Some Google Pixel 5 owners report gap between the screen and frame

20 October 2020
The issue raises concerns over the phone's official water resistance rating.

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  • Anonymous

OnePlus is much better. Go for it.

OMG another failed Pixel hardware story!!! As much as I love Pixel phones, this just couldn't happen every effin year.

I don't know why case is metal and then covered in this grippy goo in the first place. Why not just use plastic if you cover it entirely in plastic lol

Boggy-Stefy, 20 Oct 2020Some time ago, when there weren't so many options in t... moreExactly, Pixel stock Android experience mattered in year 2013-2015 as hardware wasnt that fast enough to handle heavier Android skins.
Most Android skins have matured beyond the boring featureless pixel experience.
Most of the new features can be downloaded via a third party app.

Pixel yet again takes the crown for the worst flagship of the year.
Oops.. This year it isn't even a flagship.... Just an overpriced midranger with quality issues like these.

Smartphone reviewers on YouTube can't stop going GA GA over this phone.
They will hide such issues and recommend this blindly citing software experience which is overrated at best.

As much as its not expected out of the box chances of it happening after some time are kinda
high with aluminum frames.

  • Anonymous

Go and buy pixel 4a. Best one

Name a more iconic duo than pixel and hardware issues. At this point, people will be surprised if there isn't any.

cheapsk8, 20 Oct 2020It may be swollen batteryThat's very early for that. The phone has been available for five days only and those are allegedly issues noticed right out of the box. If those are really swollen batteries (it could be), then Google should recall all devices immediately and check their battery stock right now. That's not normal. Or it's likely just poor manufacturing quality and the displays weren't applied properly.

It may be swollen battery

Note7 owner, 20 Oct 2020De ja Vu! A new pixel release comes with new issues every y... moreWe should have a Pixel Problem lottery. Place your bets on whatever issue the next gen Pixels will have and you win a lifetime supply of recalled/refurbished Pixels!
Past winners included:
-Display again
-Display once more
-That radar, not including the restricted frequencies,
Only counting major issues here. What will be next? Play now to win!

  • T M

How is this even possible in 2020? 😂

Note7 owner, 20 Oct 2020De ja Vu! A new pixel release comes with new issues every y... moreIt's almost become a tradition lol, a Pixel phone arrives in October, and then haunts the users with issues by the Halloween. They always pull up a fast one on their customers xD

Bad QC. If Google doesn't issue a recall or replacement for the affected products, they will lose a portion of already small users they have. With software issue, you can release a patch but not with hatdware-related issue like this.

  • Anonymous

samsung Explosion battery of Note 7 FE
& Also really Trash series like M & A series with alot of software & hardware bug
LG B.T.L.P problem & the dangerous of suddenly stucking on logo

Why don't they let HTC make phones for them instead ? For their experience and craftmanship in phone manufacturing, they got such beautiful designs, look at One M7, M8 etc. Pixel phones with that design would give serious competition to the Galaxies or iPhones of recent times. IMO they also shouldn't have sold Motorola to Lenovo. A timeless classic and historically important company as Motorola, now in the hands of some Chinese company, R.I.P

  • Boggy-Stefy

Some time ago, when there weren't so many options in the phone industry, phones like Google Pixels (even the ones prior to Pixels, like the Nexus), were somehow nice. Everybody liked a clean stock Android (was something like IOS but for Android users).
Now, when you have all this really good phones at all sorts of prices and the UI's have greatly improved, stock Android phones (being Pixels or Android One) are boring and do not come with anything interesting to the market.
Also, the great camera is no longer a thing only reserved for Pixel phones. You can buy just about any smartphones nowadays (from 500EUR up) and you will not get a bad camera. Some even with very good cameras.
So, why buy a Pixel then? Just for the brand? No, thank you. Bye.

De ja Vu! A new pixel release comes with new issues every year like clockwork.

Google be like
- sorry guys. Hardware is not really out strength. Hope you are enjoying our stock OS though.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]what about huge screen issue of


still unsolved
even with giving new phone for 3rd time from gurantee
the problem still exist

u pay alot of money for nothing
they even didn't give back ur money