is the one thing I am refering to as the 0,01% and in my country people just use Apple Pay and a Banking App that works with ALL phones with GMS which my P40 Lite now has so I will test if it works with NFC at stores(worked to people so 1 of 2 tested) at some point but eeeh prefer my good old card anyway! c:

  • Sev7en

at the end which one is the phone with the best macro section?

  • Godlisen mwanjala

Please try to change the shape of camera plz the phone its good by the way but triangular shape behind its not gud thanks. Huaweiii for ever 🙌🙌🙌

NotAnOpinion, 18 Oct 2020Bahahaha! The Mate 40 series looks like: "STOP! ... moreHey show us a link with the Mate 40 serie, so we can see this, or did u just talking trash...

Jimbob, 17 Oct 2020Ew I dont want it!!So easy, don't buy iy... Noone will force you 🙄😂

  • Fryhead93

Bodygard, 19 Oct 2020No google services and apps, fail. Only good for use in Chi... moreNot a clue what you're talking about, I've got all of those apps installed on mine no issue.

  • Johnny

Very interesting

No google services and apps, fail. Only good for use in China.
Yeah i know what you're gonna say, you can install it blah blah It won't work as good and will always have problems errors etc
Huawei is trying to bring Harmony OS. It'll work and have success only in China. People in Europe, USA etc want google, facebook, youtube, instagram, whatsapp etc

  • pabli

isn't that the Porsche Design?
the circular one are supposed to be the normal, pro, pro+

  • Anonymous

That octagon.

tbh looks far better than the abomination of the op8t and note10

Shui8, 18 Oct 2020While I agree Poco F2 Pro takes on macro are more like on a... moreAgain, I complete agree that dedicated macro camera are plagued by stupid choice of manufacturers to use low resolution sensors, as I said, it wouldn't cost much to use 12Mp sensors, even a 8Mp would be a massive improvement already.

So in term of resolution, indeed the dedicated Macro even of the Poco F2 Pro fall behind every Ultra-Wide angle whose minimum resolution require by design to be high because of the pixel density and pixel per degrees relationship, and except few rare, most are high enough resolution.
So some budget/mid range have 8Mp UWA/Macro combo, and I find some rare like the Infinix S5 who go as low as 5Mp, but most high end and flagship have 12Mp UWA/Macro combo, for many it goes above with binning and none goes bellow 8Mp, some exemples :
Oppo Reno Ace 2 8Mp.
Oppo Find X2 Pro 48Mp; Find X2 48Mp; Find X2 Neo 8Mp; Find X2 Light 8Mp.
Oppo Reno4 Pro 48Mp; Reno4 SE 8Mp
OnePlus 8 Pro 48Mp (same sensor and probably the same lens as the Find X2 Pro).
Honor 30 Pro & Pro+ 16Mp.
Vivo X30 Pro 8Mp; X50 Pro 8Mp; Pro+ 13Mp.
Vivo Nex 3s 13Mp.
Vivo S7 8Mp.
Vivo IQOO 3 & 5 & 5 Pro 13Mp.
Realme X50 Pro & X50 Pro Player 8Mp.
Realme X2 Pro 13Mp.
Nubia Z20 16Mp.
Meizu Z17 Pro 32Mp.

So of course the Macro camera that never had a higher sensor resolution than 5Mp can't compare in quality, but in Macro-photography with extreme close-ups, the dedicated Macro or what would an hybrid Macro/Telephoto allow is a world beyond the Ultra-Wide + Macro.
Literally, Ultra-Wide and Macro are the two most opposed things you can think about, even the Telephoto have more common point with the Ultra-Wide than the UWA and Macro have...
It would be like putting the quite low torque F1 engine in a Tug-of-war vehicle, sure the F1 engine have tons of HP (750) but it won't do the job as literally 8 Rugby player can (and have) match it.
Here it is the same thing, okay in this exemple the low weight of the F1 is what made it not able to overpower the guys, but still, an F1 engine have less torque than a way less powerful Pickup engine, and those two sensors have the same difference, they are a world appart from both focal length and focus (either focus distance and depth of field or minimum and maximum focus distances, regardless which way you want to see it).

And actually, even with the Poco F2 Pro you have to go near if you want real Macro, that's why UWA are really not made for that, you already have to go extra close with a camera that allow to be way further than an UWA require.
But I totally agree that we need to merge sensors, as I said, I work on a concept to basically merge all camera types into a single sensor or Ultra-Wide and Wide in one and Telephoto Portrait and Macro on another for a simplified variant, both can also allow the front camera (through a pop up) to use the/one of the main sensor, only the depth camera require to be separated.

Here is a quick and rough screenshot of this (and exaggerated size model, mostly to see rather than giving a real scale of the thing, though that one would give crazy focus control, super deep depth of field and incredible optical zoom) of this combined system (the front camera isn't yet into the mix) :

The camera design looks ugly. this is serious no one would buy this

  • Just maybe

The camera island is inspired by "pat kwa", chinese eight diagram of Taoist ,just google it if u want to know more.

Ugly imo

I like the mate 40's camera bump , it's unique and cooler than square , circle bumps in my opinion , good job huawei

  • MrDeng

Seen another render with ring shaped camera.