Samsung announces the Exynos 1080, its first 5nm chipset

12 November 2020
The chipset is a successor to Exynos 980 and should offer an “unbelievable battery life”.

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  • 14 Nov 2020

So will it heat up and battery drain issues again if prolong use or gaming?

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    • 14 Nov 2020

    SupaSiblings, 13 Nov 2020finally, someone smartI just said the fact just see no one is giving logic everyone is just SAYING samsung is bad trash etc etc atleast give a logic.yes software optimization for arm cores will take time but if not best it will be far better than exynos 990

      "Unbelievable battery life"? Only time will tell that.

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        • wrY
        • 14 Nov 2020

        Lets just hope its not a hand warmer xD

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          • tZj
          • 14 Nov 2020

          Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020What a stupid question , Snapdragon 775G will not out perf... moreYou forgot Xiaomi can easily get Exynos if it wants to because of good relationship with Samsung. The fact is Xiaomi do not want Exynos, not Samsung don't want to sell like you claimed. Better wake up from your dreams that only BBK can get Exynos. Btw are you working for BBK, because your comments all talking about BBK and badmouthing Xiaomi?

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            • 14 Nov 2020

            They are now using stock Arm Cortex cores instead of mongoose cores which is I think an upgrade.

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              • 14 Nov 2020

              10Plus, 13 Nov 2020It's like when you never use Samsung exynos chipset be... moreTell that to Countries/Regions that are stuck with Crappynos Variant Samsung phones like me since Note 4 - Note 7(that exploded) - finally Note 8 then I switched to a different brand since all them Crappynos are trash!!!!

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                • Peter
                • wdC
                • 14 Nov 2020

                "Unbelievable battery life" so they will reduce the size of the battery in the phone still giving one about 80 hrs of use and they will probably charge extra for that privilege.

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                  • 13 Nov 2020

                  Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020Why would xiaomi employees hates on samsung when they have ... moreWhat a stupid question ,
                  Snapdragon 775G will not out perform Snapdragon 865+ that means Xiaomi smartphone will getting harder compete with BBK group's exynos 1080 Smartphone because with same price people will chose the one with better performance .

                    It's like when you never use Samsung exynos chipset before but you still comment exynos is a trash

                      Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020AHAHAHA Samsung no one trusts EXYNOS. We dont care samsung,... moreWow, that's what happen when you order smartphones on wish 🤨

                        AnonD-967070, 12 Nov 2020Doesn't really matter what happened in the past - this... morenope this will be the case of the old s7 days

                          AnonD-967070, 12 Nov 2020Sadly that will never happen - we already know that SD875 w... moreWe cant be 100 percent sure the flagship will be good while you can be 100 percent sure the exynos will be trash

                            AnonD-967070, 12 Nov 2020I don't care about the past - what matters is the here... moreYou just said, past judges a company,

                              AppleSucks, 12 Nov 2020First of all it is a midrange processor. So stop ur bullshi... moreYep, and Exynos 2100 got 1350 Single and over 5500 multi, I'm not sure about my 5287 or more exynks 1080 prediction though,

                                Anonymous, 12 Nov 2020-Efficient 5nm tech. -inbuilt 5g modem. -great performan... morePlus cheaper prices, and having 15 percent more efficency compared to Exynos 980, I estimate a 1000 or more Geekbench Single, and a 5287 or more Multi, if your wondering, I'm judging based of them saying "50 percent more single, and 100 percent more multi performance of last gen"

                                  Ray, 12 Nov 2020Companies are judged on their past. There's a long his... moreif so, then Exynos would be the best, 4 years ago and before they destroyed the a10 a9 a8 a7 at a5 and all apple chips.

                                    Arod, 13 Nov 2020well duh it's exynos what do u expect it will alway o... morenope, before 2 years ago it enver overheats, the Samsung 990 used mongoose cores with bad heat, now this uses cortex, they fired the exynos mongoose team, and hired new ones, and now are working for arms custom program,

                                      Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020Still garbage...... Waiting for Qualcomm(Flagship)/ MediaTe... moreYes? Of course Snapdragons flagship beats a midrange,

                                        Anonymous, 13 Nov 2020Their are full of comments saying exynos will overheat it w... morefinally, someone smart