The Apple M1 is the first ARM-based chipset for Macs with the fastest CPU cores and top iGPU

10 November 2020
A 5nm chip with 16 billion transistors, this chip has twice the CPU and GPU performance of the 10W chips that Apple used in older Macs.

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  • ali

m1 is revolutionary in the world
imagine you can run mac apps on your phone!!

  • Anonymous

I kinda want this to be good, but let's see how much of this is apples marketing clown fiesta

  • shaantalk

Is there any way to know that how these chips do compared to the performance of i7 10th gen ( 6 core ) in Macbook 16 ?

what I think ?

Pro 13 entry level now gives same performance as pro 16 entry level ( if not more )

  • Anonymous

Maybe Intel will up their game a little again now.

  • Anonymous

No boot camp