French iPhone 12 comes in two boxes to accommodate EarPods

21 October 2020
A large box contains the wired earbuds and the new standard iPhone box.

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chickiesmp, 24 Oct 2020this company is satanic and evil to the core.... what they ... moreCouldn’t agree more

this company is satanic and evil to the core.... what they fought with microsoft id who they are now. android for life. apple all about hype..... i started with them from iphone 1/2 till x... all along using android phones like htc m7, samsung of all kinds and many others, samsung is top and even though heavy and later than apple into phones, they lead in everything and yet price effective most of the times. even mediatek powered phones are better than apple especially with the introduction of google go..... they control everything about their products to hide their dirty secrets. you buy a phone and they still own it while in your hand. they control even your repairs 😅🤣😅😅 apple customers these days are blind. apple lost innovative mindsets ever since. i used to be wowed whenever i bought apple stuffs now i'm wack seeing them. old ram, smaller batteries, limited software tweeking allowed at all except after jailbreak then they make your phone crash too. it's like a cult. user experience is all around them not the customer. now ideas are finished they just keep repeating same thing yet. when last did apple really add anything new to their software ? still on "next" software they bought from steve jobs... selling trash for crowns i'd say

RebecaSierra, 22 Oct 2020What? What do you mean that the iPhone 12 "lacks what ... moreIt's outdated in every category compared to Galaxy s20 FE.
IPhone won't guarantee 5 year smoothness but Galaxy will guarantee as it is running 120hz despite running a heavier OS.

  • Anonymous

Its not Apple's fault that all of this is happening, its their customer's fault. The moment the stop patronizing company's with silly policies and excuses like this, their sales will plunge and the message will sent clear to these companies with greedy agenda's. Apple is now selling phones without chargers and earbuds, yet people are going to spend thousands of dollars on it and pretend nothing happened. I personally know what I want from the favourite brand, and if they fail to meet up to expectation there is not buying their product and end up whining like a 6year old.

  • LMAO

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020Lol I get 8-10 of battery on my v60. Apple is a jokeLooool, says the guy with a phone by a manufacturer that doesn’t even get refrigerators right. Your phone is a joke. It should’ve probably been the name of a really huge ship engine.

  • anyone

pt020, 22 Oct 2020Just bought the Sony Xperia 5 II from my provider for €672 ... morereally good deal. better than mine with pixel 5 and bose headset, as the sony 5 is a better phone than the pixel 5. would have gone for the sony myself if not for that tall screen which i really dislike (while also making the phone taller than my liking).
still, i love the pixel 5. best phone i've ever used or tried (haven't tried the sony)

  • Anonymous

RebecaSierra, 22 Oct 2020What? What do you mean that the iPhone 12 "lacks what ... moreLol I get 8-10 of battery on my v60. Apple is a joke

  • RebecaSierra

Android Authority, 22 Oct 2020This is just more appeasement from Apple's side. No ... moreWhat? What do you mean that the iPhone 12 "lacks what it takes to be a flagship"?

I'm not an Apple fan, I've exclusively used Pixels since the first one came out but I truly don't get what you mean, besides the 60hz display, which is completely understandable (high hz OLED displays are currently bad with accuracy, you can tell when you change the hz in a samsung phone that it turns greenish) there's no reason in the world to not consider the iPhone 12 a flagship.

It has a great battery (5-6 hours of SOT on every iPhone) and their displays are the best in my opinion, iPhones CPU's are far ahead of anything else in the world, build quality is always on point, support, optimization, no other phone gives you 5 years of smoothness, I mean, what the heck are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

How many of us have a USB type c charger hanging around? Mind you the cable bundled is type c to lightning...

So, let me get this straight, to reduce emmisions, they remove "unecessary packaging" but include additional packaging regarding mandated accessories by EU law. Apple (loads shotgun), are you high? Just include that stuff and there won't be a problem. The emissions from this is inconsequential versus like a million other things that are actively destroying the planet. If they believed this crap then they wouldn't release a phone every year, and could at very least make cables that last to not necesitate a throw away culture, along with a competitive charging wall plug.

  • Anonymous

Not including a charger "to reduce carbon emissions" but packing a box into another box. Brilliant.

  • Anonymous

So they are creating more waste... well at least in France...

  • Anonymous

Nobody , 22 Oct 2020Sooner or later we are going to have to buy each part of th... moreI would be very surprised cause apple dont make anything easy so you can repair it your self or anything. Only official shops can repair there product as not even random shops are not allowed to do it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020Iphone12 - 19$ for charger - 19$ for earpods = iPhone 11 p... moreI phone 11 cost less then 820 euro as thats the cheapest iphone 12 in my country

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020People please stfupp everyone has a charger and airpod or B... moreThats only if you are already a iphone user. New iphone users usually dont have any of them and i talk about the people who have never owned a iphone

  • Nobody

Lone Ranger, 22 Oct 2020Right,I also thought about that,they could cut $30 off of $... moreSooner or later we are going to have to buy each part of the iphone and build it ourselves if that happens I won't be surprised😐🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Sam

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020In other words "In 2020, apple committed to make more ... moreStop the production of apple can help the environment
Every one have a phone already

This is just more appeasement from Apple's side.
No one cares about iPhone 12 over here in France as people had already lost interest after the leaks.

More people want to get their hands on Galaxy S20 FE.
One can easily get the 5g variant at a price between 780$-850$ for 128gb variant.
It's a complete well rounded device unlike iPhone 12 which lacks what it takes to be called a 2020 flagship.

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 22 Oct 2020"In 2020 Apple took a stand against unnecessary carbon... moreIn other words "In 2020, apple committed to make more profit per iphone by using cost savings"

They should just sold iphone wrap in paper next year.. No box is needed to save the planet.

  • Peter

I am andorid user for years now, and would like to come back to iPhone this year. Don't have ear pods or charger for USB-C. So if I order the whole package I will get 3 separate delivers to "protect" enviroment ?!?

This is insane, shame on you Apple.