Samsung announces the Exynos 1080, its first 5nm chipset

12 November 2020
The chipset is a successor to Exynos 980 and should offer an “unbelievable battery life”.

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  • Penalves de Lima

Does anyone know for how much will Samsung sell each unit to the phone makers? Seems the prefomance is top notch considering is upper midrange, I wonder about the cost/performance ratio... Will they beat Mediatek's Dimensity 1000+ (for example) in that regard? I wish they could at least, give good competition.

  • Lin

I will buy one with this soc because I can see this soc is Samsung truly first time made at sincerely level.I will support this time

  • Umair Ali

need comparison with Apple M1/A14 with Samsung Exynos 1080 !

Lets just hope Samsung will deliver. After the previous disappointing Exynos chips Samsung has a lot to do to redeem themselves

  • Anonymous

Illogical, 14 Nov 2020You forgot Xiaomi can easily get Exynos if it wants to beca... moreNo they weren't this is exclusive deal with BBK group for certain of time .

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020Raw performance??? More like performance on paper. Real wo... moreRead my original post once again.
I have clearly said how Snapdragon moves up the ladder.

Patience is a virtue. found rarely these days

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Tell that to Countries/Regions that are stuck with Crappyno... moreYou did have a Note 9, though, that you also claimed to hate. And you said you bought a Note 10, that you also said you hated. Then you realized your fake Samsung consumer hate didn't work, so now you're just commenting without an account... Amirite or amirite?

  • Anonymous

Exynos 1080 full HD Soc lol.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 14 Nov 2020Why are you dedicating your life to trash apple in the comm... moreTrash Apple! Look who’s talking lol.

Samsung catch Qualcomm because Qualcomm start being lazy

Woah! Great! Nothin' to say... [Just tryin' to say I'm not buying samsung, that's it]

Beethoven, 12 Nov 2020Bionic a13 iphone also dont have proper cooling but they do... moreWhy are you dedicating your life to trash apple in the comments section?

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020What a stupid question , Snapdragon 775G will not out perf... morebut on long term people have experince with samsung chipset still away from samsung chipset..performing on 1st year only..after that will trash

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Tell that to Countries/Regions that are stuck with Crappyno... moreyess same like me..i left samsung already and try xiaomi heating problem

still worry about samsung phone heating scary to put money on samsung..still believe SD chipset so far stable for gaming or long hours

  • Anonymous

paper champions

  • A7sii

Will it heat up and burst into flames lol

  • Osmium

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020So will it heat up and battery drain issues again if prolon... moreNo, they dropped mongoose cpu cores

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020I just said the fact just see no one is giving logic everyo... moreyes, I meant your the only one who understands logic,but yes, also what they don't understand is this is MIDRANGE CHIPSETTTT

  • Aniket

It's a midrange chip.