Weekly poll: Will a Huawei Mate 40 have you saying goodbye to Google?

25 October 2020
With improved Leica cameras, faster charging and a more powerful chipsets, the Mates have a lot going for them.

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  • Anonymous

TEtech, 25 Oct 2020But most of the millions apps missing you don't care a... moreHow many of those million apps do you actually use?

Nick Tagataka, 25 Oct 2020Only if the price goes down significantly (by that I mean l... moreBut most of the millions apps missing you don't care about do you

  • Anonymous

I refuse to let any company dictate what phone I can buy or use be it Google or Apple or any other company. Huawei has been making phones for the past few years with stellar hardware and, this year, they've arguably made the best phones available. I'm not giving up on owning this hardware just because it lacks a certain playstore. I already know that all the apps I use can be installed either through Appgallery or petal and I will add the playstore only as a last resort.

  • Boggy-Stefy

I deleted my Google account 1 year ago and made an Apple ID (because I had bad experience with Android phones). Then, 1 month ago I deleted my Apple ID and made a new Google account (because I realize no matter how bad Android experience is, Apple is not simpler or more intuitive; especially in IOS14).
I keep going back to Google. Even though I want to, is almost impossible to find a replacement. And I've tried even Windows mobile back in the day.
So, for me, I will definitely not consider a Huawei phone. At least, not in the next 2-3 years.

Only if the price goes down significantly (by that I mean like 40-50% price cut), then I would consider getting one as a spare phone. AppGallery and Petal Search have come a long way, but you got to admit it's still quite lacking compared to Google Play Store.

  • Anonymous

Good Poll! Actually fair for once.

I will wait for pro+ review if they ever release it globally to decide i

This may be the end of the road for Huawei. And the lack of Google services may be just one of the many, in a long list of reasons.

  • Anonymous

I'd love to consider a Huawei but the Mate 40 Pro and Pro+ but when they are onsiderably expensive than literally every other non-foldable phone and it really doesn't help that you have to deal with the inconvenience of no GMS..
The P30 Pro is still over $1k here in Australia as well, it's insane how little the price of Huawei phones decrease over time.

I will pass on Mate40 Pro+ for now. Hoping that P50 family comes with Harmony OS out of the box. And hopefully by then they have figured out, how to continue Kirin. If Kirin gets discontinued, going for Mate 40 Pro+ and replacing Spygle OS with Harmony.
(Very satisfied with my current P30 Pro so yeah, naturally next device will be from Huawei.)

From a p40 pro owner perspective, I never had a problem with the no Google situation, I have everything I need from YouTube to a browser