vivo to replace Funtouch OS with Origin OS

26 October 2020
This would be vivo's second attempt to reinvent its Android customization, but not much is known about it so far.

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  • sramperu

Yeah, 11 Nov 2020hahaha color os is so far ahead that it developed its own u... moreHi, Are you for real?

  • Yeah

hahaha color os is so far ahead that it developed its own unique design language far from oxygen os which is an android copy and one ui which a kiddy ui.

color os had the mix of mature ui. less in fluid shit and more in smooth transition. unlike miui that makes ui that even got battery issues.

i'm not being mean. i'm just telling the truth of all os , color os is the third best next ro ios and android. don't tell me that color os is not an os . it is an os the ui is called color os ui . it is an os because it is a modified android os . all 3rd party os are os bot ui's.

also try exploring color os its like a ui for adult not fluid thing by miui that makes battery issues


  • Bharathi

Vivou10 Android 10 funtouch version 10 update release way late

  • Dineshbhakar

Vivo y81i android 9.0 update

  • Anonymous

Will vivo y91 reach android 10

  • Anonyms

Will they bring it to vivo v11

  • Anonymous

Did they finally decide to ditch mimic iOS??

I'd like to see how different the new Origin UI compared to Funtouch UI. And yes, I'm not using the OS word because they are not one.

Android Authority, 27 Oct 2020Gsmarena had given positive reviews about fun touch OS this... moreOh I see. Maybe it's cause they improved a lot on it during the past 2 years. The last time I used Funtouch OS was with Android 8.1/9 and it's pretty much shit compared to MIUI 10 or One UI.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2020All Chinese products are copycat. They just add a few tweak... moreWho brought innovative features like second space? Apple? Samsung? No, it was the Chinese manufacturers. Most of the time, pixel devices and others are copying software features from Chinese skins like miui, EMUI, Oxygen OS, etc.
I have personally used Samsung devices mostly, so don't call me a Chinese phone user.

And Both Burger king and McDonald's are absolutely garbage when it comes to good healthy food. Most of them are filled with processed garbage.
My wife cooks better burgers than all of them combined.

Swordman, 27 Oct 2020Tbf MIUI 12 is probably the best skin in Android rn (beside... moreGsmarena had given positive reviews about fun touch OS this year on the vivo X50 pro.
It's improved and is as good as other Chinese skins.

Anything barely decent is already a significant improvement over funtouch os. Just saying.

Hell, even oppo's color os 3.0 from 2016 which was ios copy was waaaaaaay better than vivo funtouch os at the time even now color os improved by lots.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2020Is it a different OS to Google Android or just a skin ? An... morethese are not OS, these are just skins/UI

these are not OS, these are just skins/UI

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 27 Oct 2020Why would they copy OneUi? ask them yourselves, just take a look at some of the new designs in oOS 11 lol

  • I Never Use Vivo

Well I guess it'll be an OxygenOS copy

Android Authority, 27 Oct 2020Still doesn't answer my question? Why would they copy ... moreTo facilitate the migration for people from Samsung to OnePlus, UX is very important when gaining market share :)

[deleted post]Tbf MIUI 12 is probably the best skin in Android rn (besides Oxygen OS, One UI and Pixel's UI), if you spend 3min disabling the ads and get a bug free update. Realme UI is close to stock Android as well. Bloatware exists on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, etc (most of which are uninstallable). Used Funtouch OS over 1 year ago and instantly disliked it. The experience was ... not fun.

Piphacker, 27 Oct 2020So far i feel Xiaomi's Miui 12 is best & Snappy UI... moreSame, it's my fav Android skin currently besides Oxygen OS

So far i feel Xiaomi's Miui 12 is best & Snappy UI in world & im enjoying in Pocophone f2 pro