LG's rollable smartphone could be called LG Rollable

05 November 2020
The company has filed for a trademark for that very descriptive name.

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BlackRaven, 06 Nov 2020Looks Good. Lets see what u have to pay. Perhaps like all ... moreWe hope they hatested it better than Samsung did with the Original FOLD. I hope they have tested the heck out of it, cause the testers certainly will, NO RECALLS.

Good to see LG is making a comeback with an idea like this, I STILL have the Original LG FLEX, works well as a TV REMOTE NOW. 😅

  • Optional

LG really doubles down on wacky experiments on their phone innovation. I think that’s what makes it interesting. Not just upgrading chipsets and cameras every year... Though I doubt right now rollable screen can give such a clean screen.. I mean, look at samsung’s and huawei’s foldables, they all have creases in the hinge areas, right?

  • Anonymous

They came up with very unique design in LG Wing. Now, they are coming up with Rollable. They should continue on these designs. I believe they should patent these kind of designs and use it brutally against all the OEMs across the world and make them bleed.

  • BlackRaven

Looks Good. Lets see what u have to pay.
Perhaps like all good ideal, a Heavy 2000€ Hammer.

  • Goodfellow

pan, 05 Nov 2020reliving the slide out phone... lg is really making the ph... moreRead what I have said. I know LG is a South Korean company the only way for xiaomi (China) to make one is to steal innovative ideas from others. No offense but please try comprehending what is written. I have not mention in my previous comment that lg is a chinese company. No idea how you came to that conclusion.

  • Anonymous

lg roll, rolls better off the tongue

  • Anonymous

Hanif Fikri, 05 Nov 2020Waiting for Xiaomi foldable phone, maybe its 50% cheaper th... moreFirst, xiaomi has to steal intellectual properties of LG to be able to make one.

This looks promising. Let's see how this turn into when the final release comes. It would be nice if they keep the same design and mechanism. The name is just apt and awesome.

  • Jojo

This is the correct form factor for expandable phone. Although, I doubt it will be as thin as in the renders. Probably by 2022.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020How did you come to the conclusion about low quality hardwa... moreLG is Korean

  • Joe

Whackcar, 05 Nov 2020Good. Getting tired of seeing ridiculous smartphone names. ... moreDo you have Lg Wing how is it working ?

LG Making Smartphones Look Cool Again

Been saying for years that this is the way it will go and will be the next big change.
Basic phone, unrolled, just a small cylinder for voice calls(tube of Smarties), roll out partially for smartphone access, then full roll to tablet size. you will be able to pick your screen size.(within reason)
Fold was the first basic step in this evolution, this is the next big step.
Give it 3-4 generations and we'll start to hit the sweet spot.
going to be all about who can get the screen support mechanism right first and the curvature of the roll the smallest.
Cannot wait for this. its going to resolve so many issues with the compact/standard/phablet designs. one or two sizes of each generation of phone. NICE

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020And with 70% Low quality hardware How did you come to the conclusion about low quality hardware?
Just Coz it's a Chinese company?
Remember the titanium frame on Mi mix Alpha? That must be low quality as well according to your rrrretttarded logic.

Good. Getting tired of seeing ridiculous smartphone names.

Also, this rollable concept seems one of the better ones. Let's hope this product gets better reception than the Wing.

  • BlackRaven

Looks Good. Lets see what u have to pay.
Perhaps like all good ideal, a Heavy 2000€ Hammer.

  • FarFan

I like the looks, reminds me of great G6. Hope no notches

  • pt020

I like the idea.

LG Rollable sounds delicious

btw I didn't see that coming, that dual-side rolls
I thought it's gonna be one side