Some Google Pixel 5 owners report gap between the screen and frame

20 October 2020
The issue raises concerns over the phone's official water resistance rating.

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  • .alpha

It's a $500 midrange phone, don't expect too much..., oh wait

  • robsi

eagerly waiting for the review!!

Looks likely reducing price also reduce its quality control

That's just sad...

  • Anonymous

ALonZo, 20 Oct 2020I saw this phone and used it in a shop last weekend. How th... moreEverything done by Google is ballooned with cheap air.

Ah, good ole' Google QC.

  • Sardarzai

Why was pixel team in such a hurry?

I saw this phone and used it in a shop last weekend. How this is priced at £599, I don't know. The display is underwhelming, the phone lacked speed for it's price point, the build quality is cheap. It seems like Google are thinking, "we are not to fussed about our phones anymore, we'll just build cheap things and if anyone wants to buy them, good luck to them".

Xperia, 20 Oct 2020Oh sweet innocent boy! Pixels are indeed made by the dread... moreSo it seems like Google acquiring HTC didn't really return them so well after all. They should've let Moto make those phones for them, but they sold it *facepalm*. Modular phones from Google may have sold well, all the mods they could've made. R.I.P Motorola (the US company)

  • Pikkoz

"You can buy just about any smartphones nowadays (from 500EUR up) and you will not get a bad camera. Some even with very good cameras"

Oneplus 8T : "Hold my beer"

This Pixel 5 with mid-range specs, some outdated features, average design and build, and now these structural issues make the iPhone 12 mini appear as a value proposition, although $699 is no small amount, but at least for that price, the iPhone has everything top-notch, (no pun intended)

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020It NOT a Google Pixel if it did not come with hardware prob... moreTrue. Hopefully it will be the only issue. :))

  • Shiny Dave

Considering the best USP for this excuse of a launch was "it's the smallest Android to be anything like a flagship" I'm guessing this news just sold a few iPhone 12 minis.

come on Google please fix it I really want to buy this phone it's so perfect for me and my usage :(

  • Anonymous

Did google pixel phone have problems before

  • Anonymous

It NOT a Google Pixel if it did not come with hardware problem(s) .. It the cursed inherited from the og pixel..

Just restored the nexus lineup google.

  • Anonymous

cheapsk8, 20 Oct 2020It may be swollen batteryThey must have cheaped out on batteries if that's the case. Like ordered some cheap batteries off AliExpress (I did that) and stuck them in the Pixel

  • Xperia

L.O.R.D, 20 Oct 2020It's almost become a tradition lol, a Pixel phone arri... moreOh sweet innocent boy!
Pixels are indeed made by the dreaded htc designers.
That's why not a single pixel phone to date looked good or felt good.
htc is dead for a good reason.

  • Anonymous

jens, 20 Oct 2020Well. No other brand is making small phones anymore so only... moreThe specs might be enough for majority of the people but those specs coming at 700$ price isn't good enough for majority of the people.

P-CHM, 20 Oct 2020We should have a Pixel Problem lottery. Place your bets on ... moreI'm guessing the next Pixel will have an existence problem. It won't exist.