Weekly poll: Will a Huawei Mate 40 have you saying goodbye to Google?

25 October 2020
With improved Leica cameras, faster charging and a more powerful chipsets, the Mates have a lot going for them.

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  • Chu

Over my death body

  • Pb21

...which is not a given (the P40 Pro+ never did).
The P40 plus has arrived for sale in Italy...

Technoprat, 26 Oct 2020No matter how good the Huawei products. But I am not going ... moreWhen you yourself are controlled by some organization, it is better to shut you @$$ off regarding the same.
Your profile (which consequently have no activities except these anti-Chinese comments and ultra Indian nationalist's comment) tells everything about you.
BTW, I know some unemployed people. If you could ask you manager for their jobs, it will be a great help to them

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Many people laugh on IOS was walled OS. But now they can&#... moreYou are mixing up OS and services. iOS is walled up but not Android.

  • Carol

Technoprat, 28 Oct 20205G is not rocket science. That is why most countries are ba... moreWell, this "rocket science" expresion really does not fit in this world, as this world of technology, is very complicated and walked a long time till it got where it is. So it actually is rocket science. Just saying.

Back looks like iPod.

Ianchiang200605, 27 Oct 2020In almost every aspect but 5G technology...lol5G is not rocket science. That is why most countries are banning Huawei. Because they know that alternatives are out there.

If they priced the 30E less than the Pixel 4a then I'm in ...

There is no "Vote" option on second poll

  • Mohsen

Hi guys,
I think this is the real time that everyone should say goodbye to Apple & iPhone
The real professional cellphone is only Huawei
I think. Because first powerful hardware and second all really everyone needs as carrying technology and services it has.
iPhone and Samsung are both only Toys

XRT10, 25 Oct 2020I think it's time , we need a new competitive platform... moreAgree 100%.

E, 26 Oct 2020Huawei stands for its name, the true innovator. I will go f... moreBuy one from China and u can enjoy a 20% discount immediately!

Technoprat, 26 Oct 2020USA is still ahead of China by few million light years.In almost every aspect but 5G technology...lol

Lasuto, 26 Oct 2020I want Mate 40 Pro+ just because of its super slow mo but I... moreIt is difficult to get hold of a Pro+ review which I am pretty much curious about as you are.

Poh, 26 Oct 2020The right to think! The right to live! Even the basic right... moreU're not a Chinese citizen, u've never lived in China and u really have no damn idea how everything's going on HERE so stop making these senseless comment. I will never make such foolish comments like urs of how US or Europe's like until I really live there.

  • SonnyF

Still sporting Note 9 and had been waiting for something. This is what I waited for.

  • Dometalican

dvdivx, 26 Oct 2020Huawei can make good phones but I would never buy one. They... morePretty much why I held off a needed phone purchase this year. Most of the phones for the US this year aren't great. Even the Xperia one mark ii didn't have band 71. The ROG phone 3 has band 71 though in case you're interested but soon I'll have to actually get a phone with a solid camera for creative purposes so that phone is a very close 'no' from me.

Gonna see what Sony, Razer, HTC, and LG are bringing next year.

Retrospect, 26 Oct 2020If a teenager said those things, it was understandable..but... moreIn ur mind it does, but that says a lot omfg.
It just telling me ur a kiddy and that's okay.
In many years, your brain will tell you some things u can't even imagine now...
In my life US just getting worse and worse over the years.
China hmmm... same shiit, except they get much smarter, can't say this about the sheriff/circus in US...

Roger over and out.

Huawei can make good phones but I would never buy one. They fail to use LTE bands that are used outside of China and India and you can't root any new Huawei phones. You can root Xiaomi phones but again they do not use LTE bands in North America like band 71. I would rather buy a Xiaomi phone than a Pixel phone but they don't use band 71. Otherwise I would be spending my phone money on a Xiaomi phone.

Zutekheed , 25 Oct 2020I bought a HUAWEI phone without GMS........ But I side load... moreI used to try such global ROM monkey business with my Letv Le Max earlier but at the end of the day no official updates, the OEM will move on to Mate 50 Pro and 50 Pro etc since they have no obligation to support devices purchased outside the supported territories. Only buyers investing $1500-$2000 will look stupid and as such no one will be buying(reselling) without official service & software upgrades,not to mention Banking & Financial services Apps won't be supporting such devices. Too many risks & compromises just for usits fantastic cameras.....won't work for more than 95% of the consumers