Apple suspends business with Pegatron over misuse of its student worker program

09 November 2020
Thousands of student interns were working against labor regulations.

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  • 10 Nov 2020

Im curious what would happen if apple finds out that Foxconn is violating the labor law.
Are they gonna put Foxconn on probation and put their sales in danger?
Oh wait there is no law that is not violated by Foxconn.
And for some reason apple is keeping their eyes shut.
How when as apple says "we are working very closely with our suppliers"some news outlet who has nothing to do with any aspect of the manufacturing process finds out first about this violations before apple?
Who cares if it smells like money.

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    • 10 Nov 2020

    Anonymous, 10 Nov 2020Self-developed at best, definitely not self-produced proces... moreA trillion currency worth company can buy their way to capability over night if they deem fit so please get out of that backwards thinking bubble you're in.

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      • 10 Nov 2020

      Self-developed at best, definitely not self-produced processors.
      That's a crucial distinction, as Apple does not have the capability to actually produce them.