Xiaomi creates 80W wireless charger, tops up a battery in 19 minutes

19 October 2020
A 4,000 mAh power cell can get from 0 to 10% in 75 seconds, gets to 50% in 8 minutes.

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  • 31 Dec 2020

Carol, 21 Oct 2020Ignorance is bliss. This tech is shit and will make batteri... moreThats not true, just cause you wanna mock on xiaomi doesn´t mean you don´t do any research... They tried using 100w charging but apparently it was not good for the battery, so they went down a bit. They were working on 120w or 150w too so I think sometimes you need to find the bounderies, how else would the industry evolve. I love how xiaomi try to progress whatever it takes and learn from their mistakes and listen to their customers.

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    • 24 Oct 2020

    Kriegsherr, 20 Oct 2020the way you post like you are the owner of the apple compan... moreWhat's the difference between 5 inch and 6 inch length?... Doesn't make much difference... just a little...hahaha...

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      • Carol
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      • 21 Oct 2020

      CptPower, 21 Oct 2020Finayl some usefull technology unless wired jack hole which... moreIgnorance is bliss. This tech is shit and will make batteries dies faster, no matter what media tells you.

        Shadocx, 21 Oct 2020I know it can be scratched by fingernails, as I said, it�... moreSo then tell me. What are people hoping for on Foldable smartphones if they can't even survive a scratch from fingernails? And let's not forget that it has NO IP Rating. Meaning it could severely damage the internal components if any LIQUID gets to the internals. And we know the fact that there are millions around the world that accidentally splashes or accidentally drop their unit on a body of water. That includes in the toilet.

          Foxtrot2Novmbr, 21 Oct 2020NOPE. I bought those adapters on AMAZON. If apple cables a... moreI know it can be scratched by fingernails, as I said, it's plastic, not glass, glass can't fold.
          Same thing with Huawei mate X.
          If Apple make a folding iPad it might also scratch with fingernails but it might cause bad reputation to the brand so I think they'll avoid doing one.

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            • 21 Oct 2020

            Anonymous, 19 Oct 2020The cable that's in the new Iphone boxes is Lightning ... moreHave you ever thought that people may already own USB C chargers from Android and Laptops? Even Laptops have USB C out to charge phones. Not saying Apple is not profit-making from their decision but don't pretend as if everyone else isn't going to follow Apple now. This happened with the 3.5mm jack.

            Besides with MagSafe here now, I don't see many if any users buying the 20W charger. Not to mention most people already have wireless chargers and the 5W chargers are super easy and available with most people having them. 5W chargers overnight are going really help minimise damage to the battery.

            Your criticism is valid and I agree with it. It just won't apply to the majority.

              Finayl some usefull technology unless wired jack hole which is completely useless.

                Shadocx, 21 Oct 2020Did Apple sell you your iPhone with a 30W type C adapter? ... moreNOPE. I bought those adapters on AMAZON.
                If apple cables are fragile. You think the cables on android are also FRAGILE?
                Yes the screen folds. But can also be scratch BY FINGERNAILS. Have you watch Jerry videos lately?
                From your comments. I thought you were talking about the IPHONE and not the charger.

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                  • 21 Oct 2020

                  80w is stupidly crazy
                  Really bad

                    Foxtrot2Novmbr, 19 Oct 2020You think my 30W type C adapter will not work on lightning ... moreDid Apple sell you your iPhone with a 30W type C adapter?
                    I didn't say iPhones are fragile, I was talking about their cables mostly...
                    Well, that's why the screen fold, it's plastic, we can't defy physics.
                    But I don't understand how we got from talking about chargers to the Galaxy Fold.

                      Kriegsherr, 20 Oct 2020Innovation brought to you Chinese companies only by stealin... moreLol what technology was stolen?
                      This 80W wireless charging was stolen?
                      65W to 120W wired charging was stolen?

                      Atleast come up with a legit argument.
                      Chinese are at the forefront of innovation, nothing you can do about it.
                      You are the one triggered by facts.
                      Don't feel alone though, there's plenty of ppl on this forum who absolutely can't digest Chinese manufacturers doing well and bringing in Innovation in the smartphone segment.

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                        • 20 Oct 2020

                        Wireless battery toaster? :-)

                          Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020'' Didn't you know that majority of android ... moreTell me. Have you even seen what mobile gamers do to their smartphones? CHARGE ALL THE TIME.
                          Phones with Snapdragon 800+ series. Like 855+ or 865. Is surely build for gaming. As you know. Phones like Asus ROG 1 to 3, Xiaomi Blackshark series, Or even the Lenovo LEGION PRO are some of the examples. User's tend to play MOBA games. Especially during these pandemic times as schools, or even colleges don't have classes. So the only thing THEY MIGHT do is play games.
                          On the side of the iphone. Those batterygate stories are pretty old. And many have switch to a newer iphone(With the notch). Meanwhile, on the android side. this is pretty much the issue that won't disappear. That reason alone is why android smartphones tend to GET cheaper much faster than iphone because of this battery health issues.

                            Android.Master, 20 Oct 2020You just hate innovation brought to you by the Chinese. Th... moreInnovation brought to you Chinese companies only by stealing technologies from others.

                            ---Triggered much by the truth? Calm down please.

                              Kriegsherr, 20 Oct 2020isnt it the ''claimed by xiaomi'' but n... moreEverything has been tested and we trust Xiaomi.
                              Only thing that needs testing is your brain which refuses to accept facts.

                                Kriegsherr, 20 Oct 2020isnt it the ''claimed by xiaomi'' but n... moreYou just hate innovation brought to you by the Chinese.
                                The claims are done only after testing just like the flip camera or pop up camera mechanism on various other phones.

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                                  • 20 Oct 2020

                                  Foxtrot2Novmbr, 19 Oct 2020If you think battery gate is an issue on iphone. Then you d... more'' Didn't you know that majority of android handsets after a YEAR or two won't reach half a day even if use lightly? "

                                  If that happens, that means you have a bad charging habits...

                                  I never encountered this kind of problem.. My huawei mate 9 still can hold a charge well... So does my galaxy s8 even mostly i dock it to use dex .. And my due to upgrade daily driver lg v40 also did not have those problem even after 1 years + of usage. .. On the iphone(older gen with bezel), this problem will only appeared after 2 years if you constantly use ipad charger to charged the iphone.. All this based on my personal experienced..

                                  My charging habit is simple, just leave it, dont use it while charging ..

                                    IpsDisplay, 19 Oct 2020"Even after the industry standard of 800 full charges,... moreisnt it the ''claimed by xiaomi'' but not really tested? its just a claim by a typical Chinese company. no need to over hype these sorta things.

                                      Foxtrot2Novmbr, 19 Oct 2020Atleast it proves that EVEN on ANDROID. They are BEING FINE... morethe way you post like you are the owner of the apple company. you are simply a fanboy. no matter how much apple is valued, customers wont get anything into their pocket. no need to defend a greedy company.

                                      btw FYI I am no android fan. I have apple devices (multiple) but I bought those only when I thought they are worth the money.

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                                        • 19 Oct 2020

                                        They already have 120 watt charging for the mi 19 ultra so idk the bug deal