With the Nord N100 OnePlus broke its promise of high refresh rate screens

26 October 2020
Last year Carl Pei said that going forward "all future OnePlus smartphones will come with Fluid Display technology".

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  • yung alfa

just confirmed from android authority via gizmochina that the oneplus Nord N100 has 90hz refresh rate


Asphalt-nation, 27 Oct 2020No wonder the guy leftYeah that's probably the reason why he left. Oppo, Vivo, Realme and OnePlus have very little to differentiate from each other. Realme 7 series prices have really gone up, looks like there's only one person running the show now for all brands. Peter Lau.

  • Technically BBK ele

Android.Master, 26 Oct 2020Technically, BBK electronics is the leading company in term... moreTechnically, BBK electronics is the leading company in terms of marketshare in the smartphone segment.

No wonder the guy left

  • Anonymous

GSM Boy, 27 Oct 2020Totally agree with your comment, One plus and Realme was su... morethese eastern startups can't be trusted nor do they have the finesse or tech quality to the level of major companies like Apple or Samsung. The reason they sell is their cheap prices, everyone likes a cheap phone, but these brands are not much more, just temporary, and will soon lose their popularity. OP has already started its downfall due to broken promises and then trying to cover it up with lies, just like Huawei did after their photos turned out to be taken from DSLR instead of phone camera. IMO one should be very careful of these shady brands

  • Zizo

this isn't the first time for oneplus....... back when they were titled the Flagship killer, Now they are the flagship ..............Truly Sad

  • Anonymous

They also made a promise about all device having 5G, no ? But really, who cares ? The phone seems nice and if people are interested they'll buy it, otherwise not...

One cool thing, though, is the return of the headphone jack and the microSD port, the latter being unexpected from OnePlus (which stated a long time ago that it was a developer's nightmare). This makes you think about the Nord and the 8T, nice devices but which would have been better with the expandable memory.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2020get a op7 pro at 300 or 400 lol I was only talking about this year phones

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 26 Oct 2020Tbh I can't figure out who Oneplus is targeting with t... moreget a op7 pro at 300 or 400 lol

Makes me wonder if this is the reason Carl Pei left.

  • Average Joe

Their customer support is terrible. All these android companies are just following Apple's TACTICS of doing business taking FEATURES away from our phones each year less and less. No Headphone jack, no ir blaster, no removable battery..so far LG is the only one with some of there features they just need to get their act together I don't know what's up with Sony I don't see them in the states. They make quality product but were do you go buy it. One plus is just producing one phone after another trying to be like the other flagships..... quality over quantity

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020they also aren't onto that tagline of flagship killer ... moreTotally agree with your comment, One plus and Realme was supposed to be one of the game-changers in the mobile industry. Now they are coming to full circle to what they wanted to avoid. You could know that the company would like to go in a different direction once there is a change in leadership, or lack there of

  • Anonymous

The graphic actually shows
"90Hz" (= sign crossed out) "fluid display"
This sign means NOT EQUAL

The fluid display spec should also include no intrusion by selfie cam or other tech! All screen, thin bezels are fine.

Poco X3.

  • Anonymous

BBK is new Samsung .. hahah..

Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, Vivo all flooded the market with phone that have 2 useless lens on the back.

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Oneplus says a lot of things that never happenThat's BC they never settled :P

Rosso, 26 Oct 2020OnePlus is becoming Apple of android phonesMore like Samsung in the old days, with OP and others, BBK is trying to flood the market about the same device in every price range available ...

  • Carl pei

This is why i left the company, Pete lau is getting greedy

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Guys its BBK in the end. All phones from them are the same,... moreTechnically, BBK electronics is the leading company in terms of marketshare in the smartphone segment.