With the Nord N100 OnePlus broke its promise of high refresh rate screens

26 October 2020
Last year Carl Pei said that going forward "all future OnePlus smartphones will come with Fluid Display technology".

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  • T M

What an embarrassing year for OP.

  • August Heart

They don't need to address that. Obviously, they meant high refresh rate on all future mid-range and flagship phones. Why would they add 90hz to a budget device? It's not going to matter with a device that weak anyways.

Tbh I can't figure out who Oneplus is targeting with these phones, you can get vanilla Nord for just a few more bucks and there are better phones available at €200 much better than N100

  • Anonymous

If they brought back headphone jack n micro sd card with first nord it would hv been great device.. n den there was no need to launch other devices.. but these companies just wanna fluid the market with e waste

  • Anonymous

Guys its BBK in the end. All phones from them are the same, just different branding lol.

Well, Carl Pie has already left. So the jokes on you GSMArena.🤣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020I look forward to seeing this greedy and arrogant companys ... more+1 (no pun)

  • JD

That why he must have left!!! The Nord series was his vision for affordable phones without sacrificing the OnePlus values.. but others wanted to enacash the budget n mid segment mobile devision while sacrificing the vaules and taking shortcuts just like other chinese mobile companies are doing..

  • Anonymous

Oneplus 2020 lineup is a joke. Each of their phones gets destroyed by the competition. Their only straw is the oxygen OS.
bye bye 1+

  • Anonymous

I look forward to seeing this greedy and arrogant companys downfall

  • Anonymous

OnePlus breaking its word!? Surely not!? :O

  • Anonymous

they also aren't onto that tagline of flagship killer anymore. appears that they just lack consistency and instead choose what's best for them rather than their customers who helped them reach where they are today

  • Carlos

Maybe this is why he left OnePlus 😂

  • neil

doesn't matter won't buy Chinese again.

Waste of money

  • Anonymous

Tech pro, 26 Oct 2020Dont think sd 460 will handle high refresh rateOppo A53 which is almost same as this N100, has 90 hz

  • Anonymous

Oneplus says a lot of things that never happen

  • Anonymous

After selling a bunch of phones, mostly with cheap prices in the beginning or gimmicky marketing tactics, oneplus now places itself among the likes of apple and samsung but lacks their level of tech. Super AMOLED screen with 6k battery is available for as low as 200 here so what exactly oneplus is asking the 200 for ???

  • Anonymous

Tech pro, 26 Oct 2020Dont think sd 460 will handle high refresh rateIn the UI snapdragon 460 can do that without frame drops at all

This is not news. OnePlus says a lot of things.