iPhone 12 and 12 Pro get 20% shorter battery life when on 5G

21 October 2020
And Samsung's Galaxy S20 and S20+ last longer on 5G than iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

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  • Bailey

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020That's because these people are trapped in the Apple e... moreI switched from Android 2 years ago and I don’t want to switch if I did I could do it easily. As it really isn’t that difficult. The problem is Apple products work better together than android hence I like where I am and I am staying. Maybe you should look up the word preference and for you information I was with android in the early days when Htc was doing a better job of design when it came to an OS skin than Android was doing with its own software at the time. Android is a great operating system with tons of choices. I just don’t care about 5G or refresh rates. I mean I have an iPad Pro with promotion which was on the iPad before a lot of phones were getting it, It’s nice but it’s not mind blowing. But of course being an iPhone user I don’t think. Everyone just keeps talking about specs as if it’s the only thing that makes a phone. I value being creative and I value really good support as I use my phone and other Apple products for music and editing pictures and the ease of working between the devices this is something that Android does not offer as thoroughly as Apple

  • Bailey

Wow stop the press Samsung last longer on 5G with its bigger battery than Apple with its smaller one, well duh

  • Anonymous

Hardware Hypervisor, 23 Oct 2020I don't care about your word twisting. Anyone with mor... moreLife sounds so tough for you to be hung up over things like "hipsterism"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020That's because these people are trapped in the Apple e... morePeople aren’t trapped in the ecosystem. They make a choice to stay in it. It’s not that hard to leave if you really want to but they like the integration and feature set. They like the design, fit and finish of Apple’s products. That’s something you just can’t accept or understand. I’ve left Apple ecosystem before but I have also returned too.

  • Anonymous

Sponge, 21 Oct 2020For a small 2800mah compared to the S20 phones which easily... moreNothing would impress fandroids. Anything to do with iPhone and these guys are always there to bash Apple and iPhone. Just makes me laugh because they are so bitter with their hatred.

All this bashing and none of them seem to have realised that the 12 pro model actually is an improvement over the 11 pro model somehow. Although I am calling bs on these results. The 12 and 12 Pro have the same battery in terms of size, same display, same chipset but there is this difference? I question the methodology from Tom. Plus updates are likely to make battery life better. I updated to iOS 14.1 and it is far quicker, smoother and gives better battery life on my 11 pro max.

I don’t like a lot of things Apple does but it does have certain features which I appreciate that you just don’t get on Android. There’s a finish and refinement that I adore that no matter how much money I spend on an android phone, I just don’t find. And that’s significant to me where money is near enough no object. I use my phone to the max everyday and it’s integral to my life so it’s important that it does what I need, when I need it.

  • Anonymous

Oh so their REAL 5G only has 300-400 Gbit/s. Wow that is some speed. False advertisement. Not to mention that the non USA model don't get mmWave 5g soo yeah apple fanboys are getting lied to by apple.

And they pay for the "REAL 5G" not to get it. Amazing. Well this just confirmes it yet again that apple fanboys like to get milked.

JDK, 23 Oct 2020"Latest iPhone" IS the latest iPhone the iPho... moreI don't care about your word twisting. Anyone with more than two brain cells can easily understand that "the latest iPhone" means the latest iPhone available. And I said "I always test", but I didn't say "I just tested".

Yes I'm a hardcore Apple hater. But I don't hate Apple because of its success, rather due to its practice of price gouging, copyright infringement, hipsterism and hypocrisy.

Hardware Hypervisor, 23 Oct 2020Did I ever say iPhone 12? I said the latest iPhone. When 1... more"Latest iPhone"

IS the latest iPhone the iPhone 11 pro max?

The LATEST iPhone to BUY, yes. Not the latest iPhone.

"When promax comes out I'm gonna test it and for sure it will be destroyed by androids in battery, speed, and ease of use"

Yeah you're totally gonna test the iPhone 12 pro max. Haters like you would TOTALLY bother to test the iPhone 12 pro max.

You spend SOOOOO much time trashing iPhones, you ain't have any time to actually test them.

As usual, the annual apple hater period of MOANING.

Please moan somewhere else.

JDK, 22 Oct 2020LoL it's still on pre-order. Liar detected! You ... moreDid I ever say iPhone 12?
I said the latest iPhone. When 12 promex come out I will surely going to test against Android and I'm sure it will be destroyed again just like the previous iPhones.
If you think I'm a liar, you surely have a low IQ.
iPhones are not faster than Android.
Just because uneducated people like you believe it, doesn't mean it's true.

MrDing, 22 Oct 2020Smells BS to me. I own a S20 FE 5G and iPhone 11 and I c... moreS20 FE has 120Hz screen you clown
Wait for iPhone to come with 5G and 120Hz 4-5 years later then we can compare the battery life

It's new tech, this is expected and totally normal just like every other 5G capable smartphone on the market right now, but I think it's amplified by the fact that Apple are using the mm variant of the 5G standard which is move advanced compared to the sub mm variant.

People would shouting if Apple had skipped 5G this year and you'd see people calling out them out for their conservative moves with the iPhone in terms of features (they're usually the last to introduce big features but they do it right).

  • George Brazil

Since iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3, till iPhone XR and Galaxy s10e, I've had both systems IOS and Android. Once you get used, both are very similar, the only reason I have recently kept my iPhones was Facetime to chat with family and friends. Now WhatsApp and Zoom are becoming the standards. My preference for Android was based on battery life. Since iPhone XR, battery life improved considerably. I still keep two phones, one for business the other for personal use, since I like both systems, my next phones will be bought according to prices.

Darshada, 22 Oct 2020It's totally irrelevant because it's not the same... moreAhhhhhh I get it. You're one of the gullible people that went and bought every Apple product possible, and now you can't buy anything else because those Apple gimmicks won't work with anything else. Meanwhile you use the excuse of calling it an ecosystem to make it sound like a good thing.

So now that there are trash iPhones being released and vastly superior Androids, you can only buy the trash iPhones otherwise you're gonna miss out on the Apple gimmicks that you call an ecosystem.

  • ME

And 15% smaller battery.

  • Buaha

" It's also worth noting that the iPhone 12 series would by default judge whether to use 5G or 4G "

Great, now we got phones' judging when they should be left at just doing.

joe nodden, 22 Oct 2020It's relevant because Android phones have what you do want.It's totally irrelevant because it's not the same ecosystem...

  • Anonymous

Nice clickbait GSMarena

Hardware Hypervisor, 22 Oct 2020No surprise there iOS is hugely inefficient and has poor op... moreLoL it's still on pre-order.

Liar detected!

You will have NO chance of knowing the "real" battery life if it's not even available for purchase.

Plus, apple would never give pre-production units to people like you.

Not the kind that trashes apple.

Now you can shush with your LIES.

Darshada, 22 Oct 2020How is that even relevant... I don't care about 5G and... moreIt's relevant because Android phones have what you do want.

kevinmcmurtrie, 22 Oct 2020Tom's Guide doesn't mention if it's 5G SA or... moreX55 can do SA, it would be disappointing if they disabled it.