Foldable Samsung W21 5G to arrive on November 4

30 October 2020
The phone is just a rebranded Galaxy Z Fold2 5G.

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  • Joshua

I don't understand the reason for making W21 similar to the Galaxy Fold, a form factor that is already present in China as the article mentioned, but also failed big time in the international market. Samsung's W series is notable for reinventing the old clam shell design, where you flip up the screen and a T9 keyboard will be revealed to you. But it is also an android smart phone. Last phone with this design is the W2019, and it stopped there, because W2020 is where they started using the Galaxy Fold form factor. What a waste of potential.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Trash naming scheme by samsung.As you can read by yourself, it's only for the Chinese market.

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Trash naming scheme by samsung.Why? What would YOU name it?

Designer: oh $h!t Herr we go again

  • Anonymous

Trash naming scheme by samsung.

"Samsung has for years had a luxurious line-up for the Chinese smartphone market under the W line. It used to launch exclusive (and ultra-expensive) clamshell phones with Android until the Fold series came to life and now it's more of an exercise in rebranding."

This couldn't be any more true. The W2019 still remains one of my all-time favourite Samsung smartphones ever existed. I would be dying to import one of those to Malaysia.