Understanding HDR10 and Dolby Vision

08 November 2020
We demystify HDR and explain what it is, how it's made, and what it can do for you.

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Wow, very long superb explanation like reading a history of a nation. Even I really don't understand all completely, but at least I knew a little bit about this technology has began until now. Very informative. 4 thumbs up for u, guys! Well done..

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    • mxx
    • 04 Apr 2021

    Informative. Thank you

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      • 06 Jan 2021

      Well written! Superb article!

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        • 03 Jan 2021

        Very good and informative article. Thanks

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          • 0U7
          • 25 Dec 2020

          Superb article, great job guys!

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            • CGH
            • 23 Dec 2020

            GSMARENA, WELL DONE!
            Do it again,next year.Every week you do one technology teaching. keep it up !!

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              • 27 Nov 2020

              "Don't we all just love seeing HDR comparisons on our SDR screens?"

              Damn this is so funny hahahaha. Nice one.

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                • 20 Nov 2020

                Amazing Information.

                  Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020ivhave tv with hdr 10 and hdr content from netflix is very... moreWell you have shitty TV which does not probbaly support HDR, get OLED if you want to see what is HDR all about

                    Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020WTF... who will read this ... Go read your shopping catalogue, oh it is too hard for you?

                      OLED and HDR is best way to go. Some video games look stunning in HDR mode but as article mentions not many content is done right and today you can get good HDR only on OLED tvs which usually beyond avarage Joe prices but there is no doubt that this decade will be HDR decade as pretty much every game or any popular show has HDR implementation and things will get even better with in few short years.

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                        • Techmoura
                        • s09
                        • 11 Nov 2020

                        Just a correction, all of the HDR formats support a theoric MaxCLL of 10 000 Nits

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                          • Hx7
                          • 10 Nov 2020

                          There is also HDR 400 VESA Certified Nice to have HDR.

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                            • 10 Nov 2020

                            my God, and I thought I knew so well in regards to HDR. This article is gold and should be used like a guide to anyone who has any question or interest when it comes to HDR. I love it!

                              Mikele, 09 Nov 2020Hmm, I guess you didn't check it out well V30, V40 V50... moreI'm afraid the spec pages on our site currently showing Dolby Vision support for multiple other LG phones are incorrect. I got in touch with LG, who confirmed to me that the G6 is the only phone with Dolby Vision support.

                                Excellent information! Thanks GSMArena

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                                  • 09 Nov 2020

                                  I have a 2016 LG OLED and I love proper HDR and especially Dolby Vision content. I'm upgrading to the 2020 LG Cx (I think) which supports low latency DV which should look good in the few games that actuallly support it...

                                  I'm primarily a pc gamer though and it drives me crazy when a game is HDR on console but not on PC. I think good HDR is a better improvement than 4k... don't get me wrong I love 4k but I'd take a game in 1080p HDR over a 4k SDR game.

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                                    • 09 Nov 2020

                                    very nice article..i have an LG BX oled and the HDR experience is great..oleds don't need very high peak brightness values to perform great with hdr due to infinite contrast. especially if you watch movies in a dark room.

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                                      • 09 Nov 2020

                                      very comprehensive artice, great work! Thanks a lot for this.

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                                        • 09 Nov 2020

                                        Very informative & detailed article.👍🏻